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Category: arizona

06/30/08 02:13 - 71ºF - ID#44830

this shiz is broke!

umm our air conditioner is broken. luckily i was out and didn't sleep at home last night, but now i am here, and it's hot as hell in this biznatch.

someone needs to come fix this now!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i am just going to sit in the pool until someone can come....
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Location: Buffalo, NY

Category: shopping

06/27/08 09:53 - 69ºF - ID#44806

i'm shopping for labels,

not shopping for love. i love fergie, and the song she did for the SATC movie.

i really like i am too shopping for labels not love. boys bore meeeeeee lately. i would so much rather get pretty things than get some.

with that said, i have VIP at the hard rock tonight, and I am going to rock out with style out. i can't decide whether to go full out rock n roll, sexy secretary, or classy lady.

hopefully this will be worth it, because i have to work at the hospital tomorrow. and it will be awkwardness because i have to see the dr. that asked me out that i ditched and ratted him out to his gf. i get myself into the weirdest situations.

i think i have finally mustered up the strength to quit my other job. the hospital has approved so much overtime for me, and i neeeeeeeeeed the money. i am selling out, but you know what, i have years ahead of being a teacher and technically i am doing good at the hospital, just for more money.

have a great weekend peeps!

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06/20/08 10:24 - 60ºF - ID#44726

i'll need to see inside your shirt...

so i went to see death cab last night...amazing. they are a great live show, the songs sounds better than on the cd.

so, security was crazy and everyone got the pat down. girls were patted down by girls and guys by guys, ok. i was joking with my cousin, that if i was a lesbian, i would totally want that job.

it comes my turn to be patted down, and she does it. then she looks at me and says, "i'm going to have to see inside your shirt... i mean purse."


wow, then i just laughed for like 5 minutes and she seemed really embarrassed. then my cousin kept talking about it. it was the funniest thing that had happened all week.

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Category: music

06/19/08 10:01 - 57ºF - ID#44715

first time in a long time

im going to a concert tonight!!!!

i think the last real concert i went to was lil bow wow, when he was still little, back in the day in blo. don't ask. (e:hodown) had the concert hookup, sorta, because no one else at her work wanted the tickets, so we ended up going.

i think (e:terry) and (e:paul) were there...hahahaha.

anyway, i'm taking my little cousin to see death cab for cutie. now, they do not rank high in the hotness factor, but their music is amazing, i think, and i'm super excited!

it's outside at this new ampitheatre thing, so hopefully i don't die of heatstroke...

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Category: apple

06/17/08 02:16 - 55ºF - ID#44691

i heart apple

my ipod decided to break. it was a sad ipod.


i made an appointment at the genius bar, and away we went in hopes of fixing my poor little sad ipod. so cute, even when sad.

well, they couldn't fix it. but, i must say i was really impressed by the customer service, i didn't have to wait long and the staff was so friendly. not to mention the cute geek eyecandy i got to admire!

anyway, when it couldn't be fixed, they gave me a new one!

it was so quick and easy, and i am totally pleased with them right now!

i should start getting all my music on my shiny new happy ipod now!
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Category: dating

06/16/08 12:16 - 70ºF - ID#44667


(e:hodown) says not to go, (e:paul) says it's ok.

i want to go, but i don't think it is right.

here's the story:

there's this travel nurse who was working under contact with the hospital i work at for a while, and they did not resign her. she moved to flagstaff to take an assignment there, and moved last week. she is super cute, and we always talked about hanging out but never got around to it.

before she left, she told me she is seeing this new doctor at work. she said they have been seeing eachother for a few months and they weren't seeing other people. i had never met him, and he was on call this weekend, and it was my weekend to work. i was curious to see what he was like.

well, apparently, he is a man whore(maybe), and he was all flirty and then asked me out. i said yes, because i wanted to go and see what his deal was. but i also wanted to know from kristen if they were still seeing eachother, because i just don't want to go behind her back and do that, she is a somewhat friend, and that's not cool.

if he asked me out and is seeing her that is so wrong.

(e:hodown) says i can't go and its karma and it will come back to haunt me. i think she is somewhat right, but then look at angelina and brad. so, i called kristen to try to talk to her and she didn't pick up and i left a message. i really hope she calls back soon, because i think she needs to know.

so, would you go on the date? what would you say to the guy?

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06/12/08 12:03 - 66ºF - ID#44628


this lady my friend works with hired this hitman to kill her boyfriend, but the hitman ended up being an undercover cop.

so, she was arrested for attempted murder.

i guess she was very normal seeming, a very pretty and kind nurse, but underneath, lurked the crazay who wanted her bf dead!
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Category: relationships

06/04/08 12:49 - 61ºF - ID#44538

im so confused!

ok, so i have really been thinking about a lot of things lately. i don't know if this is good or bad.

it's just that i feel like i am at this strange point, where i can just totally move on from past experiences and relationships, or try to bridge the gap and reconnect or make peace with people.

i am just not someone who can totally forget everything and pretend it doesn't affect the person i am now, because it really does.

there are really only a few people i don't feel that i need to have any sort of closure with, well one, and i have no issues with that.

but, in other places, i feel friendships and people floating away, and it's now or never to decide what to do.

i'm rebuilding a connection with an old friend, and in this case, she seemed to drift for a long time, and i let her. i was angry for a long time, but i think since my grandma past, i really feel like it is important to take the opportunities we have when we do. she was going through an extremely hard time, and that is ok. i was just hurt that she pushed me away. the most important thing i realized is that there are so many time when she was there, and how many memories we share and that our friendship is a big part of what makes me, me.

anyway, this is sappy but true. don't hold grudges, it hardens your heart.
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Category: oil

06/02/08 11:21 - 63ºF - ID#44521


i was reading the news at work yesterday. our census is so low at the hospital, and so things have been really slow, leaving me hours of sitting idly.

anyway, the price of gas in france is 11 or 12 something a gallon. in venezuela, a gallon of gas is 12 cents. lets all move to venezuela right?

i guess that it isn't as big of a deal in france, because gas was always way more expensive and it has only gone up 90% compared with 170% here in the u.s.

imagine filling up a hummer in france. what would that cost you? 250?

gas prices here are cheaper than in ny, but i definitely find myself wanting to drive less. wayyyyyy less. it makes a difference not commuting to school for the summer, and my work is relatively close. i drive with the windows down when i can.

all this makes me wonder, when will we finally stop using oil???

did anyone see charlie wilsons war? i think it is so crazy that the u.s. gave the afghans all those weapons to kill the soviets, and now we want to kill the afghans.
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