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12/30/08 07:02 - 27ºF - ID#47222

old whitey

my infamous white coat, for those of you who know me and have seen it, has not unzippered at the bottom for two years.

well, now tonight, i came home, well home to the (e:pmt), AND i went to unzip it down to the bottom, and then step out of it, and it unzipped!!!!

such a small thing, but makes me sooooo happy!

i also found an amazing and cute hoodie on sale today, and it is so lovely and warm.

these things and the tim hortons hot chocolate i had today somewhat makeup for the fact that i am a loser and left my ipod in the back pocket of the plane seat. :(

plus at lunch the waitress though i was a movie star today, which feeds the ego.

and we are making beef stroganoff for dinner...delish!!!

so far, im loving this trip.
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12/28/08 07:05 - 62ºF - ID#47205

on my way

no one should only get three hours of sleep and then have to wake up at 230.

seriously,i am soooooo tired!!!!!!

i am also scared of the cold, because as (e:hodown) says, i think my memories of the harsh awful cold have been softened by a year and a half of sunshine and warmth.

but perhaps some good wine can cure the harshness of the cold...

i miss (e:hodown) already! hopefully all will go well and i shall see her in a few days.

so excited to see all of my friends and relax and have some fun!

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Category: arizona

12/23/08 04:34 - 23ºF - ID#47156

the best choice i've ever made

moving out here was so scary at first. it was the first time i truly stepped outside my comfort zone.

and after a year and a half, i can honestly say it is the best decision i could've made, that i've ever made.

i am really proud of myself. i am doing good in school, and if all goes well, i will be at asu in the fall. i have an interview for a job coming up with a company that will pay for my school and offers great health insurance, so maybe hearing aides can become a reality for me.

i have fond something i love doing, and that i am truly good at, and i feel like i can make a positive difference in the world.

i spent the first half of my twenties so lost, and the second half will be all about gaining that back and becoming a strong woman.

i really have my mom and sister to thank for all of the help and support, and of course good friends too.

it's such a good feeling having something all my own, to work towards and be excited about.

i feel like i am really ready for the future, and anticipating what it will bring, because i think it's gonna be good stuff.

through all of the changes in the past few years i have definitely learned one of the most simple, but valuable things in life; hard work truly pays off. i feel like i can have most of what i want in life if i work hard and stay dedicated to my goals.

it makes me kinda emotional, but i think coming here to arizona really put me on the right path, and i miss buffalo and all of my friends and the familiarity, but being here has definitely allowed me to grow and allow my life to head in a better direction!

2008 was good, but 2009 is going to be even better!!!!!
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12/22/08 04:41 - 17ºF - ID#47141

dear twinsies of the e:strip

please be at new years party. ok thx bai!

if you don't know who you are, you are the larson twins. (e:joshua) and (e:jason).

your presence is requested, be there looking spiffy. puffer vests accepted.
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12/21/08 11:36 - 11ºF - ID#47131

not a warm fuzzy holiday movie


watched it tonight. was supposed to be movie night. half of it i didn't watch because it was so disturbing.

seriously. if you want to see crazy russian pretend police looking for drug money and slicing people's body parts with knives, and that is your ideal entertainment, then this movie is for you.

otherwise, i suggest elf, or some claymation christmas goodness.

on a positive note there were some excellent actors in the movie and it was really well done, just makes me never want to go to russia, and maybe china too. and def never go on a train and talk to strangers.

i think i need to see something heartwarming before bed, otherwise i am going to have nightmares of scary russian men slicing my legs.
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12/19/08 12:41 - 22ºF - ID#47111

better late than never

happy birthday to the loveliest sister ever! can't wait to see you!!!!

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12/17/08 01:56 - 32ºF - ID#47092

my life force

had been stolen by both works and school.

more by school. just three math exams to take and then finished. its my fault for waiting to take all three at the end of the semester, but i should have known better than to take a math class online.

anywho, i have realized how much i love art history. seriously, it's a challenging course, because there is so much info to take in, but i find it so interesting and really rewarding. i think its pretty much the only class the i have ever studied for, but i liked studying!

i wish what you studied in school could just be what you liked, because then i would totally switch back to art. oh well.

i can't wait until tomorrow is ova! i can be released into the world for a month of fun!!!!

in completely unrelated news, i am so over this season here in az, everything is so dry. worse than a blo winter. i want to soak in a vat of soothing aloe and lotion. pus my skin is breaking out, which it never does, until now, and i am pissed off.

when it's not nice outside, i feel like always being cuddled up and eating comfort food. i think if i had stayed in blo i would be for sure really fat by now...
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Category: tv

12/11/08 03:07 - 30ºF - ID#47026

a godfather, a tranny and a midget

i'm at school, in a lounge area, and there's a tv.

i had to turn it off because jerry springer was on and the title of the show was, "a godfather, a tranny, and a midget."

one can only guess what might take place on that show...

i don't really care to see though.

at this point, i would like to thank my mother for raising me properly, not in a trailer park.
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12/09/08 11:06 - 47ºF - ID#47010

recession xmas

i kinda lost my job yesterday. due to the recession.

a week after i spent a fortune on gifts.

luckily, i can just be frugal and i'll be alright. my heart goes out those who lost their jobs and have a mortgage to pay and children to support.

i have a second job that does not pay nearly as much, but i can fall back on it for a bit. and i talked to every person possible at the hospital and begged for hours and i'm getting 20, half of what i was getting, but in the meantime, way better than nothing.

i just need to focus on finals and getting through next week, and then it's out searching for a new f/t job!!!!
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12/07/08 11:00 - 10ºF - ID#46994

oh HOly night

i did not want to get up for work this morning. i did. and i go, and i wasn't even supposed to be there. i need to start writing stuff down.

anyway, the other secretary is such a frumpy old lady. i asked her to switch a couple days, which was never an issue with any of the other secretaries, but apparently impossible for her. she's so weird.

she told me, oh i never work on fridays!!! i was like, umm, is that that big of a deal???? i work everyday weekend, so i don't think it's that big of a deal, since she gets the way sweeter schedule.

anyway, i came home and slept, because it's sinus infection season, i think i get four a year, and they are oh so fun. i wish i wasn't such a sickly test tube baby. seriously, i am allergic to everything, and everyone, and always causes some sort of strange illness.

i decided to decorate the tree. the mom is in mexico doing god knows what, but hopefully having fun and not getting food poisoning.

for some reason, i think it's gonna be the best xmas ever. almost done with my shopping, just have to tie up some loose shopping ends! i think i want to be done by next sunday, so i can totally focus on exams and be ready ahead of time.

i also have to find recipes for a demi glaze for my roast duck i will be making, and also for tiramisu, with homemade ladyfingers! i know it's the recession, but maybe next year it will be so awful and a depression, so we should totes live it up now right!?!

note to self: begin starvation diet now, so that you can lose 20 then gain back 5 over holiday season. or maybe i should be a vegetarian for a month? or maybe i should just exercise starting like now. good plan.

the tree! i took it upon myself to decorate it, because let's face it, nobody else was gonna do it.

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