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be grateful

It's so easy to let each day pass being completely unaware of how blessed we are in life. Just being healthy is the biggest blessing anyone could ask for.

The most important person in my life is facing a health battle that I'm not prepared for. I have been so busy with my new life and career- I wish I could turn back the dial and prevent this from happening.

I'm a religious person or even very spiritual, but if you are please pray. Spend extra time with your family and hold them tight. Remember to call your mom and make sure you tell her you love her.

Having a lucrative career, nice things, lots of money- none of this matters without the people we love. I would trade it all in a second just to have my friends and family healthy and happy.

It's so hard to be strong when your heart is breaking. It's also so unfair that the best people often face the most difficult challenges.

I wish my whole family was here- especially my sister because I feel like she is the only person who can truly understand how scared and devastated I am- she probably feels more so. I am grateful however that I know the role of caregiver so well.

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