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Category: dating

06/16/08 12:16 - ID#44667


(e:hodown) says not to go, (e:paul) says it's ok.

i want to go, but i don't think it is right.

here's the story:

there's this travel nurse who was working under contact with the hospital i work at for a while, and they did not resign her. she moved to flagstaff to take an assignment there, and moved last week. she is super cute, and we always talked about hanging out but never got around to it.

before she left, she told me she is seeing this new doctor at work. she said they have been seeing eachother for a few months and they weren't seeing other people. i had never met him, and he was on call this weekend, and it was my weekend to work. i was curious to see what he was like.

well, apparently, he is a man whore(maybe), and he was all flirty and then asked me out. i said yes, because i wanted to go and see what his deal was. but i also wanted to know from kristen if they were still seeing eachother, because i just don't want to go behind her back and do that, she is a somewhat friend, and that's not cool.

if he asked me out and is seeing her that is so wrong.

(e:hodown) says i can't go and its karma and it will come back to haunt me. i think she is somewhat right, but then look at angelina and brad. so, i called kristen to try to talk to her and she didn't pick up and i left a message. i really hope she calls back soon, because i think she needs to know.

so, would you go on the date? what would you say to the guy?

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Category: dating

05/09/08 04:42 - ID#44285

high maintenence

last night i went on a date. he was like 45 minutes.

but he called to tell me, so i wouldn't leave yet and sit there and wait.

i think he is somewhat racist, but denied it when i called him on it. he made a comment somewhat to the effect of,"the clubs have go downhill around here because of the kind of people that go now". this means that the clubs are crappy now because mexican and black people go there? ummm, wow.

plus, he said he wouldn't date a black girl. and i guess some people just prefer different things, but i can see the beauty of all races, and i could never say, "oh, i can't date that someone of that ethnicity."

plus, he told me he flat irons his hair. ummm, what? way too high maintenance for me.

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Category: dating

12/01/07 02:25 - ID#42354

is it wrong to use someone for programs?

so, i had this date the other night, with possibly the cheapest guy ever.

he is kinda cute, but really annoying, and selfish seeming. however, he's giving me all these programs i need, that are really expensive, so i am seeing him again tonight.

umm, on the fist date, he didn't even offer to pay for my food or drinks. i mean, come on.

so, i am not a gold-digger at all, but i feel like the guy should at least offer to pay the first few times. but, he's giving me like $1000 worth of programs, so we can hang out at least this one time.

then, we shall see, if he is annoying still or not, and if the cheapness goes away. but i really think, dating a cheap guy is not a good idea.

friends maybe, maybe.
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Category: dating

09/16/07 07:08 - ID#41132

this smile might last until tomorrow.

why, you ask???

well, this weekend has just been great. a lot of family time- some charades, my all time fav game. and time spent with cute little cousins, spoiling them and whatnot.

for the times i miss going out and partying hard, its sometimes nice to be able to wake up, not puking and wanting to die. and, its nice to have lots of people around, to talk to. they also drive me mad, but i love them.

anyways, onto the good stuff.

i am rumored to be dating this doctor, who everyone is saying, like me. this is hilarious. because, a. i am not dating him, and b. i jave only met him twice. lol. not that i would turn him down i he did ask, but its like telephone at this hospital, how the stories circulate so fast.

i met this guy at a party a few weeks ago, and well, i didn't think i'd hear from him. but he got in touch and wants to take me out. like pick me up and take me out. kinda innocent coming from a not so innocent crazy party night hook-up. he's got a hot bod. we shall see...

i think i need to ditch the brit. i mean, when did he pick me up and take me out??? im so over it. not that it is taking any getting over. but maybe ill keep him around as a friend, he's fun to talk to. and he's funny.

a few mintues ago, this other dr, told me i look like im older than 30. and then i thought he left the hospital, and then two mintues later, he called to ask me out. wtf? ok, so not happening. because, he is old. like 50 something. not hot. also sleeping with my friend. so. not happening. of course, he said it would be platonic, but i doubt he has platonic in mind!

oh, az, how you surprise me with lively happenings!
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