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07/29/10 01:57 - 74.ºF - ID#52324

pop champagne oooohh!

1.5% raise like woah! i'm a baller now. i have 4 jobs, i have a problem.

anyway. why can't people understand the difference between their, and they're????? and then there as well...

i'm here. waiting for my cuz to pick me up and take me to le gas station taco place, best ever!

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07/27/10 12:43 - 69.ºF - ID#52316

mostly the babes

i miss my niece so much, i just want to cry. i'm always so happy when she's around. i really don't like babies much... but i love her sooooooooooo. she's such a crazy, funny, goofy girl, and just so adorable. i'm finally posting some pics of her fiirst bday. i would like to have you know i shelled out a ton of cash for that, and (e:hodown) helped of course. that little girl is going to leave me strapped for cash, because i have many grand plans for us...

she had two cupcake cakes. one hello kitty. one paul frank monkey.

petting zoo. there was also a pony.

the fam, and a little boy i babysit. he's in the fam now too...

the baby goat would not stop eating my dress.

zozo loved the animals! she was laughing and smiling, it was so precious!

too lazy to get back and rotate it. who dat?

now, who dat?

excellent form.

proud grammy, with her most prized possession. well, she doesn't own her, but she would like to steal her...
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07/23/10 11:27 - 77.ºF - ID#52268

coupla things

first of all, i finally watched avatar and omg, i loved that movie!!!! by far the best i've seen in a long time. it must have been so cool in 3d. i really want to live in that world and be blue and beautiful and connect my long braided ponytail to other creatures...

it's friday, and i'll probably be asleep by 9pm. was invited out by several people, but recently i just like being at home much more. i feel like i spent the past few months being super social, and i'm ready to really just relax when i have free time. i know in my last blog i said i was bored when i'm not working, but then i discovered the national geographic channel, which is basically the most amazing tv channel ever. i don't even like tv, but national geographic is so great. we used to have a million around the house when i was little, i think someone had a subscription and i remember how much i loved the beautiful photos and the articles were always so interesting... i think i am going to buy a subscription tomorrow.

i'm supposed to go out tomorrow night, and i really don't want to. i have to spend most of sunday with various children at 2 different jobs and being super tired and watching children does not mix at all.

i think i should feel like a loser, but i have been trying to save money and help my mom out more. this recession really hit the housing market hard here. if there is one person who deserves anything from me, it's my mother. she drives me nuts sometimes, but it has actually been amazing having her around the past three years. i have some big shoes to fill...

i am dreaming of having all of my family in the same place for xmas this year, including that baby. i miss her so much.

night peeps!
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Category: food

07/18/10 01:04 - 80.ºF - ID#52227

dying for Indian food

I have been wanting Indian food for so long!!! It is my most favorite in the whole world!!!

My next day off is Tuesday and I am determined to stuff myself full of delish naan and curries. Currently searching yelp for the best in the valley.

I will drag my lil cuz along and even drive and pay for her if I have to...

Samosa... I love you so!

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07/17/10 11:00 - 75.ºF - ID#52220


so here's the thing:

i over-analyze everything in my life, including people and situations, relationships, moments.

anywho, i started wondering about change and people. do we just become better or worse versions of ourselves, or do we actually change?

i guess i would say i have changed quite a bit, mostly for the better. my biggest vice would probably be that i love gossip and talking way too much. there are situations where silence really is golden and i feel like i just continue to talk way too much about meaningless things that are none of my business.

the changes for the better would be that i know myself better now, and have more confidence in the direction i am headed in. i'm not afraid to be alone, or be lonely. i don't feel like i need to be popular and have everyone like me. i just feel stronger in general.

but, is this just a more mature version of me, or did i get rid of some of the bad things?

i look at people i have known for a very long time who seem to be the same just older, and maybe a wrinkle or two. then there are others who seem to have fallen from their pedestal to become a very sad weathered version of who they once were.

how much of the choices we make affect who we become? do our lives have some sort of path set out that we have less control over than we think, or do our actions set the path...

i would say it's probably a bit of both.

i was bored at work today, had a lot of time to think.

i just wonder if most people have this vision of what they want from life, and if some people eventually let that go and just settle for something less lonely or more convenient.

i feel like so many amazing things are possible for me, and my life is pretty great right now... but i never want to settle. i realize i am probably not going to be world famous and swimming in designer clothing and diamonds... my wishes are simple for the most part:

1. finish my education.... this is the most important, because it will allow a much greater chance of the other things happening.

2. travel... i want more tropical, more adventurous, and more exotic destinations on my road map.

3. family. i already have this, but it would be great to see them more, and for us to all appreciate each other and get along(mostly)

4. love. any kind really. friendship, or romantic, or even the love from a child(which, sometimes i think is the greatest love of all, not the one whitney carries inside of her. she smoked crack and i don't know what love she is talking about.) i just want my life to be filled with any kind of love that is pure and honest. maybe i can just kidnap my niece? who's hard up for cash and wants to run an errand for me?

5. beauty. i hope to age well... this is think can be made possible by eating way less cheese and doing way more pushups. i drink water, and take care of my skin. exercise will need to be increased; greatly.

6. diamonds, and various other precious gems. i have started collected some nice pieces, and i hope for this little collection to grow greatly in the next ten years, by donor or self purchase, i don't care. i just want the jewels. and on a totally off note, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a nice restaurant where you could go and the would serve you like kings and queens and they let you borrow jewels and crowns and beautiful sparkly things while you ate 15 different kinds of delicious meats???? it's really not possible, but i'd like to think of it as pretty pretty princess, with steak and pork, and the like. basically, my dream come true and i would like to move this to the top of the list, but that makes me and empty person, and im trying to fool you into thinking i actually have a soul. jk, sorta.

and that's it. that being said, i am really going to try and get up t 5am for a hike... which means i should go to bed now. which makes me the oldest young person... who's trying to stay young.
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