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Category: travel

05/14/08 02:08 - 51ºF - ID#44334

too tired to exist

um, i worked thirteen hours today. and then i ran some errands, and then i ended up here, in my room.

my suitcase is always overweight. i hate going places and not having access to my complete wardrobe. how am i supposed to be the best i can be???

i mean really, i think i am the most unrealistic packer. who else need 6 pairs of heels alone for just as many days? i am not a socialite, i just pretend.

i spent the better part of the previous weekend near the mexican border. all i can say is that part of arizona freaks me out, and i do not wish to go back. the border patrol is insane down there, with their drug sniffing dogs, and big ass rifles and whatnot.

a photo journal of that trip is soon to come, maybe when i am waiting at le airport tomorrow.

anyway, i am either going to finish packing now, or just fall asleep and get up at 4 to finish.

trips are so overrated.

oh, and fuck the rule that says no white to a wedding. because my dress is part white, but in a so not wedding dress way. more in a party dress with a big back bow way, and its short and it looks good. i have come across half who think that it's fine, and the others are appalled. ok, plus the way i am accessorizing(not a real word?) it, i think it will be great. well, i have a backup dress, but i am not returning the other one, i'll find somewhere to wear it to, even if that place is home. people just don't dress for home like they used to.
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Category: dating

05/09/08 04:42 - 59ºF - ID#44285

high maintenence

last night i went on a date. he was like 45 minutes.

but he called to tell me, so i wouldn't leave yet and sit there and wait.

i think he is somewhat racist, but denied it when i called him on it. he made a comment somewhat to the effect of,"the clubs have go downhill around here because of the kind of people that go now". this means that the clubs are crappy now because mexican and black people go there? ummm, wow.

plus, he said he wouldn't date a black girl. and i guess some people just prefer different things, but i can see the beauty of all races, and i could never say, "oh, i can't date that someone of that ethnicity."

plus, he told me he flat irons his hair. ummm, what? way too high maintenance for me.

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Category: rihanna

05/02/08 10:38 - 62ºF - ID#44219

girl crush

i really can't even describe how hot i think she is. her clothes, her makeup, her hair, the hot bod. i am in awe.

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Category: scorpion

05/01/08 09:48 - 47ºF - ID#44205

i woke up to this

i am scarred for life. and scared for life as well.

i found a scorp in my bathtub this morning. at quarter to 6. not really awake, but that did the trick.

i was peeing and there it was. thankgod my bathroom is being redone and i can't use my shower, imagine if i had gotten in the tub...

the momma ho was here and i swiftly woke her and she saved the day with her amazing shoe smashing techniques.

i must get strong and learn to smash as well, if i want to survive this rugged desert life.

it kinda looked like this. it makes me want to puke.

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Category: school

04/28/08 05:22 - 44ºF - ID#44171

a little bit proud

sometimes we get lame projects in class. so, i made this video, and i had to remake it.

i think it turned out pretty nice. it made my mom cry. she's sappy. but it makes me cry too.

i love kids. especially ones that need help.

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Category: work

04/22/08 02:31 - 74ºF - ID#44099

good news! hopefully.

it looks like my wish may be granted. i am really hoping that the job with the hospital comes through. it would mean full-time with benefits, if i want, or i can stay on as pool and keep the higher pay rate. either way it's a sweet deal. i would make between 30 and 40 grand a year. not bad for a student.

i could pay for school out of pocket and start saving money and even pay off loans and credit card debt. i know it would be a lot of responsibility, and hard work, but i think i am up for the challenge!

also, i received a 100 on my presentation today! score!

if i get the job, some serious celebration will be needed soon.

this also means i must quit/cut back at other job. i will give the family through the summer to find someone else, and i think that is pretty fair.

if i work two jobs, it will be insane, like working 6 or 7 days a week, but that mad cash money. as much as i hate the thought, money really does help, and financial freedom is my goal.

i am speaking too much like a real adult, so i have to end this post.

ps. i love bacon, and that will never change.

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04/17/08 03:16 - 69ºF - ID#44036

if you set a time and date, stick to it

people are being shady this week. i'm always shady, but when it comes to setting a time and date, i commit.

1.) i had a date, but he didn't pick up when i called him after work. i gave him 45 minutes, and then ditched that plan to hang with another guy. if you don't get right back to me, i make other plans.

2.) my boss wants me to call her, and she doesn't pick up or call back. wtf?

3.) i am supposed to go on a fun field trip to the giant mexican market, and i show up at the school today. it turns out, the teacher repeatedly told me the wrong day. she said, friday about 20 times, and friday is tomorrow. today is thursday. please, get your days and times straight lady. of course, no one in the office believed me, and she won't either. i never would have said i could go on thursdays, as i have class and work later, and friday is my only day off.

so, what does this teach us? don't flake out people. if you make a date, stick to it, or else i find fun elsewhere.

p.s. i am now obsessed with shopping online, and have made at least three purchases this week, including clothing, beauty products, and footwear. i need help for my addiction.
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04/06/08 06:09 - 63ºF - ID#43927

i didn't cut out alcohol

i drank last night. but only two shots and a beer. omg a beer!!!

i think it's ok though, i hiked 4 miles, four time this week. that's 16 miles.

i didn't hike this morning. i went to sleep at 6, only to wake up at 8:45, with a loud banging on my window. i quickly got dressed and answered the door. it's the tile guy and his son, and they are here to work in the bathroom.

great. i prob reek of booze and club, and i didn't wash my face, so i looked like a cheap whore who just got raped.

anyway, i pulled myself together, and made myself respectable. i played with the little boy. he loves photo booth, and gremlins, and cats, and milk. we walked up the hill to the mailbox to check the mail. he told his daddy i am "bonita". he's four. haha! he was so cute, i just wanted to hug him and kiss him.

i love kids.

anyway, the tile guy is hot, and he works at the hospital where i do. he's a nurse by day, jack of all trades by night apparently.

he is married. but he does always say how pretty i am. i would never, ever. but it is fun to think about!

that being said, i should focus more on the hiking. i got new shoes yesterday, $100. dayum, i better have some mad hiking super powers now. i can't wait to try them out tomorrow morning!!!!!!!

the fact that the little half spanish son of my co-worker called me "bonita", totally made my day. it's just so cute!!!!
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Category: ocean

04/05/08 12:04 - 39ºF - ID#43910

it's been way too long

i am going to nc for my cousin's wedding mid may.

i haven't been there since i was 16.

i haven't swam in the ocean since then.

i also have an excuse to buy a perty new dress!!! i am going to wait until the week before, because hopefully i will look somewhat different/more fit, and i can buy a size smaller!

maybe a miracle will happen and i will regain a part of me that was lost when i stopped seeing and feeling the ocean. i miss it so much.

a reminder that i also have six weeks to get into beach shape! oh no!

ps. i have actually gained weight, and i'm hoping it's muscle. i look better though, so i'm not too worried about numbers.

i think i've decided to cut out alcohol. oh well, that doesn't mean i can't have other things!

ocean here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Category: fitness

04/04/08 05:41 - 43ºF - ID#43906


so i am now fitness obsessed. i am wondering, what is my calorie intake supposed to be.

i read that you shouldn't go under 1200 a day. that's about where i am at, with like 3.6 miles hikes 5 times a week, and weights and all that mumbo jumbo in between.

i just don't want to be under the limit so i stop burning...

who knows???
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