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07/30/07 06:54 - 83ºF - ID#40314

it must be the full moon!

weird things happening today:

  • people are acting in my favor

  • tried to go to work, but the only way to get there is blocked off. not sure i'll be going anywhere today

  • apparently i have lost some weight without even really notcing, because i dared to try on my super chic black skinny jeans hat didn't even fit when i bought them, and surprise! they look super hot!

I am thinking today/tonight could turn out to be one of the best in a whole! Granted the open Shea, and my evening plans aren't destroyed...
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Category: random

07/28/07 02:05 - 81ºF - ID#40276

this really bothers me

whenever i go to read someone's journal, especially new people, i like to take a look at their profile, but so many people haventfilled out their profiles. why?????

don't you people understand that this is highly irritating??? if you havent filled out your profile, and you have a journal here, fill out your damn profile. i would like to know a little about you, and of course what your favorite drink is!

but, really, i just read (e:tinypliny) journal, and im thinking, oh i don't know her, ill check out her profile, and no fucking profile. if you don't know what i am talking about, or you are confused im sure (e:paul) would be more than happy to help you out!

on to other things... it is monsoon season here, which means some rain and clouds. well, this makes me very unhappy, although, the clouds are a break from the ever intense heat. i have decided that i am a sun-lover, and can never live somewhere where it isn't sunshine most of the time. life without sunnyness(that may not be a word, but it is now) is my demise. i just love sunshine, and the feel of it, how it brightens everything, and makes me feel happy. that being said, i need some damn sun today. i swear, if it is cloudy all day, my mood is going to be somewhat somber. i didn't move here for clouds, this is bullshit.

anyway, i am proud to display the (e:strip) sticker on my car, but i get many wierd questions about it. am i a stripper? no. is it a porn site? no. are there naked pictures of me there? not completely. anyway, this brings me back to the question of blogging/nonblogging. how fun is it to know people are reading what you write when you want to say thing about THEM??? wait, or is it more fun??? im just going to write shit about people good/bad and if they can't deal, whateve.

i had another date last night, and it went pretty well. the guy seems very sweet and kinda innocent. not really sure what it is with all of the foreign guys, but i've got another foreigner on my hands. i guess you could say he is tall dark and handsome, which aint too bad. i think we are going to do something today, maybe see a movie. for some reason, movies that come out in the summertime are never my cup of tea. its a lot of cheesy comedies, and action movies. ok, ill admit, i like some action, and die hard was good, however, i can do without movies like "chuck and larry". i'd prefer something with a real story line, and a meaningful ending/message.

anyway, this british guy for sure seems like a real player. all of this phone tag nonsense, and im really just getting sick of it. not sure why i always go for the "asshole" type, but i just love a guy with a larger than life ego. plus, he's a smooth talker and could probablyl talk his way into anything. i just really get the feeling that he is up to no good. we'll see, considering i haven't seen him since last wednesday, and have only spoken to him a few times, mostly late at night and he wants me to come over. i'm gonna go ahead and say, i think i am done with this whole "big boys who play little games nonsense." you like me and want to hang out with me, or you don't. also, if you really liked me, you would be calling and making dates and he just isn't. his argument is that, we have a "strong" connection, and that he is just playing it by ear, and letting it happen naturally. i don't know, that sounds like a lot of bs to me. because im not getting so much the playing by ear thing, as "playing", resounding in my head.

apparently i look about 20 lbs heavier in pictures, and when this guy saw me in person, he keot saying how surprised he was that i wasn't heavier. i don't know whether to be somewhat offended or happy about this. i guess i need to stop looking so fat in pictures, shame on me.

also, people can't enough of the fact that my name is in fact, Sarah A. Ho. laugh people, get it out of your system. i know, its funny. i think i go through this with someone every day. pretty sure all of the other members of my family do as well.

apparently, i had a lot of things to say about nothing really. im going to go and read my book, and wait for that pesky little sun to come out.

oh, and im on a mission to wear a dress every single day. if i buy one a dress a week, in place of a few meals out, i think this could work. also, i am a major bargain shopper. people really should dress up more, its just a classier, more attractive way of life. everyone looks better in some nicely tailored clothing, and they also seem to look more intelligent as well. down with casual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good day peeps!!!

p.s. how great is it that lindsay lohan was arrested again, AND had coke in her pants, but she says, she is innocent and it wasn't hers. OKAYYYYYYY. because, i sometimes randomly have drugs in my pants that don't belong to me; they just end up there. i can't wait until she goes to jail. can't they just make a reality show already? celebds in jail, it sounds like th best tv ever!
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07/26/07 11:25 - 77ºF - ID#40258

trapped in the closet

There is going to be additions to R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet, released August 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ya'll be ready for some more of that sweet sweet goodness. I know (e:terry) is gonna be excited as well. Who doesn't love a good does of Bridgette, a midget, and some cherry pie!!!!!!!!!!!!

A sidenote that had nothing to do with this post: I was seeing this guy, and then he kinda disappeared. I thought, "Wow, I have been totally written off." I spent a day upset about it, and then he texts me saying he was away for the weekend, and left hs phone at home. Okaaaaaaaay. Some family emergency. Alright. So, he says he's gonna call me later that night, and I miss the calland all him back and no answer, so I leave a message. No call back. I called him last night, and no call back. We once had this talk about having the decency to let someone know you are not interested, but he has yet to do that. So, he must be one if these things: 1. A major player. 2. A major liar. 3. Looking to get a piece when he has nothing better to do. 4. He has changed his mindand just isn't interested in me(How could that be possible???). 5. He's so busy he doesn't have time to call me(Highly unlikely)

The point of all of this is, I would just like an end to all of this silliness, so I can not care. Return my damn call, and just tell me you are uninterested. Instead, of avoiding me for a few days, and then calling, and repeating this whole pointless cycle. Guys can really be immature.

At least I can look forward to new segments of Trapped In The Closet!

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07/23/07 12:13 - 77ºF - ID#40218

what ever happened to good tv????

cartoons just plain suck nowadays. now, david the knome, that was show with some reall substance. and really cute little knome people!!!!!
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07/22/07 12:54 - 66ºF - ID#40203


people??? hello???

i know you are all reading this.

well, i have to stop putting so much personal info here.

im starting to get kinda paranoid that everywhere in the wolrd reads this thing, you know, because i am famous and all.

contrary to popular belief, i do like to keep some parts of my personal life personal.

it's funny because i never say here what i am really thinking, or what i really feel. that would be way too much info. usually i just generalize, and bullshit about how guys suck- that never changes.

anyway, life here is starting to get super strange, and i feel like i living some parallel version of my life.

i just started reading this book, because i have finished about ten since I've been here, i have mucho free time, and i looooooooove reading in/by the pool. "innocent traitor"- its really really good so far, and i recommend to the ladies who like novels that involve history, royalty, and bitchy women. three of my favorite things in life, if not the top three things in life.

to cheer myself up tomorrow, i am going to buy multitudes of lipgloss.

i will also wear my hot new bikini that i got super cheap from target, pronounced, with a french accent. seriously, cutest thing ever, and about ten bucks. they sell wine at target here!!!! and they have my fav kind, red bicyclette! woot!!!!

i can't get rid of the stalker, but since he is the hottest man in the wolrd, maybe i will meet him afterall. wow, i am willing to do the least smart thing in any situation. like the dog that constantly chews on its own tail...

i think i should go find something to do, and well, go find something to do.

ps. if you have not yet seen dreamgirls, watch it now!!! beyonce is a dumb bitch, and jennifer hudson rocks my world. that bitch brings the house down!!! especially when she belts out, "and im telling you". bitch can sing!!!! i wish i could sing, musicals look like so much fun!

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07/20/07 12:53 - 66ºF - ID#40170

fuck me now

do NOT sunbath nude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i did, and thought, oh this is a great idea, i will get rid of my tan lines. WRONG!!!! so fucking wrong. you know why????

my ass is now the color of a tomato. now im going to have ass skin cancer. that's hot.

hopefully my unique tanning abilities will come into play here and this burn will be a tan in the morning. having a sunburned tush is not good for the push, or really anything.

good thing i sleep on my stomach.

and all night I've been thinking... why do i feel so tired????? my little bum bum.

i took a picture, but really that's not appropriate for the children.
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07/19/07 12:40 - 71ºF - ID#40161

christmas in july???

anyway, i never know what i can and can't say on this damn thing. because everybody knows about it, and then everybody asks about the bumper sticker on my car.

i have a stalker. trying to grt rid of him.

i'm liking me a sexy man!

im hoping to go out this weekend and shake my money-maker like somebody bout to pay me. if i have someone to go out with. otherwise, i just get drunk by the pool, and shake my own damn self!

i miss my dancing partners!!!! (e:terry), (e:matthew), and (e:tina) !
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07/15/07 05:24 - 72ºF - ID#40113


i seem to forget evey month why i become a complete bitch and pyscho, and eventually i realize that its time for the monthly dues. sorry boys, but its an issue that must be discussed.

i start ravishing the house for chocolate.

i feel tired and lazy as hell.

i am angry with anyoneand everyone that irritates me the slightest bit.

i start getting cramps anywhere from 1 1/2 to a week before it actually comes.

im more horny than usual. if possible.

its always late, and i begin to wonder...although, most of the time, its not even really possible. but still, a nightmare to think about.

its really really fun.

  • note: i might really just be this way all the time.*

there is a boy/man i really really likey. and i hope is gentle with my po' lil heart!
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07/14/07 01:28 - 75ºF - ID#40104

a little bummed

this is the first time since i've been here, that i feel like i might cry.

no specific reason, just a lot of things.

and for the record, men=douche bags. its always the one you want to call doesn't, and the other won't leave you alone.


i really think i might just decide to stay single a while longer. these people don't impress me at all.

really boys. just wanting to screw me isn't enough.
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07/13/07 11:04 - 68ºF - ID#40093

looking to get drunk

basically, i miss those nights of crazy drunkeness. i want to get super wasted this weekend, and dance, and wear a pretty dress.

things are all go for work, and it looks like i will be getting a second job, to pay for that pesky little car.

i hope i get enough financial aid for school, as out of state tuition is not cheap. i really don't want to go p/t. i want to be out of school, and make some damn money.

the whole boy situation has now become a bit confusing. the boy i've been seeing, well, i don't really know what's going on there. you never know with guys, do they really like you, or just want a piece?

anyway, this guy is definitely not my boyfriend, the boyfriend status has to be acquired over time. however, i feel like it may be headed that way or something.

so, this other guy keeps calling me. he sent me all these pictures, and i must tell you, he is one of the FINEST mothers i have ever seen. so, we talk on the phone, and he has this sexy italian accent, and he's singing me all these love songs in italian. i'm like wtf??? where did this guy come from?? i guess he just moved here, and will be going to grad school in phoenix. he's in nashville now for a cousin's wedding, and won't be in town for another week.

this man has me majorly intrigued. seriously, believe me when i say he is possibly the hottest man alive. i keep checking my email just to stare at his pictures. i'm thinking, he is really not that good looking, or he wants an easy lay. if he really is that good looking, he could get any girl. he says he wants to talk on the phone and then meet when he comes.

so, the question is... do i continue to see british guy, and talk to italian guy??? and then meet italian guy when he gets here?? is it ok to have two boyfriends???

i'm really going to try and avoid being a huge jerk, but all i have to say, is may the best man win!! ;o0

oh, and i'm paranoid about people finding out about my blog, so hopefully these dudes won't.
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