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03/26/13 10:07 - ID#57424

popcorn sleepover

zooey has invited the fam and i to a popcorn sleepover... but only grams can sleep on a bed. no one else can go into zooey's room because we won't fit.

also, we are going to dance to music and stay up all night... baby raver?!

just sent out easter goodies for the babies and i got a lil something for mommy and daddy too. i now allocate at least $50 a month on these children. i love giving and receiving gifts and it's fun to be able to buy cute little girl's and baby stuff.

pretty excited about this week. gonna see an old friend i haven't seen in a long ass time and have some other fun stuff planned. i have thursday and friday offf and then work all weekend. normally i get upset about working holidaze but i'll be making the paperz and that always feels good.

words cannot express the amazingness of only having to work. i spent so many years working and going to school and spending tons on gas and go out to eat for most meals because of my hectic schedule. now i spend so little on gas and eat for free at work and rarely have to grocery shop. it's so much less stessful with only a job to worry about.

i've decided that i might stick with serving for a while... people keep quitting at work which is favorable for me because i can pick up all the extra shifts. on a good day, i can make more than i used to in a week at most of my other crap jobs.

when i do leave to search for the right career i have decided i would love to work for a company being an educator, i.e. teaching new policies and procedures or new programs. or, i would like to work for a company that produces educational materials and help develop products or sell for them. i know i can never work a job i am not completely committed to in some aspect.

for now, things have seemed to fall in my favor and it feels good! spring is seriously so beautiful here and i forget how lush and green the sonoran desert can be. i am however, so allergic to all of the damn wildflowers. it's so green right now, the mountains looks like they are covered in grass.

i'll post some photos this week when i hike.

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03/23/13 03:25 - ID#57416 pmobl


Instagram is basically now just an extension of Facebook which really upsets me considering how much I loathe the FB.

What to do? I really should just make my profile private but I hate when other people do that becuz I love bein a creep.

Mostly I love the photos of anything fashion, nail, makeup related and various random photos as well as mostly any photos of Rihanna.


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03/18/13 11:18 - ID#57386 pmobl

Lost on the Lost Dog Trail

Went hiking yesterday on the "Lost Dog Trail", and lost our way at least 3 times. By the end of it we were by a school, had no water, and were very hungry! I never get lost hiking but trail had some many turns and not the best markers... We were going for a short hike and ended up being out there for 2.5 hrs. At least it was a lovely day and I burned those calories!

I was supposed to go to a spring training game yesterday but my friend had too much homework ad cancelled, so I had my nails done of course and met a friend for some food and drinks. There was this guy at the bar sitting next to us and he was pretty cute and flirting with us, however he was playing with his armpit hair which was odd and gross. His friend also proceeded to make several ignorant comments about small town life and I wanted to punch him.

Then I went home and ate a second dinner which was clearly a bad choice because I am still full and I have no choice but to workout now!

My mom(the wiz) has decided to take a travel job which means I am in charge of her house while she is gone. I don't have to pay rent which is awesome, because I now love to hoard and save monies. However, I am still scared of the dark and we get lots of crazy creatures out here. I will be the master I charge of all upkeep and will have to make sure the pool and landscaping are taken care of... I suppose it will be a good experience since I will likely own a home in the next 5 years...

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03/17/13 12:17 - ID#57381 pmobl

wedding crasher

Some lady ended up drinking at the golf club today... Mind you she did not golf or know any golfers there. She also does not live in AZ.... By the end of her visit she had broken her phone, attempted to crash the wedding we were hosting, bought stuff from the pro shop, and became overly emotional and excited about a wedding in which she knew none of the people.

One of my coworkers asked me why I was so happy towards the end of the day... He assumed I was excited about the wedding stuff. False. Weddings don't excite me. Sure I'd get excited if there was a person whom I could envision this with. I was probably smiling about something funny that had happened or about the fact that I work at the craziest place on earth.

I witnessed several different employees fighting and arguing and tons of madness and it all just makes me laugh at the end of the day. I ain't got no worries.

Just gonna make this money and forget the rest foo!

Went out for dinner last night with the fam and it was so fun! I swear I was laughing the whole time! My aunts sister has the most crazy and hilar stories... The photo split shows the cake pops she wanted to make for a baby shower and what she actually made... Alien baby cake pops!!! This image brings me so much joy and laughter every time I look at it lolzzzzzz! They are just so disturbing and funny looking... Laughter is my fav.... And work.

I also realized this morning I can do several versions of booty shakes that are quite impressive... Maybe it's all the squats or the running around I been doing but my booty looks good! Go team fitness!


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03/14/13 01:33 - ID#57373 pmobl


I can't believe I didn't use the restroom from 1045am today until 545.... Or around then. That was also the first time I sat down since I got out of the car to start work.

I kinda love being so busy at work... My mind is completely focused on doing my job well and I have no time for idle thoughts.

I suppose I love work so much and keeping busy because it makes me happy. I feel useful and it's the best when I get customers who are thankful... Makes my day.

I feel like there's quite a few people that I have lost touch with recently... And it isn't that I don't care, however there are only so many times you can call or text people. Okay, for me, I just stop. I figure anyone who wants to talk to me will contact me eventually. It also makes room for new relationships and extra time for me to focus on my path.

I recently had my résumé revamped and I'm super excited to put it out there once I type up all the changes.... According to my fancy new résumé I'm a pretty intelligent, motivated, and skilled person. I like this.

So... Yea work and saving and working more are my favs.... That and my new morning hike/walk routine. The weather has been amaze here this week and it just makes me happy... In my own little bubble of work and sunshine and walks.... I'm a total loser but its pretty awesome having a job where you get to be outside and surrounding by so much beauty and nature.

Booty poppin Neva stoppin! I'll be so sad when the golf season slows down... I'll need to find a new jobby and I'll miss living two seconds from work... It's the best eva! You can only ever be 5 min late at the most!

The kitchen staff are always tryna play some love connection game ad set me up with these youngins... Apparently this new boy likes me. I promised myself I was never going to date a other guy under 30...

It's official I'll be in the dyrty buff July 2-10... :)

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03/09/13 07:27 - ID#57355 pmobl


I am thankful for my job right now... It's hard work an people luh to talk shiz on other people.

Yea... We are always short staffed and have issues but we are all there for the same reason. So I'm really trying to just rise above it ad recognize that I make awesome money right now. So, I'm ok with putting up with random crap from coworkers and working without a busser and a hostess...

I feel for this one new girl because she hates it and all the stress and chaos... I told her I am in the same boat and she should just hang in there because there money to me made. I hope she stays because I really like her and her spirit of adventure. She is moving to Alaska in May... Inspires me to plan a trip or move. My goal is ten grand by May 15th... 15 would be better but I am almost at 2...

At the end of the day my savings account is growing and I think I can teach my goal by mid May. If it means brown nosing and all of that... Sign me up!!! My nose is already brown!

I think I like the golf culture... And I'm feeling a lesson coming on here soon. My momma would be so happy to go out and be able to play... I like that its a social sport. And I like the golf prep look... Lets get it!

:))) I may celebrate and have a glass of wine tonight.

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03/06/13 07:19 - ID#57340 pmobl

Dessert delivery

That is what I want right now... I would order a chocolate peanut butter sundae.

I've been so sick the past tree days... Pretty sure I've lost at least 5 lbs. Just not digesting food right. I slept from 11 last night until 930 this morning and then had a 3 hr nap this afternoon and I'm still exhausted.

I finally went to the audiologist and had my hearing tested and I have had a slight loss in my right ear which explains the ringing. This is a relief because it means I am not going crazy and the ringing should go away soon.

It has been so nice this week... I really wanted to spend my one day off outside but I felt like I needed to rest up to fight off this weird flu bug.

I went to the reflexology place today and I'm convinced that made me more tired too... That shiz is intense and the best ever. I swear it's the ancient Chinese secret. It's like a massage but with pressure point therapy and I swear it works because after I always have too pee a ton even if I drank no water and used the bathroom right before.

Who gonna gots ma ice creams to me???!? :)

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03/05/13 01:08 - ID#57332 pmobl

Get on board

With tipping 20% when the service is right.

No one is tipping me today and I'm getting real upset. I even wore my new spandex shorts...

Whyyyyy??? :(

I always tip right. I highly dislike cheap people.

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03/04/13 01:41 - ID#57328 pmobl


To money... I was going to go to blo next week but I decided not to when I thought of all the money I can make...

Work is my fav again.

I keep getting caught in the crossfire with all these work dramatics. I honestly could care less as long as I get my hours and make decent tips. I'm just there to do a good job... Ain't nobody gon mess with ma hustle!!!!

So I must decide a good time to take some time off... I knew that we were gonna get busy and this would happen. I want to save 15 grand before I move.

It's exciting to think of the possibilities. :)

This was my Sunday look... The weather here is amazing right now and being in jean shorts is my fav.
That and work.

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...