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10/25/10 11:45 - 60.ºF - ID#53012

what would you do?

i live with my mom, and let's not kid ourselves... it kinda makes me look like a loser. however, i have a plan and want ya'll to hear me out.

i work, way too much and have finally started to make enough to support myself. i can move out now and get a roommate and a decent place...

OR i can stay with the senior citizen and save at least 20 grand over the next few years. i realize in the US it looks very bad for adult children to stay living at home, but when i am out of school, i want to have money saved and zero debt.

so, what would you do?

i work or have school 12+ hrs a day and don't always sleep at home. i'm basically never here.

i worry about finances, because teachers don't make much for the first five years, and i will need a masters to further my career.

do i move out because people will think i'm weird to stay or do i just not care and focus on my future and what is best for me financially???

an finally, can't wait to see all ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's a fancy bird coming to town!!!
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10/22/10 05:34 - 48.ºF - ID#52998


i shall be arriving next friday am!!!!

super excited, it's crazy how much i miss my brother and niece and my dearest friends..

had an amazing bday in vegas, and came back to a work 80hr work week. switched positions, got another raise, and quit an extra job.

i'm moving out of the nest soon. it's time.

things are good, just moving a million miles and hour, and i'm trying to slow it all down.

bought the most amazing eyeshadows in vegas... and if that new file drop would work i could show you a photo.

ps. (e:hodown) forgot my bday for the second year in a row. i know her heart is broken, but this is selfish still. i'm not going to start some huge argument, mostly i'm just hurt.

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10/04/10 09:35 - 46.ºF - ID#52901


i have pink eye????

third trip to the doc in as many weeks. what the heck is going onnnnn????

i am not allowed to go back to work until it is cleared up. gahhhhhh.

starting to feel much better from last week. i think me mono might be gone soon. i will probably just be more tired that usual for a while.

pink eyes be gone!
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10/02/10 04:45 - 52.ºF - ID#52881

my mono-log

still feel like crap. going back to working 11 hr days is too much. i'm not sure what to do...

now i woke up today and my right eye is all red. not utchy, just completely red and i look crazy.

i'm so tired, and my legs hurt and i feel weak, and all i want to do is sleep.

i think i might have to tell my boss or something about this next week, because i'm not sure i can work the full 50 hrs next week, plus another 10 at my other job, plus school. i just feel like crying.

i hate mono, and if one more person tells me how "tired" they are, i swear i will scream...

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