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08/31/14 10:38 - ID#59342 pmobl

Checking in

I miss you lil blo baddies. Besos!

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08/01/14 07:51 - ID#59249 pmobl

Bummed out

I was interviewed for an assistant team lead position which is exactly where I want to be in order to move into a training or writing position and was not selected. In laymen's terms, this sucks so bad.

It's super difficult to not be bitter about the fact that I see way more men than women move up the ladder. It also sucks to see the company choose to promote those without an education. I worked so hard to finally finish school and do it right. Makes me second guess who I work for and I want to continue my career with this company or go elsewhere.

I do my best daily... And this last quarter I had the highest performance ratings on my team. In short, I do the best job in the shortest amount of time with the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Apparently that still isn't good enough or noticeable to those in power. I try so hard to help customers everyday... Against the struggle of a terrible new interface and systems that are archaic or don't work properly and I still get damn good ratings. I also put together presentations and submit teammate success stories for others to encourage recognition.

I realize this is me complaining about the monotony of corporate world and its backwards ways, but I know I'm worth more. Time to piloting the pavement once again and find an actual career where I am placed in a position that allows me to thrive. It's a waste of intelligence, creativity and talent to be complacent and stay where I'm currently at.

I'm also bitter that likely all the men around me make more money for doing the same work that does not nearly meet the quality of mine. Not gonna get bitter, just better honey. Ba leeeeee dat hunni.

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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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