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03/31/09 03:19 - 52ºF - ID#48249

a sister photo

just because i think we love each other. or because i love her!

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03/31/09 03:15 - 52ºF - ID#48248

depressing novels

i feel i have a knack for picking out any book thats ends up with a horrible ending or some sort of awful part in between.

i choose this current book based on the fact that is was supposed to be:

a. an easy read
b. one with a happy ending
c. one that is suitable for passing time during work breaks, before bed, and just whenever

what do i get? the main character has cancer stage 3. i know she is going to die because when i found out i skipped forward a bit and sure enough, she dies.

i think i have to decided to just end the book the way i choose instead of reading the rest since every time i pick it up now i am irritated.

i feel like this is sacrilegious but i don't care, because i am angry.

the new book i am currently reading is the sequel to chocolat which seems way more my speed because the movie was so great, and i love chocolate, and i have prepared myself for possible doom although i think it will have a clever and somewhat happy ending, or just leave it open for another book to follow.
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03/28/09 10:52 - 52ºF - ID#48223

a post trip low

i was so eager to come home, and now i really miss not so much the blo, but the peeps.

(e:pmt) of course! and the baby so much!!! i don't even really like baby babies, the kind that only sleep and poop but i love that baby so much. and i don't really love other babies, i mean some of them are ok, but that baby, baby zooey i love so much. it's amazing how at ease i felt with her and content...

i do not however want a baby for myself, i just wish she was closer.

i also bombed my math exam this week, so say goodbye to my solid B average. i hate logs, i really really do.

i have another research project due for bio and of course it's round two of the dreaded group assignment, and i find myself liking (e:jame)'s advice more and more; just do the whole thing myself so we get a better grade.

i also have a mandatory work training session entitled, "Culture Club", something or other, those four hours will be spent singing karma chameleon over and over in my head, which is actually not sooo bad because it's such a great song and who doesn't love boy george?

i think i have lost a friend to her bf, which always seems to happen because women are lame and flock to men. i mean, im happy for her, but this means goodbye to my fun times friend and i need a new one.
not that i am anti- boyfriend, but it's been so long since i had one that it will really have to take someone special to turn me over to the dark side. plus, i am so not into having to answer to anyone. well, that's a lie because i'm pretty sure i answer to my mother...

also, speaking of which, i am now being forced to become a golfer, which many people seem to think is a great idea, and it sounds awful to me but (e:hodown) made a few goods points:

rich people play-maybe even some d list celebs

you can have drinks

you can have fashion

green grass and landscaping are pretty

if you live in az you have to play

being a golfer puts you in a good spot in the business world(but i am not in the business world)

and my personal fav:

the golf cart.

so this week i am determined to hike 3 times, get back on my math track, and become an expert on the cactus wren. and, mayyyyyyyybe hit a golf ball.
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03/25/09 05:53 - 57ºF - ID#48200

allergy attack

ever since i came cam from the blo i have been having the worst allergies.

it has come to a peak today when i woke up having trouble breathing this morning, so i took some claritin.

sometimes i wonder if that stuff even works, because right now my allergies are way worse than before.

i did just go on a hike though, and i think it may be allergy season here. anyway it made the hike really hard, that and the sun beating down. but at least i have forced myself to exercise this week.

i went and bought the balance ball complete with fake "bring it" lady workout video. me and the ball are gonna be bff.

now all i can think about is nappy time before i do some serious math studying.

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03/24/09 09:21 - 37ºF - ID#48184

i miss the babes!!!!!

i can't believe how much i already miss sweet little baby zooey(zoey). i need my baby love. :(

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03/20/09 01:39 - 32ºF - ID#48137


(e:hodown) has arrived safely! the real cractivation begins nows.

i always like to ask her about the new trend in NYC and she told me the hipsters there are lovin the "slanties".

picture below.


wtf? the hipsters have taken it too far this time.

i am now going to continue with my day and pretend i don't know these exist.
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03/19/09 09:48 - 32ºF - ID#48129

i love blingee

blingee has changed my life.

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Category: buffalo

03/18/09 06:21 - 42ºF - ID#48111

i was wrong

buffalo is fun.

i only have two things to say:

balance ball workout

"bring it"

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03/12/09 06:16 - 26ºF - ID#48035

something is wrong

i really don't want to come to buffalo. this feeling has been building for a while, and now it's to the point where i just don't feel like going at all.

i feel selfish because i should be excited to see my niece, but i feel like it is weird to be excited to see someone i don't even know.

it's so cold there, and the weather here is amazing. i would honestly like to sit by the pool in my bathing suit and read books and go hiking everyday, that's what i feel like doing.

i just can't bear thought of the cold and the awful lonely way it makes me feel. i need the sun!!!!!

maybe i should just go tanning the next few days so i can get my sun in before i leave...

i should definitely be more excited, especially to see all of my favorite people, so i am going to shut up now and force a smile. :)

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03/09/09 02:33 - 33ºF - ID#47996

every semester

every semester i get stuck in a lame group project and to my non-surprise every semester i get stuck in a group that ends up consisting of me... well me doing all of the work because i don't want a bad grade.

and other idiots who mooch and get a good grade for zero work.


this group project my professor specifically stated that we have the right to remove people from our group who don't contribute. so, at least one person is going to booted out by me if i don't get their contribution by 5pm today.

so long sucker, have fun getting zero credit!
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...