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04/24/05 12:26 - ID#26140

couple things to say

a memeber of the site is preggy, not me of course. yay!

(e:mike), you are so funny. thinking you are getting pulled over, but you are really blocking a funeral procession. im laughing as i type.

snow, why do you come back?

where's pmt? answer da phone.

(e:chamille), it's ok. some guy on a plane once thought i only spoke spanish and still wouldnt believe me when i spoke fluent english.? also, some lady wouldnt let me sit in my seat on the plane, she said it was her husbands seat. then this old lady walks up, who was sitting in our row too, and she moves her stuff for her and says her husband must have gotten off the plane. the whole five hour trip she gave me nasty looks. i still don't understand.

i like the weekend. yay for weekends.

p.s. i just finish reading this book, "kafla on the shore", by this guy murakami. great book, one of the best i've read.

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04/17/05 01:30 - ID#26139


i spent the better part of the morning and afternoon puking my brains out. tina as well, and i daresay, she was worse than me. we shared a few intimate hours in and out of the bathroom, making sure the other was still alive.

after we conjured up the energy to get dressed(i actually showered!), we headed out in search of summer rolls for (e:thesimeon). he's so lucky. i even got him some vermacelli in a yellow curry sauce and chicken...yummy. tina got summer rolls as well for being a good girl. although, i must say, she was not very happy. i then delievered said lunch to man and drove little tina home. shes so cute, she slept the whole way.

anyway, alcohol is the enemy, and it should not be trusted. how is it that last week i drank way more and didn't get sick at all? i think i have a new drink limit; 3.

its such a beautiful day! horrah!

p.s. if you get a chance, stop by and see the gecko and the eggs, very cool. gecko is so cute!

p.p.s. i think i saw mike and jill doing some little dance yesterday afternoon on w. delevan. awww.

p.p.p.s. i need to stop thinking every thing is so cute.
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04/15/05 08:16 - ID#26138

blinkies and flashies

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this site is so funny, who buys this stuff?
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04/15/05 08:07 - ID#26137

cell phone bracelet

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04/15/05 05:51 - ID#26136

quick update

i lived a whole week without any elcetricity.

my roommates are invalids and pyschos, minus flacidness.

i ordered my glasses over two weeks ago and they still aren't coming?


im going to nyc twice in may, how fun!

school and work are killing me. i dead.

im going to eat with paul now. have a good night!

p.s. (e:thesimeon) let out the loudest burp the other night. it was so loud. how romantic!

p.p.s. i think im going to go to the literacy foundation tomorrow to volunteer, it sounds like fun.
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04/10/05 01:18 - ID#26135

tina is missing!

i just got to her room, and shes not here. hmmm.

hey keys are here. her ub card is here. her phone is here. i am here. where's tina?

p.s. maybe they are as dumb as i think they are. otherwise they wouldn't leave a soaking wet bathmat by the tub. i dragged it outside to the porch to dry. wtf mate?

ok. tina here. everything ok. have a good sunday. it really is sunday!
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04/09/05 12:18 - ID#26134

third day with no gas or electric

and im really feeling hate for my roommates. how could they let the bill go unpaid for so long. they each owe about $150, which i know none of them have. hmmmmm. how irresponsible. i know i let things go, but not like that.

now, on my days off, i can't even enjoy my own home. instead i feel like im living homeless(sleeping at friends'), or just living third world. how fun!

somebody is going to get punched in the face.

basically they let me move in, assuring me the bills were being taken care of, and this happens. I've been left out in the dark about the whole situation, no pun intended, and they can all run home, while, my closest family is more than 500 miles away. what is the purpose of telling my mother(who pays my rent), that she is paying for me to find other places to stay.

did i mention the fridge is still full of rotting food?

i had the door locked and slammed in my face upon entering the apartment last night because i made it clear i am not happy about this. excuse me, but you should be the one kissing my ass and apologzing, since you are one forth the creator of this mess.

ok. done complaining. probably not. this is just so awful.

p.s. my landlord isn't offering much help, but isn't it against nys law to live in a house with no utilities? what can i do? i need some answers fast. :O(
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04/08/05 05:31 - ID#26133


for real. after a week of 40hrs with baby, no gas or electric yesterday, annoying roommates, and annyoing family, here i am at friday. i love it!

p.s. if you are just going to open up the goddamn door, don't bother knocking.

p.p.s. its good to be back :O)

p.p.p.s. im really sick of hearing about the pope
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04/03/05 09:49 - ID#26132

red eye

is what i will be doing tonight. my flight leaves az at 11 and i get into blo at 8, just in time to go to work! woohoo.

that is seriously the worst. waaaaaaaa. oh well. i have a date after work!

and i get to eat baha fresh one last time before i leave.

p.s. spending to long in the sun makes your head feel like it is going to exlode. :O(
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04/02/05 12:35 - ID#26131

my mother is calling...

and its the scariest sound i am yet to hear. being here is pretty much like being a child again. i have been told that i need to eat cereal for breakfast today(the organic yummy cereal i made her buy but havent eaten), i need to take walk, because i need excercise, and i also get to go to church this evening(that one i semi-volunteered for, but only because my grandmama is very old and it will make her happy).

so, i will eat cereal, walk, an go to church. what a good girl am i.

i can't wait to come home! (minus the school and work part)
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