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11/22/12 01:07 - ID#56916 pmobl

Still allergic

This is going to drive me insane and send me into a nervous breakdown. After 6 days of having hives, itchiness, and an overall serious allergic reaction to a mystery source I still cannot figure out what I am do allergic to. I thought t was a result of a tb skin test bit it couldn't be that because I had the injection almost two weeks ago and I am still having problems.

The scariest part of that after a steroid shot, steroid pack, and rx strength benedryl.... I still have symptoms. I still have hives and itchy skin. Perhaps I should entire a sterile bubble and live there.

There are three last things I can eliminate: new coffee creamer, body wash, laundry soap. The body wash and laundry soap aren't really new though and I have never had a good allergy. It's getting hard not to cry about it because I am tired of getting up everyday and trying to figure out ways to make it go away. It's also annoying not being able to wear anything because I have to stay completely covered because I look like a freak. In addition to that my skin is so itchy nonstop and I am going crazy because it feels like chicken pox times a million for a week now.

This post was supposed to be about thanksgiving but I would forgo the entire holiday and possibly even Christmas and New Years just to be done with this whole ordeal.

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11/19/12 02:24 - ID#56912 pmobl

Steroids to the rescue

My mystery allergic reaction was so bad this morning I had a giant day lip and giant red welts covering my legs and my chest all the way up my neck... Seksi.

Urgent care gave me a steroid shot and it was so painful I thought I was going to cry. Shots never bother me but apparently you these are different. Then the pharmacy gave me rx strength benedryl which induced difficulty breathing and I was about to call 911.... Took 3 I inhalers and I think the worst is past me.

I'm so over all of this... And I hope this goes away for good and never comes back.

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11/18/12 05:54 - ID#56910

hive time

having thee worst allergic reaction to a tb skin test.... red itchy welts all over. so attractive and fun... espesh when at work.

this started friday night and i want to go to sleep and not wake up until they are gone because i am going crazy. doctor tomorrow. i look like a freak.
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11/14/12 12:31 - ID#56891

Lotion in motion

On my flight back to AZ I open my mini lotion to moisturizer my hands... I can't stand the feeling of dry skin and its the worst on planes in that stale air.

So, I open the tube and the lotion leaps out and squirts all over the upper thigh of the gentleman sitting next to me. I look down and just start saying, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" Thankfully the nicely dressed business man had a laugh and said it was ok, but I pretty much wanted to die right then. Just my luck that this happened at the beginning of a 5 hr flight.

Also pretty sure I looked crazy because I was so tired and feeling like crap from this cold... Sorry guy, wherever you are! I almost offered to pay for his dry cleaning.

For future reference, lotion can be explosive on the plane and it should be used with caution.
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11/07/12 12:26 - ID#56879

Go to sleep foo

I never have trouble sleeping...

Well not unless I just have too much on my mid. That, combined with that fact that I felt sick all day and took some pseudofed before bed and I am now restless. Here's what is on my mind:

My sister: I'm worried about her and all the stress she has been through in the past week. I hope she can escape the misery that is NYC and come to AZ for a bit or even blo this weekend.

Two new jobs: I haven't worked in so long... Save this summer few a fe months and now I have two jobs. This is good stress.

I did not Barack the vote: I was so busy and fully steered today that I missed my chance to vote by 10 min. Luckily our boy won regardless. I was sobbing for a good 20 on part because of this. I was also just tired and crabby and that played a key role in the drama.

Silence of the Lambs: Had to attend a screening for film studies and I am still scared. Why do people make up deranged stories when there are already so many sick things happening in the world? Scary movies really affect me in a negative way. I will be afraid of the dal for some time now.

Buffalo: I can believe I get to see those babies in a day. I literally miss them all the time and am just so happy! I also miss my lil cuz and my brother... Family and friendsies just make my life completely happy.

Guy I like: Uh yea...

I convinced my instructor to change my grade on a paper from a B to an A using my sweet persuasion and reasoning skills. That was the best part of my day by far. If you ain't gettin what you deserve, speak up!!!
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11/04/12 01:07 - ID#56876

buffalo food obsessed!

as my trip nears.... i can't help but think of every meal in buffalo that i just love...

i think i may be the happiest person all next weekend.

my must haves:

loco moco @ seabar

korean bbq

wegman's sub... duh

india gate

wings, not of the sicken wing variety

some sort of cooking fest with my partner in crime (e:terry) :)

i really hope zooey loves food as much as me, because i plan to slightly starve myself for the next 5 days in order to accomplish all this eating. i think i shall also like to walk to most places that i am able to to offset the food hoarding that is soon to come. food and cute babies, and family and friends.... happiness!
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11/03/12 08:51 - ID#56875

baby time

i seriously can't wait to see my nieces... they are my absolute fav.

and of course my boys, and my crazy lil cousin who will be in blo from rochester next weekend.

a bit afraid of the madness that will take place, since i have become a giant homebody and i can't recall the last time i even attended a party or went out on the town. :)

i feel like fall 2012 may turn out to be my best fall evaaaaa!!!!!!
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...