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02/16/10 08:00 - 26ºF - ID#51025 pmobl

two days and nothing

I sent an email to the ceo cco and nurse manager and still nothing.

I never want to see that coworker again. I never want to speak to him again. I am actually disgusted by him. Not hatred but disgust and repulsion.

Not sure anyone at work really cares. Job search has begun.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

02/14/10 07:13 - 28ºF - ID#51015

screw love, i want a better job

i was one step from walking out...

after a spat with a coworker, i was told by this person:

i am a stupid immature little brat, they have no time to deal with

this person has no respect for me, they only deal with me because they respect my mother and uncle

i am a little girl, and i act like a little girl, and we both know it

there are several physicians and nurses who want me fired, so i better watch what i say and who i say it to

these comments blew me away, and i was in full out tears. several physicians witnessed this encounter, but i doubt any will come for ward and stand up for me. in fact, the medical director was laughing.

i am good at what i do, and i am smart. this whole situation was so out of line, and i am so upset. honestly, i feel like this man is going to spin this stuff to try and get me fired. i have two other jobs so i am not that worried. and in the end, i know i am not wrong.

it is never ok, to let someone speak to you the way this man did to me. i felt intimidated, and little. i felt threatened. i was scared of him and i stood up for myself. my advice to you, is to always speak up for yourself. it is never acceptable to let someone belittle you, ever.

to have a grown man call me a stupid little girl is such an insult. this comes from someone i taught some advanced algebra to a few months ago. he praised me on being an intelligent young lady. he has told me he thinks im beautiful and witty, and today attacked and threatened me.

there are two sides to every story, and yes i was angry with him as well. but i would never call him a stupid little boy. i would never get right in his face and tell him i have no respect for him. i would not say this to anyone at work. i do not berate people.

i don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, and i feel so awful right now, it is hard to describe. he threatened my job and my character.

on the upside, i have a sweet new/used car and no more car debt. i have two other awesome jobs. i am gonna kick ass in school this semester and i have finally made some stellar friends out here!!!

  • and i will see you buffalonians so soooooooooon!****

happy valentine's day to lovers and non-lovers alike!
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02/04/10 09:27 - 25ºF - ID#50967 pmobl

officially deaf

I can't hear anything my history professor says. I its hard to explain to people who can hear but having someone else take my notes or sitting closer or having him talk louder is not going to help.

Basically I I am going to have to teach myself.
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02/03/10 02:09 - 24ºF - ID#50960

sprite in the bag

in the leather handbag.

twice this week, which means no more liquids in the handbag.

the bebe party has taken over my life... among other things.

i heart gene wilder. AND hello kitty, and mardi grad beads and glow stick as well. g'night thugz n playaz, WHAT???
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