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07/31/09 01:22 - 69ºF - ID#49422

my latest obsession

so there is this candy company sugar factory, and they make the most amazing product... a lollipop with a reusable bedazzled handle and twist off candy tops!


i love lollipops, and these are my lollipop dream come true. i dreamed about them all last night, and i must have some! i am going to give them as gifts too. what could be more amazing than candy as accessory?

they only have one store in vegas and another opening in la soon, so they have to be purchased online, and they are way overpriced at $22, and $70 for a box set of four, but i don't care i must have one.

and on to other topics... why would you call someone to say you are mad at them over something completely lame and irrelevant from over a week ago, and then hang up when the other person says you are being lame? i am done with fussy little drama queens/kings.

i really dislike my job except for today when all of administration was gone and i didn't have to call the sup every time i walked away from the desk. plus i didn't have to complete a million tasks for everyone that likes to give their work to others to finish.

and i want to lollipop.... oh lolli, lolli, lolli...

(e:hodown) wants a couture pop too! i thought she would think i am lame because the whole thing somewhat is, but she likes them. they are a blingee lolli dream come trueeeeee!
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07/17/09 12:22 - 69ºF - ID#49315

i miss my peeps

i miss my blo peeps. it's hard to find friends that you have fun doing absolutely nothing with, but always seem to have fun.

i love this photo of (e:terry) and i, we both look so cute!!!!


anyway, there will be a very short reunion on his bday i believe! i get into town at 11 or something and leave the next morning for aruba... so it will be no sleep for me! it will be worth it though. ;O)
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07/16/09 11:00 - 73ºF - ID#49305

dreams and such

every single night for the past few weeks, i have really crazy dreams. they are disturbing though because they always involve people in my life; friends and family, and something pretty bad usually happens.

i've never had this problem before...

i want to go back to the days of not remembering dreams, because i keep waking up an thinking about what happened in my sleep, and i never want to tell the person i dreamt about because they have usually suffered some great loss or have died.

my mind is all messed up i suppose.

i went on at least three dates in the last week, and i give up again. dating is not fun and it takes too much time and effort. time that i could better spend reading a book or chillaxing.

aruba is only 6 1/2 weeks away and i have not exercised in two weeks. i desperately need to get back on the ball.
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07/12/09 12:53 - 68ºF - ID#49272

before i forget

i have been having the trippiest dreams lately... they involve people i know, but in the most insane oddest scenarios.

for example:

last night or this morning before i woke up, i dreamt that (e:businesscheese), and (e:hodown) were getting married. they were solidifying their great friendship, and they had some sort of secret bond that they felt needed a ceremony.

anyway, apparently i was very upset and jealous and the moms had to give me a talking to about being selfish on someone else's day.

the ceremony took place at this sweet resort where the staff were super fun and more like our friends.

they were always playing music and serving us really yummy chips and salsa.

anyway, the dresses and the ceremony were beautiful, and one of my super conservative aunts was there, and even she was in tears.

before the ceremony i couldn't find the ring because i was tipsy or something and everyone laughed at me.

this dream is just one of many i have been having lately...
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07/10/09 05:32 - 82ºF - ID#49254

shallower version of my former self

i have morphed into a money loving, completely high maintenance version of my former self.

i like girly things more, and boys less.

i like money; where can i get some?

i like hot men with money- but they don't exist, well they do, but they are always lame and not smart, and they don't read, and i can't date someone who doesn't read.

i could date someone if they don't read if they excellent taste in music or they have some interest which shows some individuality, and interest in something.

i also like my men very groomed.

in conclusion, i will be single forever. like jennifer aniston minus the big chin.

this is not something to be proud of.
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07/10/09 02:21 - 62ºF - ID#49246

spell check

it bothers me to look at my blogs and see so many spelling errors.

they say spelling has nothing to do with intelligence, but typos make me cringe.

my sister is moving into what she has dubbed, "the granite palace". i am happy for her, step up from the one-car garage apartment.

how is it possible that i woke up at 4 today, and then needed to go to bed again at 11?

this adorable mexican lady at work is always making me food! first it was tamales, and now posole! she went all out this time including all of the accoutrements for the soup, avocado, radish, onion, tortilla chips, lime, cabbage, tomato...

it was delishiousness, and so colorful, i shall post a pic tomorrow.

what do i get her in return???? i heart her.

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07/07/09 12:10 - 64ºF - ID#49209

i have fallen hard

yup, im in love.

with the lazy river at the jw marriot desert ridge. holy begeezers!!!!!!!

i think my new life goal is to find the world's best lazy rivers!!!!!!

i had an absolutely amazing weekend, and now i am fighting the post fun-ness depression....

aruba is 8 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!
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07/05/09 10:54 - 67ºF - ID#49194

the 4th

started out at a resort in the last river.

woke up at 130, on the couch and everyone else asleep. except my mom and her bf who went to go swimming.

we played water volleyball, and ate more than humanly possible(at least me of course), drank blue moon...

it was good times, but i don't remember much from the second half of the day.

today, who knows...
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Category: happiness

07/02/09 03:16 - 68ºF - ID#49176 pmobl


I am the most happy I have been in many years. It feels really good! I attribute a lot of it to the healthy eating and exercise I just feel energetic and good all the time!

I have also learned to enjoy being alone which is something I used to fear.

Its a good feeling peeps!

Plus I snagged the cutest navy heels last night from my favorite French boutique Target for only 8 dolla!

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