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Category: mobl

04/08/12 03:46 - ID#56332

Princess ri

I love her... Not necessarily the best role model but I just love her look she's daring....Old pic but I love this look so much...

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Category: mobl

04/01/12 07:40 - ID#56307

Step off!!

Best get ta stepping!

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Category: mobl

03/28/12 05:35 - ID#56294

Saving cats

My mentor is saving lives(of cats) like its no one's business. At least 6 to=
day. It's actually my business because I teach all day while she plans for c=
at life saving.

Back to reality.=20

I miss vacation. ;)


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03/15/12 06:26 - ID#56226


Finally a day to myself in paradise....


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03/12/12 11:18 - ID#56209

Hawaii time!

On my way to the airport! Yayers.... What a stressful morning. Woke up at 5 to take an exam that had tech errors and then had to get all my school work ready for the plane. Ready on time and taking deep breaths.

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Category: mobl

03/10/12 10:49 - ID#56201

Draw something

It's called that because you are supposed to......... Drum roll please......

Draw something!=20

If you were supposed to write the answer, they would name it: "write the answer"

These are just a few examples of what I'm working with:Next time this happens, I am going to write them a message and then resign the game. Message will say:

"please uninstall this app, you will be doing a service to a those who actually want to play the game."




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02/29/12 08:53 - ID#56147

I want to live in this!

Seriously a pink hut by the beach in a tropical place.... Le sigh!

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02/24/12 07:30 - ID#56126

I hate driving

Just spent nearly 1.5 hrs getting home. Thanks ASU for adhering to those green initiatives.... Also thanks to ASU I get to spent almost 150 a week on gas while I work for free student teaching for an entire year.

What jerks.... I can't wait to graduate, get a job, and live somewhere where I dot have to drive.

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Category: mobl

02/22/12 09:33 - ID#56111


This boy I watch is having a bowl of blue pixi stick sugar for dessert.... I can't believe I'm allowing this. I'm leaving soon...=20

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02/18/12 02:54 - ID#56090

The park

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