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05/30/05 10:37 - ID#26145

elmwoodstrip reunion ny style

(e:tina), (e:southernyankee), (e:hodown), (e:thesimeon) and myself were all in new york this weekend and got togetha for a litle bar-b-q celebration. mmm. we had sangria and veggies and steaks and chickens. we love meat!

anyway, then it turned into a dive bar night, with $2 cans of pabst blue ribbon. we re some first class bitches. hey i even got a can fo free. fo shizzlle my nizzle.

i love the big huge sparkle town. off to enjoy one more day......
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05/22/05 05:49 - ID#26144


when do pmt get back from vaca? never? i missy them.

stickboy is back! welcome.

my sister was offered a marriage, so wierd. at least she would get as many falafel sammies and pistachio treats as her heart could desire. haha.

friends are home from school. by the time the weekend comes, all im up for is hanging and eating and sleeping. im a sloth. shmeh.

is everyone else here afraid of the burbs?
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05/15/05 02:41 - ID#26143


why don't i ever get to stay in the mansion when you are gone?

mike, you have it made. i guess you are brothers, so you get frist dibs.

anyway, who is going to trust a ho?
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05/14/05 06:20 - ID#26142

boomboomboom in my room

i hate LOUD music. i hate hearing it everyday. i hate subwoofers, and most of all, i hate two of my roommates.

maybe strongly dislike is a better word.

its ok, a good dinner, a yarn lama, and a million episodes of sex and the city will make it all better.

and what paul said last night about being a nice person, he's right, sometimes it just doesn't work.
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05/01/05 09:22 - ID#26141


so, what is going on with all of you estrippers?

you're being a bunch of whiners. "shmeh", says i. shmeh is a word to describe all things whiny, clingy, blah, and awful. the word of the weekend, even though it one one of the best weekends i can remember. (e:thesimeon) and i went to toronto to visit a friend, who is one of the most entertaining, inspiring, and funniest people i know.

anyway. i must say, i agree with (e:paul) and (e:ajay) on the whole wireless internet topic. if you don't want other people using it, then put up a password. if you don't know how, then find out. people will take anything that is free, including me. if i owned a computer and found a wireless network to bum off of, hell yes, i would.

furthermore, (e:zipzock), how can you say such awful things about marriage and your marriage. i don't know what the future holds for myself, but just because marriage may not be financially reawrding does not make it worthless. the point of sharing your life with someone is not lower taxes and better stock options. its about being passionate about what and who you love. i sure hope i never gage the worthwhile of life under the control of the dollar. also, why do you have to get married to have children? after some years with a person, it is a commonlaw marriage of sorts, and that would be fine with me.

sorry to attack everyone, but you are being "shmeh", and thats not cool.

p.s. who are all these strange new epeeps anyway?
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