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01/30/05 08:57 - ID#26105

quickest post ever

off for a fun night out with the teenster....

aint she great?

good weekend, minus the whole trying to move thing. that just didn't work. oh well, ghetto apartment until, well until then.....

:O) i will be the boggle master.

p.s. who wants to start a scooter club this spring? how cute would that be! italian soda and cookies and scooters, hello kitty style.
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01/28/05 05:37 - ID#26104

its moving time again!

tomorrow and sunday are the days. wooohooo.

school is crazy. two kids kicked out, one arrested. one beat up and sent away in an ambulance. who knew cosmetology school is so ghetto?

and why does everyone who goes have a kid? ugh. sick of hearing about other peoples kids.

showdown with troll teacher. oopsy.

things that were good about this week:

new fun high tech phone




sunshine, all damn week long!

cookies! yum!

wine, beer,

the company of tk and terry and one special youngster

and the best ever...

[size=l]getting a huge box of citrus fruit half picked by my new-style western momma![/size]
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01/23/05 09:11 - ID#26103


fun party.

yea. fun party. some crazy people. everyone is just ambiguous.

no party is ever complete without min blt's, right paul? good thing i know how to cook up a mean slab of bacon. mmmmmmmmmmm.:O)
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01/21/05 01:58 - ID#26102

une chat

who wants a godamn cat? its about time i get kid of that thing. its making me sick. anyway, you want it, you got it. maybe i will post a pic tommorow. its really cute, but i don't apprecaite its constant want to sneak into my room and hide under my bed, ughhhhhhhhhhhh. i hate cats, now more than ever. sorry kitty, you have to go.:O(

thick in the right places. ya know what i mean? if i was a "dude" i should like girls with some nice tatas and a nice booty, not too big, like porn star big, but nice and round.:O)
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01/19/05 05:53 - ID#26101

cant we all just take a little time out,

to be greatful? i personally get a little ill from all of the complaining. ok. i complain a lot . but sometimes people just don't realize how easy they have it.

i remember a time when paul and terry couldn't afford a place so they had to stay with my sis. they were so broke, but still pretty happy.

im broke. so broke that i don't really know how food will come to the plate next week, but im relatively happy. i have a family, friends, a pookie, a tina. lots and lots of lipgloss. my youth. what more could a girl want? a cheap bottle of french wine perhaps?

anyway, what im trying to say is. if you don't like it, change it. and if you can't change it, deal with it.

if i had a family that could support me all the way through school and not worry about bills that would make my life the best ever right now. if i could bring my momma back...

but i can't . and life is still a-ok.:O)
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01/17/05 03:02 - ID#26100

life without technology

:(. my cell phone has been canceled. it will be replaced by new phone and plan in a week or so i think. i might drop off the face of the earth for a week or so...

possibility that i might become a nanny...

kinda hard to look for a job when you don't have a phone.

you better check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. peace out.
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01/15/05 04:28 - ID#26099

im so ronery,

so ronery. i have no one i can rerate to. im so ronery so sad and arone.

not really. not lonely at all. just reaching the ridiculous stages of being broke and without job. at least im in schooly.

i love paul matthew and terry's new place. its the bombdiggity. if only i could find it on my frist try next time!

i heart nyquil! :)
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01/14/05 02:08 - ID#26098


you can kiss my ass.

three interviews. three strikes. what is it with those people? i refuse to ever apply at your store again. maybe. theres one right by my school. maybe they're worth a try. but seriously, what is so bad about me that you can't offer me a 6.50 an hour job? what? im too cute for you? im too good for you? just kidding. but seriously. i feel rejected. :(

i can't wait til im done with school and i can start making the world a little more beautiful one haircut at a time.

nothing like a lot of bacon and some butter smotherd pancakes to make me feel better. should i have said, wegmans, you can kiss my big fat ass? :)
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01/11/05 01:27 - ID#26097

winter, be over already


to hear from those wegmans people. give me a job

for tina to come home

for school to be over

for summer to come?

paul, i shall consider the whole feather headress thing, but why do you want me to wear it?

i was sick yesterday. feeling much better today. but still soooooooooo tired.8*
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01/07/05 08:43 - ID#26096


those stories are very touching. :)

we are very very lucky people.

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