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Category: food

07/18/10 01:04 - ID#52227

dying for Indian food

I have been wanting Indian food for so long!!! It is my most favorite in the whole world!!!

My next day off is Tuesday and I am determined to stuff myself full of delish naan and curries. Currently searching yelp for the best in the valley.

I will drag my lil cuz along and even drive and pay for her if I have to...

Samosa... I love you so!

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Category: food

10/03/09 02:15 - ID#49916

the breadfruit

I know my food, and I know what is good, great, and non-edible. This place has received a place in my top ten worst dining experiences thus far. Basically I would have been more content eating Taco Bell. Here is the review I posted on the Phoenix New Times site.

So tempted to call these people and complain more, it was just awful,awful, awful.

I was extremely disappointed with this dining experience. The food was lackluster at best, and I felt as if I was being given dishes with no spices or flavor. Pardon me if I'm wrong here, but isn't Jamaican food supposed to be bursting with flavor? The atmosphere was not warm or friendly and only one the staff member made my date and I feel welcome and comfortable.

I strolled over to the bathroom and a lady, who turns out to be the co-owner said something to me which I did not here as I was walking towards a door I perceived to be the restroom. When I knocked on the door, she immediately came up to me and yelled out, "There is a line, OK?." I told her I was sorry and did not hear her, and then to make her point even more clear when she came out, she said, "It's all yours!", in a total fake-nice bitch voice. When you are in the customer service industry, which I am as well, your customers should not be treated with such a snarky attitude.

As I went for the last bite of my avocado plantain crap roll, which tasted like mashed up baby food in a stale wonton, I noticed a curly blond hair. Neither me or my date has anything resembling this hair. When I brought this matter up with the owner, his explanation was that we all have hair, and it ends up on food, and what would I like him to do because if and when he is in my situation, he just eats the food and doesn't say anything. Are you kidding me !@#$%^&? This is not what you tell someone at your restaurant when a customer finds a hair in their food.

The only nice thing I have to say about this place is that the blond haired waitress was so nice and extremely attentive. She needs to work someplace else though because I'm sure the owners treat their employees like crap after seeing how they have interpreted decent service.

I am currently deciding whether or not to contact these people just to let them know how disappointed I am. Should have left without paying.

And, FYI I am a New Yorker know my food and have eaten at some of NYC's finest restaurants and this place would not last one week there.

One last thing. The mango "chutney", I know my chutneys, and this was no such thing. The mango was mushy and mixed in with it was a few brown beans here and there. It looked like someone's regurgitation. Usually a chutney has a variety of flavors, but all I tasted was mushy mango. It could have been much much better with chunks of mango, no beans, and a bit of kick from some fresh peppers, garlic, and Asian pepper sauce.
Review by Sarah
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Category: food

08/16/09 11:40 - ID#49549

a sad sad loss

I was rushing out of the house this morning for work and I packed such a healthy lunch. When I got to work I realised that I forgot it at home! :o)

Rip healthy lunch!
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Category: food

08/05/09 06:00 - ID#49465


i was successful with the hike today, although i wish we had done the whole 4 miles, it was pretty humid. i think i am going to get an earlier start on saturday, so i can go all the way.

after the hike i made some yummy breakfast for my cousin Aubrey and myself, and then we headed out to get here some hiking shoes, and to to see g force, that movie with the talking FBI agent hamsters...

sometimes i think i like kid's movies more than adult films because they are cute and i enjoy a talking animal or two. i also enjoy laughing at silly things... such as talking FBI agents hamsters.

anyway, we finished getting the shoes so quickly and had time to kill so we roamed whole foods, and i had the most amazing tea spritzer thing, and the barista man probably thought i was crazy because i made him explain to me exactly how he makes it and then look up the nutrition info for me; but i recommend it cuz it was goooood!

after the tea, we roamed around for a tasty treat and decided that dried shitake mushroom snacks were not a good movie type treat, and neither was sushi. we headed down the frozen aisle and i stopped to show Aubs the Haagen-Daz ice cream bars that are seriously the best ever, and we came across this:


so, we had to get them because the little guy on the front is zipping away his rice crispie covering and revealing his ice cream inside; how seductive. we then laughed for about 5 minutes, and decided we must have them and also save the box.

there are three flavors; suzy cube(strawberry), esquival(vanilla), and, dave(chocolate).

we decided on dave, and omg they are so freakin good! the rice crispie tastes homemade and if you let it sit out for a bit the ice cream softens and it's just the best thing ever. now, go get some! not only is the packaging the most cute, and silly, but it is the most yummy for your tummy.

here is a pic of the breakfast, i put some truffle oil and garlic, pork tenderloin, vine ripened tomato, garlic, sea salt and pepper, in a frying pan, let it all heat up and added in some eggs and fresh mozzarella... mmmm, then mixed in some fresh basil and voila!


and lastly, the talking hamsters/gerbils:

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Category: food

11/23/08 01:45 - ID#46808

frustrated beyond belief

i tried to take my cousin to a nice dinner for her 18th bday last night. what a fucking bust.

the restaurant was supposed to middle eastern. it was such crap. we got there and the place was kinda shabby. filled with creepy men.

my mango martini had chunks of ice in it, and was not very good.

we ordered and an hour and half later, still no appetizer, but our entree had come. it was supposed to be lamb. looked more like rat lags. seriously, there wasn't even one bite of meat on those things. the rice tasted awful, like dirt. and there was a huge hunk of uncooked onion and one half of a grilled tomato on the plate and some stale pita that looked like it came from the grocery store.

when i left to use the bathroom, some nasty man that my cousin dubbed "the conquistador", came over and sat in my seat and began to ask her questions. of course she is young and not yet a huge bitch like me, so she was nice and thought it funny.

when she told me, i wanted to go to his table and spit on him and punch him.

he was asking her how old she was and where she is from, and her name, and were we taking pictures of him, and just being a perv. thankfully the belly dancer started and he got up and left.

when i got back and she told me, i gave him the death stare at least 5 times, making eye contact.

our idiot server finally came around and i had the appetizer canceled, told him as a new yorker and someone with a lot of knowledge of food, that that stuff was not acceptable and had him bring the check.

they still charged us for the food, and barely apologized, not offering to make it up in any way.

i had aubrey give me some ones, stuffed them in the checkbook, and told her to walk out fast. there was no way i was paying for that shit service.

we ended up eating pizza. i told her i am going to make it up to her next weekend. i have a few ideas, and know some good places. i was just so irritated.... and still am.

i don't like when my plans fall through, but this time, i am going to make it foolproof.

fuck you layalena.

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