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Category: arizona

02/29/08 03:42 - 28ºF - ID#43509

i am in love

nothing beats a sunny 85 degree day before march has even begun...

i think the sun is getting to me. maybe not though because i actually spend very little time in it, but a good amount outside, just in the shade.

i can't wait til my little lady wakes up and we can go have fun times outside!

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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: granny

02/25/08 05:54 - 31ºF - ID#43457

life as of late

I keep wanting to post, and then sometimes do, but always end up deleting it.

My trip to buffalo was very short, but very sweet. Almost regretted coming for such a short time, but I had a ton of fun.

When I got back here, i definitely regretted going. I had seen my grandma right before coming and she was fine, and then i got back, and she seemed a completely different person. since last sunday, she has slipped further and further away from the land of the living.

I just breaks my heart to see her this way. Most of the time she sleeps, and can't really talk much, she is too weak. We didn't think she would make it through the weekend, and I guess she was up this morning, and had a surge of energy. She wanted some coffee and sherbet, and milk. I fed her about a spoonful of sherbet yesterday afternoon, and all she has eaten in 8 days amounts to about 5 spoonfuls of sherbet/yogurt. She really can't drink, except to have it fed to her with a spoon, and a little sponge.

My family seems to be falling apart before my eyes, with constant crying and insanity. Everyone is drinking and self-medicating non-stop, and I fear the only sane one is my mother and perhaps my one aunt.
I knew it would be like this, but it is entriely another thing to watch it unfold.

I have been spending as much time with my grandma as possible, just sitting with her. I am not sure she recognizes me anymore, but when she wakes up, and looks over, I just tell her than I am here, and it is ok. I know she is waking and wants to know she is not alone; I would feel the same way.

I think at first I was in shock, and didn't really let myself cry. Then I broke out in hives and began to get sick to my stomach. After two days, I saw her and just let myself be upset, and I think it will be ok now.

My biggest concern is making sure my mother is ok. I know she will be, but my heart gopes out to her, because i cannot imagine being in a family of 10 and having the responsibiltiy she does of helping in a huge way to keep them all together.

I know all families are nuts, but if you know Tennessee Williams, and you have seen any of his plays, put my aunts and uncles and cousins in, and it would be his sorrowful, dramatic, story-telling to a T.

The funeral is in Buffalo, and I don't know if I will go. I have been here to see my Grandma and say my good-byes. I just don't know how much more of the crazyness I can take. but that will be decided when and then.

And i will end this post with a positive... I have been seeing someone for over a month now. Someone I actually have fun with. And he calls to see how I am, and listens when I talk. Aww.
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Category: travel

02/15/08 02:46 - 34ºF - ID#43337

i loathe travel

seriously. why can't there be better technology, so cars are wya fast, and people can just go wherever in their cars. oh wait, you can just go wherever, if you are super rich and have a jet.

considering the fact that i am not fergie, i will be limited to common travel.

my flight was supposed to take off an hour ago, and it's now 12:37am. i'm fucking tired, and i will for sure not make my transfer in nyc. this means, my already short three days in blo, will be shortened to maybe 2 1/2.

if the plane is not taking off tonight, i am not sure i have it in me to only come for two days. fuck you jet blue. the last three time i have flown your shitty as airline, you make me wait. you made me wait for 4 hrs in the plane. now your computer system doesn't work. wow, i feel really safe getting on a plane with a faulty navigation system.

i am so done flying jet blue. i was willing to forgive a few times, but when they get a call from me, tomorrow, i am going to be really really pissed off. they will pretend to be all sorry and give me a voucher, so now i will have to fly there crappy airline again.

i didn't have time for dinner, and was at least looking forward ot a glass of wine on the plane, or three and some snacks. but now, i am stuck in this airport, where nothing is open, not even a bar, with no food, and no travel in sight.

at least they have free wifi.

in conclusion, i really feel like being a traveler by plane these days, is more like incarceration.

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Category: life lessons

02/12/08 07:11 - 6ºF - ID#43287

lessons to be learned

i don't want to view life as a series of disappointments, but sometimes it just seems that way.

funny how some things fall at exactly the right moment. i know this trip to buffalo will be insanely cold, but it will warm my heart.

i really like it here, but the saying, "there's no place like home", rings so true right now. i need to see my friends, and get hugs, and drink beer.

i don't even remember the last time i had a beer.

i think i need to take another break from dating. i need to acquire a tougher skin. but maybe not, maybe the fact that i am so sensitive is what makes me, me. the momma says it is a good thing. i really should just listen to her more. she said, "be careful sarah, you have a soft heart". why do moms have to be so spot on?

maybe i will try an experiment next time and just do what she says. i bet it will turn out the way she says. she has the magical mom knowledge. yea, i'm the biggest mommas girl ever. i don't care. she's amazing and the only one who has never let me down. she always knows the right thing to do, and she is such a great example of an amazing woman. she never acts in spite, and she learns from life and moves on. she truly lives everyday to its fullest and appreciates all that life had to offer. it can also be a double-edged sword. i am a child of privilege and have been given more or less everything i want and need from my mother. i am spoiled. i expect so much from people, and i think that i expect people to be so great like her, which is asking way too much. i have also been extremely spoiled by (e:hodown), who i refer to as mom #2. it is insane. who else has a mom and sister that pays for fancy dinners, lovely trips, and pretty jewelry. especially since living here; the term, "the good life", seems underrated. i get to live in one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen, rent free, along with all of the perks that come with it. so, when other areas of my life don't match up, i shouldn't be so alarmed. i don't think many things will be as good as the two leading ladies in my life. i will just have to accept it, because most people aren't nearly as lucky as i am. i can say, i have two people in my life, who i know will never let me down. i wish i could say the same for myself, but that i am working on!

now, if i could just learn a thing or two from her, i would be good to go. unfortunately, being young seems to be the endless trial and error period. it goes something like this:

  • lead yourself into the unknown
  • realize you should not have done that
  • feel the burn
  • probably do it again, unless you realize not to

so, with that said, i accept my role as a ignorant creature who will be tested for years to come. i just hope i don't come out on the other end with too many wrinkles, but i suppose there is always botox for that.

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Category: men

02/11/08 01:22 - 2ºF - ID#43273


i currently like delicious looking men who wear nice clothes and shoes, and take me to swanky wine bars and talk about education.

i also like new dresses and shoes.

i love my car.

i also love to dance, and i expect to dance a lot this week.

yum is my new favorite word.
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02/10/08 12:12 - 33ºF - ID#43264

when you are having an awful weekend.

will ferrell is the answer. he really is. why can't he be my friend in real life?

it could be worse. at least im making like 20 bucks an hour to sit here and do nothing. it could be worse.
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Category: crush

02/08/08 04:16 - 31ºF - ID#43247

makes my heart skips at least two beats


ok. i am working at the hospital today, and my manger just told me that my crush is working today in the ICU. i have no reason to go to the ICU, but to admire his fine man self.

i am looking alright today, so, what do i do?

he makes me so nervous, i can barely put together a sentence. maybe, i should pass by the ICU asm any times as possible. oh my. someone told he broke up with his lady, not that it matters. i will keep him as fantasy!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

i think i'm just going to be a huge loser and stay in the office and avoid the situation alltogether.... or not. can i have a drink before? i mean, i'm at work, but it's ok, right????
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02/06/08 11:14 - 31ºF - ID#43222

i think i complain way tooooo much!

i feel like i never post anymore. not that i don't post, just not as much. anyway, i'm so busy, by the time i get home, it's all i can do to wash my face and brush my teeth.

since i use this place to rant, these things are currently really bothering me:

  • the people i work for constantly feed their kids mc donald's. now, i will admit to oreviously eating that shit a few times a year. but, i watched part of "supersize me", and i can honestly say i would rather go hungry than ever eat one of those fries again. something is not right when a french fry lasts a few months in a bell jar, looking the exact same after all that time. wtf is in those things? i will never allow my chldren to eat that. wendy's maybe and in n out burger, and some other crap food, but never mc donald's, ever.

  • so many people seem to spend less time with their children than they do at work. i vow to never have children unless it is the other way around for me.

  • i'm beginning to question the consumption of alcohol. now that i never drink, the thought of a hangover makes me not even want any. plus, so many of my relatives are messed up because of it. what would you consider an alcoholic? someone who has more than two drinks a night? or someone who only drinks heavily on the weekends? i definitely wont stop drinking totally (plus i know ill drink a lot when i'm in town next weekend(maybe)), but i've been dd recently and when i see all of the drunkies and i'm not drunk, it's kinda gross. plus, i feel a whole lot healthier.

  • wells fargo can kiss my ass. i had my bank card stolen, they used it, and then i thought it was resolved. then they send my some dumb form and say i have ten days, don't even give me ten days, and then take the money out of my account again. seriously, i am so over their lame ass charges. it's like they are waiting to throw some fine at me every chance they get. i hate corporations.

anyway. i am supposed to work friday, but i think i am going to take at least most of the day off to see granny. i feel so guilty, but the only free time i have is before 7am and after 9pm, and she is def not up at those times.

i think i have been seeing someone for the longest amount of time in over a year. we are pretty different, but he is a pretty nice guy. i wonder if i am capable of dating right now, i mean anything more than a fling, and who knows what he is thinking, but im just gonna go with it. plus, valentine's day is next week, and thankfully i will be headed on a red-eye to blo, so we can just avoid that altogether.

i really, really hate dealing with the bank, and i am not looking forward to the yelling i will have to do tomorrow to get this straightened out.

have to go, boy calls!
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Category: superbowl

02/03/08 02:44 - 34ºF - ID#43159

im getting alot of heat

but seriously, is there anyone out there that thinks the superbowl is a waste of time?

i do.

and people think im crazy.

i don't get it, maybe its just another guy thing. so glad im not a guy.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

02/02/08 03:42 - 32ºF - ID#43140

im scurred of the superbowl!

that one day everyone will love things like,

"my so-called life", and the fact that it is broadcast on, as much as they love the lame-ass superbowl.

really people, get over it.

dats right, i be hatin.

maybe i just have absolutely no man in me. i mean, there's been men in me, but no man in me.

i think i want to just chill out and drink wine tomorrow, and watch the series, "plant earth". i just got netflix again, and i really feel like it is the best way to go. or not to go, to any event realted to the superbowl.

p.s. if i see one more stretch hummer limo, i am going to barf, or run, they might have crystal adorned grenades in them. speaking of which, the club i "tried" going to tonight kept yelling out, "fire marshall! if you guys don't get back, we are going to shoot!" i so should have made a video with my phone. any talk of violence, and im out. peace be with you as well, i am going to go home, and have my private dance partay and a glass of wine!

my scuured of superbowl face!
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