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10/30/09 03:05 - 50ºF - ID#50146


i am obsessed with being an amazing diy peacock for halloween. its getting expensive and i don't know if i can pull it off.

ALL to prove a point my friends.

i can do this...
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Location: Buffalo, NY

10/22/09 07:38 - 48ºF - ID#50078

a lack of glamour here

my sister life is not very glamourous and this upsets me. she carries her laundry down the street like a common hobo... to the laundromat and back.

i'm hoping to change some of this for her, at least for a day. maybe i will treat her to a an overnight spa day for her xmas gift.

i am on the no spending money plan which includes me. sitting at home when i am not working, thinking about how i should get online and do my french assignments and then watching netflix and eating chocolate and mac n cheese.

by christmas i may not be allowed in the spa, you will need a crane to lift me.

the good news is my clothes still fit which means if i stop this now, i can be back in shape in just a month. must hike 4 miles a day.

anyway, (e:deeglam) is supposed to come soon, and she gets a spa day too. i am so sick of the lack of glamour everywhere. are we doomed to life a plain and sparkleless life?????
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10/21/09 01:03 - 54ºF - ID#50067 pmobl

all by myself

My lappy is sick. I couldn't get an appointment at the genius bar until tomorrow night. Until then its just me.

I am forced to use Julie's IBM to do my work tomorrow. The thought makes me want to barf.

Anytime I get sad I think of (e:Deeglam) who has been through so much. Send her happy thoughts and love, she has a lot on her plate.

Its crazy how much I don't want to be in Buffalo, but there are so many people there that I want to be there for.

Today is the first day since I have left that I have actually considered going back.
I hope this feeling is short lived because I detest winter like no other.
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10/13/09 05:31 - 48ºF - ID#50008

the 7 deadly sins

i am going to pass from indulging too much.

lately its sloth and gluttony. at least being lazy is a good way to save money.

i miss aruba so much....


i am officially transferring next semester and should be done with school in a year! next spring i shall be a teacher!
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Category: paul

10/09/09 11:53 - 53ºF - ID#49969

paul this one's for you

this looks like those nasty fried baby mice you found in your oven..

you made me look at those pictures and talk about it for days, and then we cooked something in the oven...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Category: jerktude

10/06/09 01:26 - 48ºF - ID#49941

serenity now!

nothing went my way today.

i spent $50 on product to make my hair shiny. it was dull as ever.

i was swamped at work and didn't get half the things done i needed to.

had a huge stomachache and headache all day.

i have a d in eng, d in math, and f in french.

i have never had below a b in english, and without even trying.

i am not smart.

i cried a lot, in class. and i never cry anymore.

just finished my french exam online, with some success after a 14 hr day and my laptop froze as i attempted to submit it for grading.

now, i am going to have to retake it, and i have zero free time until thursday afternoon.

i met a guy who seems nice and wants to take me on a date, but i don't even have time for a date or even sleep.

i have gained 10 lbs since aruba because i have been stress eating.

i am the biggest hot mess of 2009.

i have no clean scrubs for work tomorrow.

and i reaaaaaaaaaaally don't. like. my. job.

the job i do like i can't get anymore hours at, and i need it now because nothing could be better than spending time with a kid who is adorable and loves me and makes it all worth it....
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Category: food

10/03/09 02:15 - 64ºF - ID#49916

the breadfruit

I know my food, and I know what is good, great, and non-edible. This place has received a place in my top ten worst dining experiences thus far. Basically I would have been more content eating Taco Bell. Here is the review I posted on the Phoenix New Times site.

So tempted to call these people and complain more, it was just awful,awful, awful.

I was extremely disappointed with this dining experience. The food was lackluster at best, and I felt as if I was being given dishes with no spices or flavor. Pardon me if I'm wrong here, but isn't Jamaican food supposed to be bursting with flavor? The atmosphere was not warm or friendly and only one the staff member made my date and I feel welcome and comfortable.

I strolled over to the bathroom and a lady, who turns out to be the co-owner said something to me which I did not here as I was walking towards a door I perceived to be the restroom. When I knocked on the door, she immediately came up to me and yelled out, "There is a line, OK?." I told her I was sorry and did not hear her, and then to make her point even more clear when she came out, she said, "It's all yours!", in a total fake-nice bitch voice. When you are in the customer service industry, which I am as well, your customers should not be treated with such a snarky attitude.

As I went for the last bite of my avocado plantain crap roll, which tasted like mashed up baby food in a stale wonton, I noticed a curly blond hair. Neither me or my date has anything resembling this hair. When I brought this matter up with the owner, his explanation was that we all have hair, and it ends up on food, and what would I like him to do because if and when he is in my situation, he just eats the food and doesn't say anything. Are you kidding me !@#$%^&? This is not what you tell someone at your restaurant when a customer finds a hair in their food.

The only nice thing I have to say about this place is that the blond haired waitress was so nice and extremely attentive. She needs to work someplace else though because I'm sure the owners treat their employees like crap after seeing how they have interpreted decent service.

I am currently deciding whether or not to contact these people just to let them know how disappointed I am. Should have left without paying.

And, FYI I am a New Yorker know my food and have eaten at some of NYC's finest restaurants and this place would not last one week there.

One last thing. The mango "chutney", I know my chutneys, and this was no such thing. The mango was mushy and mixed in with it was a few brown beans here and there. It looked like someone's regurgitation. Usually a chutney has a variety of flavors, but all I tasted was mushy mango. It could have been much much better with chunks of mango, no beans, and a bit of kick from some fresh peppers, garlic, and Asian pepper sauce.
Review by Sarah
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Category: jerks

10/02/09 12:56 - 49ºF - ID#49906


"jerktude", it's a fabulous new word that (e:hodown) coined. she lives in the land of jerks, nyc, thus the reason for her inventing the word. and even if someone else has said it before, she made it cool.

now, i have come across my fair share of people with jertudes in my time. i even have one myself sometimes, and (e:hodown) has admitted to embracing hers.

now, I actually have(most) of this weekend off, so I am going to try to limit my personal jerktude because I have some fun things going on, however I welcome you all to use this word as much as you would like.

Unleash your jerktude!

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mike said to paul
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