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09/30/09 01:51 - 48ºF - ID#49888

ready to go

i miss aruba so much. i suppose its not realistic to feel i belong there, but i guess being out of the u.s. makes me think i would be happier elsewhere.

i am glad i came to phoenix and no doubt i will be here a while longer, but i am ready to go.

as soon as i get my degree i would love the opportunity to teach someplace tropical by the ocean. this is basically what i dream about everyday.

i was so happy on vacation, and not just that vacationy feeling, but i just love the water. it made me feel as happy as i did as a little girl when i would go on beach vacations with my family. i remember how content i was to just walk up and down the beach, and i felt the same way is aruba.

i can't wait to go back in may. and i can't wait to finish school so i can go out and see the world!!!

for now, i need to find a way to get by here because although i would never move back to buffalo, it gets very lonely here. no one ever just hangs out here. the people are fake and have awful fashion. i am also so sick of mexican food and tacos.

i want to live somewhere where i can walk to my destination instead of driving 40 minutes to get there.

mostly, i want to be the new girl again, life is more fun that way.

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09/15/09 04:40 - 73ºF - ID#49779


apparently i can finish the rest of my degree online, in the next year. this will be the record for world's longest bachelor's degree at about 7 years.

i subtracted the two years of cosmetology, which was a huge waste of time, even though i did just do an amazing job on another bride.

anyway, this excitement of this possible opportunity excites me.

i would be able to go anywhere, in a year.

also, i can take my vacas and finish my work beforehand and not worry about stupid lectures when i get back. and, the online program requires less math, and this would mean i am currently taking my last math class!!!!!!!

i suppose i will know in the next few weeks, hooray!
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Category: baby girl

09/14/09 12:53 - 60ºF - ID#49765

the babes!

she is getting so big and she can crawl. i want that baby, but she is so far. plz bring her to me, thx...

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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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