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06/28/07 08:39 - 72ºF - ID#39841

quick recap of the day

started my job.

seems pretty sweet.

um, can't drive stick. might very likely kill someone.

radio shack tried to charge me $20 for a f'in usb cord for my camera. im buying that shit on ebay.

headache that won't cease, combined with stomachache.

going to force myself to hike in the heat. apparently im going to need to be able to bounce a quarter off my ass/all body parts.

life without friends is kinda boring/i drink way less.

i have fallen in love with t.v. i love you t.v.!!!!!

started reading again. yay for the library.

ok. going to hike. hopefully i don't fall down again today...

oh, and my mother said "fuck" several times during the driving lesson last night, and i have been laughing out loud about it all day. poor car :O(
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06/26/07 10:03 - 80ºF - ID#39816

physical fitness

so, i have decided that since i have zero friends here, and it ain't gonna happen in a day, i will hike at least three times a week.

sunday hike: bad news!!! hiking in the sun in 110 degree weather, is not nice. my cousin and i made it about a half mile up the steep rocky bitch and decided to head down. in her words, "i felt like someone had put a blanket on me." i laughed my ass off when she said that. that is really what it felt like.

monday hike: i was flying up that mountain. seriously, it felt really good, and i was kicking my mom's ass. it helped that we were in the shade. on the way down, not so good. my ankle decided to give out and down i went! momma wrapped up my ankle, gave me some ibuprofen and i hiked down. i iced it immediately, and aside from some soreness and swelling, it seems okay today. i can't wear heels for a while, but i don't really go out anyway. anywho, i am determined to hike again tomorrow, and do four miles. wish me luck! i need to get back in shape!

my tan is doing very nicely! i spend about an hour or so in the pool every morning. i think im going to get some water exercise stuff and work out in the pool. fun times.

i had an interview today, and it looks like i will be starting work on thurs. wow, that didn't take long at all. the pay is decent, and it is similar work to what i was doing in blo. working with developmentally disabled people. the agency i'm going to be working for is really super chill, and very flexible with hours. i can work as much or as little as i want, and i am looking forward to getting out there and making some money!!!! i gots to save for my blo trip in august!

i get pretty bored and lonely during the day, but i'm sure it will get better now that i will be working. i definitely don't get myself into any trouble...thus far. there's no one to cause trouble with! i guess it has been easier than i thought so far, but i do really miss the familiarity of home. i don't know where anything is, or where the cool places to go are. i miss being able to call people and hang out.

i don't miss all of the drama. i don't miss the rain. i don't miss not having a car. i don't miss all of the stupid boys in buffalo who gave me the run-around.

i guess so far, it feels like i am in the right place, for now.

everytime i go to call someone, i always forget the time difference, and it doesn't really matter anyway, because no one calls me back. i guess that is what happens when you move away!

i think i am going to color my cousin's hair this weekend, and take her to see evan almighty. we are having a family party on saturday, that should be fun. i missed all of the family stuff sooooooooooo much, and it is really nice to have them around again! even if they are all crazy, i still love them. they will be my friends for now.

a wholesome (e:lilho) ? who would've thunk?????

p.s. i miss you (e:pmt) ! call me????
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06/22/07 01:18 - 67ºF - ID#39764

missing you losers already!

things here are really good so far! i already have a few job interviews lined up, and it seems there are just a million people hiring everywhere.

the mom hasn't driven me crazy yet. luckily we each sort of have our own sides of the house. what can i say about her backyard? umm, it's fucking mazing with the nicest pool ever, i love it. i am actually going to head out and tan in a bit.

i got a new cell phone and i had to give up the 716 area code! im kinda really sad, but oh well. i got the free phone, but i think i am going to go back an get this sweet flip phone that opens up and has a keyboard!

m car is really cute, abd blue. it's a mitsubishi eclipse. very sporty. only downside... some one has scratched a swattika into the hood of it. who does that? why did everyone forget to mention this to me???? anyway, we are looking for a new hood and if we can't find one, i guess i have to find the lest cheesy decal and slap it on. i also can't really drive the car yet, because i don't know how to drive a standard, and we have decided it's in the better interest of our health that my mother does not teach me.

i hiked last night in the 107 degree weather. 2 1/2 miles, peaches. it was intense, but actually not that bad. apparently, it was something like 126 in the sun yesterday, because most of the temps are taken in the shade or something like that. insane.

i went to school to talk with an advisor and they were useless and of no help. i really need to know if i should get into the web design or graphic design program. web design seems more practical, whereas, i feel i would enjoy graphic design way more, but might not be able to get a job. some advice would be good here (e:paul), as both department heads are on vaca until august.

it kinda sucks that it is friday and i wont be going out with my usual crew, or making a fool of myself publicy. i will be back in august to clear the remainder of my crap out of (e:paul)'s house, and to party with (e:terry) and (e:mike) for there bdays!

thanx to my lovely sister (e:hodown) for a lovely time in new york. im pretty sure i gained 10 pounds from eating so much delicious food, and i am now on the hiking, much less food diet. seriously, i am determined to get back in shape, and with no 40's or pizza around, i think it will be an easier task!

anyway, i know i am totally the annoying sister, but (e:hodown) is the best older sister, and i am currently trying to find a way to express my gratitude for all she does for me. first step, replace the toothbrush holder of hers that i broke. i know, but it really was an accident.

anyway, you'd think i'd be bored here with none of ya'll around, but i feel like i've been so freaking busy, and will be, because planning a new life takes a lot of time and effort.

can't wait to see ya'll and miss you. be good, and you probably will, because i am not there to enable! peace out, peaches!!!!!!! XOXO

umm, i lost the usb cord for my camera and need to buy a new one today. a million pics promised this weekend!
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06/14/07 03:33 - 69ºF - ID#39652

so damn tired

cannot wait until, well, i cannot wait until i get to finally sleep! i am still trying to shove random items into my suitcases, and i am beyond exhaustion.

i don't even think i have energy to be sad or anything. is that a plus????

why are men suck fucking idiots??? this guy that i tired to hang out with yesterday, totally ignore me and threw a football around with his friends. i thought we were gonna chill in the park.

another guy came over last night to chill for a bit, and we kissed goodbye. it was sweet, and sad. the other guy most have found out about the kiss or something, because he posted on my facebook wall and said, "be easy, play on player". wtf???? i was unaware that our random hookups were mutually exclusive?

another asshole guy never fucking called to say goodbye. i guess i never really called him either, partly because i deleted his number.

i am done with:

1. guys

2. goodbyes

ready for:

1. sleep

2. sister

3. tv
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06/12/07 09:17 - 65ºF - ID#39625

packing has comsumed my life!

what to do with all this crap????

well, im throwing 3/4 of my life's possessions away. i can't deal with having this much stuff. clutter. crap.

i have that constant sick stomach feeling.

i swear that i have an illness that prevents me from being any bit non-dramatic when it comes to goodbyes. i've always been this way. since i was five and had to say goodbye to my cousins after vacation. i would sit at home and mope for a few weeks before feeling like myself again.

i know i don't feel like it now, but thank god i am going to nyc to spend some much needed time with (e:hodown) before i go to az.

my mom suggested that since it is too hard to say goodbye, "say hello."

i have to go do shit now, because i'm starting to cry. i feel like a huge ass.

and i need to get some some before i leave~! ;o0
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06/03/07 03:21 - 81ºF - ID#39512

i'm seeing ghosts

i really want to just leave now, without saying goodbye.

this is all getting too hard for me

i went for so long with so little drama, and now certain people come back into my life and start messing with my head.

just need to get back to the point of not caring...
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