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11/21/10 10:49 - 53.ºF - ID#53151

party all night, sleep all day

this may well be my new slogan because i believe i am going to be working the night shift soon.

i really don't want to, i am kinda an old lady now and i value my early bed times and my 8 hrs of sleep... but i will need to take at least 15 credit hrs next semester.

also, the night shift differential is about 5 grand a year which is around which i make p/t with working extra hrs.... now i can cut back on work.

i have been doing some black friday research, and it appears people get super crazy. i am planning on waking up at 4am friday to shop for a bit then come home and sleep and then pack for vegas....

i just really can't resist a bargain.
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11/08/10 06:21 - 42.ºF - ID#53081

mostly boring update

it feels like i never blog anymore, but it's so hard to keep up with my new work schedule. wake up at 5am, work from 630am-7pm, and then by the time i get home it's almost bedtime!

i think all the travel has made me pretty fatigued and the mono isn't quite

i decided to chop off quite a bit off my hair, it was so long and getting on my nerves and i just needed a change! i really love it! yay for haircuts, and thanks to (e:hodown) for convincing me to do it! asymmetrical style, it's so healthy now and doesn't need gobs of conditioner. woohoo! the super tangle is finally gone.


i'm really excited for xmas and i'm trying to plan a spa day with my sister and mother... i was my bother and niece and sis in law would be here, but i think it will be just us ladies.

do you know what that means??? i will have to return to the coldness maybe for new years????!!! anyway, sometime soon, i miss that little girl, she is so presh.

sorry i was a weirdo at the halloween party, i didn't know many people there and i never stay up that late or drink anymore because all i do is work.

ok, i decided to stay at home with the moms and she doesn't seem happy about it, but i am. i have started my savings plan, and i am sooooo excited to finally be making decent money and be able to save a ton from each check. super exciting and empowering.

i miss my boys. hi boys. see you soon. (e:terry), what's up with vegas????????
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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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