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Category: work

04/25/06 09:48 - 39ºF - ID#26278

life is good

and that's just how it is. one door closes and a better one opens.

looks like i've landed a better job. a much better job, making somwhere between 10 and 13 an hour. and i get benefits and such. awesome.

i will be an aide for a prominent laywer who was injured in a motorcycle accident 12 years ago. his wife is a anchor, i won't name, god forbid they see this and think it's weird.

anyway, they have a really nice house, and I get to hang out and help out and cook! good food too. he loves seafood, and lamb and thai, and everything I like. Plus, he's incredibly intelligent, and funny too.

and, they are cool with my vaca time coming up. i'm a lucky girl.

it will be a great job to have while i'm balancing school and work in the fall.

p.s. this summer is gonna fucking rock!

p.p.s. go eat at ming tea cafe, so tasty!!

and drink lots of wine. wine is good.

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04/23/06 01:22 - 50ºF - ID#26277

getting fired can be kinda fun

so, i got fired from the nanny job. only because the people were too fucking chep to pay me 8 bucks an hour.

now, i get paid more to run a hotdog cart downdown. thats right. im the newest hotdog slinger. classy.

im so done with watching peoples kids and getting paid third world rates. you'd think people would pay, but they don't. it's their fucking kid. c'mon.

at least i finally let them have it. they needed to hear that they screwed me over and that they didn't deal with the situation professionally at all. i put myself out there for them, and half rasied their child. it felt so good to put that bitch in her place. i hope she cries everyday because she doesn't get to come home and see her kid for lunch.

anyway, it's been fun to idle this week, but i need to get my ass in gear.

my honey is so fun these days. he bought me flowers the other day for being a crankster the night before. it's amzing how flowers can really brighten up a room. we've also been taking a lot of walks, which is nice.

and i made him a roast for dinner last night. actually, it kinda took all day to make, but so worth it.

we are a boring old couple...

best part of my week?

MY NEW LIBRARY CARD! they let you take out 50 items at a time. how exciting! the joy.

and vaca is in a month, and i hope to visit the big ho this summer too.

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04/15/06 09:20 - ID#26276 pmobl


ill def give you a cut. call me 208 6906!
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04/09/06 01:09 - 41ºF - ID#26275

no more posties

i seem to never have anything of interest to say here anymore. maybe its because im rarely ever around a computer.

i really hate my job and my life right now. only because it seems like i am wasting time. i just want to go back to school this summer and feel that i have a purpose again. i don't like being out of school. i need to learn and have some sort of schedule. plus, nobody ever has time for me anymore, so i might as well spend my time getting an education.

i should be working in a salon, and regretfully, i will soon. i hate the whole beauty culture environment. don't get me wrong, i love being girly. i just don't know if i want to live it all day with a bunch of brainless idiots. hmmm.

i just feel like i was very stupid for a long time, and now i pay and it blows.

i don't like the whole comment thing anymore. i feel like anyone can just say whatever they want in your journal.


mommy comes. t-minus three days. sister comes, t-minus five days.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...