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05/26/12 10:59 - ID#56489 pmobl


Lol.... Miss you blo. :)

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05/13/12 12:06 - ID#56451

it's muthas day

the best video ever, (e:hodown) turned me on to this guy.... i think every mother and child can relate to some part of this video....
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05/12/12 12:39 - ID#56448 pmobl

Allergies and Zooey

I never had such bad allergies when I lived in Buffalo. I think it's because it is so dry here so the pollen and dust floats in the air constantly. Plus we have two rain seasons so it's pretty lush for a desert.

So happy it's summer! This last semester was horrific and ended we me being humiliated by my clinical instructor in front of all of my classmates.

Can't wait to see (e:hodown) in June!!! Spa time here we go! I'm so hello that she is having fun with (e:Paul) and (e:terry) right now.

Is this site kid friendly?? How could would it be of there was an (e:Zooey) blog? I wonder what she would blog about....

It's going to be as hot as 108 here this week. I like warm but this is super extreme... I have an arsenal of high SPF sunscreen because I fear skin cancer and wrinkles. Maybe I should move back to NY for the sake of youth.

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05/04/12 11:22 - ID#56426 pmobl

Long December

Wow I can't wait for December... I feel like I am waiting for my life to start. The one I actually want to be living...

One semester left and then I am free... I can't wait to leave it all behind and begin a new adventure.

There is nothing more freeing than just letting go. I just hope I will find what I'm looking for.

I do highly doubt that Phoenix has that, 5 years was a good enough attempt in this city...

It's going to be an amazing summer, I already have so many fun things planned!!!!

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