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08/31/04 03:52 - ID#26045

micheal bolton and kenny g, are they



the same person? they are corny, have(or did have) strange long curly hair and make bad music. lets make love to some micheal bolton and kenny g baby.

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08/31/04 03:46 - ID#26044

too cool for skool?

paul once told me that i am. its not true. i really wanna go. someone needs to pay. ummm. the gov or my mom. well, i would eventually get money from vesid and just pay her back. so, it starts in a week, and im jealous, cuz all you are out there learning things.

moving on thurs for def. excited. nervous. lots of things. trying to throw out stuff. i wanna throw it all out. but i use it all. threw out a big bag of clothes today, well giving it to the sal army.

even though life is crazy and messed up and so unsure right now, im very very very happy.

and in love :)
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08/30/04 11:55 - ID#26043

i think its fly when epeeps stop by...

[/c] for tha summer, for tha, everyone is very thoughtful and kinda wierd right now. i agree, it sucks that summer was over, but not really for me. summer is such a great season, and normally i spend my summers near the ocean with family, relaxation, and lots of great food. this year was so different. not bad, just different.

i still parited and saw friends and had some great food, but the family was missing, and that was probably the hardest part. sometimes i miss my mom so much or just think about something she might say or do if she was with me, and i just start to cry. not bad tears. just tears of realization. shes crazy. shes a neat freak. she hates coming home to dishes in the sink, but she is the best and the only one i got. at fist, i was so sad, all the time, but it really did get easier, and now im so glad i stated. i got all you dudes to hang out with and talk to, its amazingwhat one website can do. i daresay, this has been my home, while i had none, and that is just so cool. thanx paul.

also, thank you, thank you, thank you, to paul matthew and terry for helping me out and letting me hang out this summer. we had some good times ya'll. thanx for helping me find a place. this entry is too long, i try to keep it short. now i will list.

tina is back, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
move on wed, yay!
work at sushi place, yay!
finish painting furniture, double yay!
see friend who just came back from italy, yay!
fancypants, yay!

if you ever need to make a huge life change, or just change your life, do it in the summertime. at least you will have the sunshine and warm weather. ;)
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08/27/04 10:17 - ID#26042


sounds like i missed out on a good time last night. however, i am in no condition for partying. must find job and make sure that my mom is gonna pay the bills. going to call saigon bangkok one more time, and then i give up. finding a job=no fun at all.

anywaysm and more importantly, i am waiting to hear from VESID. they may help me pay for school and hearing aids. i am crossing my fingers, because i really, really need this money, but i am not sure if i can get it in time for school. damn.

must start day.8*
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08/26/04 04:41 - ID#26041

death cab and postal service

yes, they are one and the same person... postal service was just a side project that ended up being pretty popular. hopefully they will get back togheter and do something else.
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08/26/04 02:02 - ID#26040

the sun will come out tomorrow?

im sure it'll be ok tomorrow, but right now i really feel like crying or losing it; something.
it seems the more i try to get done, the more impossible it gets:

  • have to pay rent- no money
  • thought i had a job, but i have called them a million times and they never call me to come in?
  • couldn't get the key to work in my aunt's door today, and i need to get my stuff and start throwing things out and repacking
  • my car is slowly falling apart
  • i don't know how school os getting paid for and it starts on the 8th, will I even go? my mom wont cosign a loan, so if i don't get money for my hearing loss, im basically screwed and i can't go
  • have to pay ticket and go to driving school. another 150 i don't have

basically this is just a huge complaint list, ignore it. ill be ok when i beg my mom for money and she finally gives in. i can't wait to not be poor. i hate spending all of my time thinking about how i am going to pay for things, it really blows. hopefully, one year from now, i will be doing what i like making good money....8*
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08/25/04 10:56 - ID#26039

tk stylin in ny


so, there's this website, and i like to go and look at designer stuff and runway looks. its really fun anf the stuff is all so beautiful and artistic. i was going through a slideshow of people on the street and their unique looks and i came across this pic. to me it looks like tk stylin in nyc...

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08/24/04 12:21 - ID#26038

evil doctor

i hate those m-f-ers. they drilled the shit out of my mouth. my day was ruined by them. now i dant talk or chew. im hungry.

the dentist fucking sucks.:(

four day. not recommmended.
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08/23/04 09:43 - ID#26037

most unproductive day ever

why do i always use ever after everything? it is the new "like". well, attempted to find VESID; they are an organization thats give assistance and aid to people with diabilites looking to integrate into the working world, or something like that. anyway, i am looking for help paying with the cost of cosmetology school, and i desperately need hearing aids.

tk and i headed downtown after looking up the address in the phonebook. after walking about ten blocks to 125 main st, we are informed that htey have moved. the man tells us to go to 580 main. we go. not there. wtf mate? well, needless to say, the interenet is so much better than the crappy phonebook, and faster too.

i do have a job, i guess they are just waiting for people to go back to school so they can train me. or something like that.

to do list:

pay rent
buy paint
call sister
see granny
help granny
mail mommies gifts

i so excited. happy times for lilho. yay!

im gonna watch the chapelle show dvd tonight. its gonna be really funny.

ps quiznos subs, they are good because they are toasted.
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08/22/04 10:25 - ID#26036

day of the sun

but why does it feel like fall? yes, i agree the party was hit. hehe. i was kinda boring though. too much drug induced fun equals paranoia for this little one. i had to go to bed early. nonetheless, still qite fun.

jill, i must say, you make one hell of a cupcake. your outfit was also super chic. you rock hard.

soyeon, i better get more of that ham sushi one of these days, or whateverother korean specialties you have up you sleeve!

now, other stuff.

i bought a futon yesterday, yay! garage sale. lafayette. best ever. i love garage sales. they are fun to have. fun to go to. they always havethe best stuff. and for cheap. recylcing is great. you will always have something someone else needs that you feel is crap. yay for bed/couch chair. i love it. must go buy other vitals for new place today. im so broke...:)

  • ps* we should have an estrip garag sale. we could raise money for another event! maybe next weekend at the art fest????
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