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12/30/09 03:59 - 26ºF - ID#50691 pmobl

a present a day

Keeps the tears far away. I received my xmas card from (e:mike) which started my day off right!

Then a coworker who saw me sad and crying yesterday brought me hello kitty lotion in an amazingly cute hello kitty shaped bottle and hello kitty stickers.

Then another coworker was called and and brought me soy chai and a cheese danish! My fav!

What a good day and how nice you feel when people love you!

I also brought a present for a coworkers daughter who is super girly just like me... A bunch of hair bows! And cookies and chocolate for the staff!

Spreading the xmas cheer for all the boys and girls to hear!
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12/29/09 01:10 - 11ºF - ID#50687 pmobl

i hate saying goodbye

(E:hodown) just left and I am so sad. Aside from our one showdown fight we had such a nice time and she really is one of my fav people even if she is all bossy and likes to read depressing books.

I am going to be sad for a while now and I just can't stand the fact that most of the people I love are so far away.

America is way too big and I don't like it.

I am trying not to cry and its kinda hard.

I miss the baby she is so cute and I am missing vital parts of her life and it makes no sense that I see the people I could care less about everyday and the people I want to see I only spend time with a few times a year.

Life makes so sense.
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12/21/09 02:30 - 29ºF - ID#50616

mild irritation

i have to plan my schedule at least a week in advance to make sure i am able to manage my time and get everything done. i have been picking up extra hours at the hospital, helping in the business office, and i also took a three session EKG class.

anyway, i was double-booked today, as the mother of the little girl i work with forgot i was coming this morning and then another lady showed up... i said i was going to get things done and come back later.

i don't think i will be going back later... i have a 12 hr day tomorrow and then on wed/thurs. i also have to bake cookies(major task), i am a perfectionist...

clean, shop, wrap, hike, make an xmas music mix, plan out a menu, get ready for sister, and plan out my wardobe.

i feel really guity for not sending out a gift to some people who have been amazing to me, and the stuff is here waiting, but i am so broke from all of the xmas shopping that i need shipping money!!!!!!!!!!

basically the point to this post is, i am kinda going crazy because i tend to take on too much, it's tiring.

i kinda can't wait for school to start again, i aced my math final!!!!! woooooo! i am taking some cool classes, and then for realz to ASU in the fall, to earn the 8 year bachelor degree. and then a master's, but (e:paul) thinks no to the phd...... one day at a time. ;O)
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12/18/09 12:27 - 24ºF - ID#50591

hello kitty says happy bday jessica!

hello kitty just wanted to stop by and say:


happy bday to (e:hodown), a sister, and a friend. of all the ladies i know, she has the best taste, the most bitterness, and the biggest love for tacos. can't wait to give her gifts!!!!!
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12/17/09 11:25 - 14ºF - ID#50588

xmas is coming der's a bird in my hous

i came home after a 12 hr day, which seems to be every day these days.

anyway, i open the front door to pick up some packages and a bird flies into the house. i am not an animal loving person, i am allergic or scared of most of them. i also prefer to be separated from them by walls or thick shatter-proof glass.

of course i am once again the only one here, and i chase the bird around with a broom and it runs into every giant window, the ceiling and several walls before it finally flies outside. it also landed on the xmas tree and pooped on one of the kitchen counters. ewww.

last week scorpion, this week bird, next week tarantulas??? my braveness has reached new heights, as i man the frontier alone.

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12/15/09 11:03 - 27ºF - ID#50573

the test

i often "test" people by randomly calling them to see if they will pick up. most times people fail this test.

also, i "test" people by being kind of really annoying and loud and saying rude things.

people think from the way i look that i would be not as smart or just a goody-goody. they have it all wrong.

anyway, it's all really a test to see if you can handle me, which most people cannot. (e:pmt) def can the best of most, and (e:hodown) i would say can, but in much smaller doses.

(e:tina) was prob the best, but she is so far away, it's like i've lost a major part of me.

and then the (e:twinsies) i think, and (e:mike), and (e:deeglam), but she is more out of control than me.

i think i am about to enjoy the best xmas of my life, and i i'm pretty sure i have conquered my math final.

the reason for this post was because my ego was minorly insulted by the fact someone called me, "the most immature 26 yr old girl i know". but this is coming from someone who favor the song "Low" by Flo Rida. that song had it's time almost three years ago, and i do not consider it a great, mmmk?

anyway, i suppose i was rude, but it happens????

i feel bad for people with bad music taste, it equals non quality person i think, somewhat.
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12/12/09 08:57 - 27ºF - ID#50543


why would you bother talking to someone on the phone for two hours if you are never going to call them again?

i never feel like going out anymore. party sarah has died.
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12/08/09 09:34 - 32ºF - ID#50504

scorpion hunter

i was about to walk out the door to head to class and i saw something red on the floor. i thought it was a large food crumb or some hot sauce i might have spilled.

it was a baby scorpion. i needed to leave for school, and i was the only one around. this was a nightmare-like situation for me. seriously.

i called my mom and she got all excited and told me i needed to just smash it with a shoe. i found a flip flop and threw it with full force on that baby beast, and then used a shovel to carry the flip flop with smashed scorpion outside. i don't know i can ever wear those flip flops again.

this is all coming from the person who is scared of ants.

my bravest moment to date.
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12/08/09 12:03 - 30ºF - ID#50498

to clarify

the light is a light yes. outside of patient room, you can see it lit up. at the nurses station it dings. loudly. in addition to the phone and other alarms it becomes very very hard to concentrate, or really hear anything. people talk to me from down the hall, or in passing without looking at me so i can't read lips... i am going to buy an ear shaped pin to remind everyone, "hello, i am half deaf".

in other news, i am wondering why men seem to think it's ok to act like complete scumbags in my presence???? and not people i meet out, but people from work. i definitely don't act super flirty at work, and i wear scrubs, so it's not a sexy office situation at all.

i just attract losers. my new plan is avoid all men. they creep me out. a lot. and minus one exception and that person knows who he is, men are cheap.

if you aren't going to take me on a nice date, you are not worth my time. i like nice things and i work very hard and i have plans. if the person who wants to date me is not going to appreciate a quality woman such as myself, then i am just going to ignore all men. let me rephrase that; i am currently ignoring all men.

enough of that. i am super excited for school next semester, i am taking some cool classes. and then asu in the fall! the private school cost 20000 more which i am not willing to pay even if i would finish faster. i am just taking my time, since i seem to have nothing else super important going on...
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12/06/09 12:33 - 33ºF - ID#50476 pmobl

i hate the call light

I know hate is strong word but I know I hate the call light. They drilled plexiglass to the top of it and made it super loud. Then their are vents going off, Ivs beeping and the phone ringing plus people talking loud and the TV on and I am pretty sure I am going completely deaf and insane.

I might actually like my job if I wasn't tortured with awful sounds all day. They sound torture prisoners of war. I am a prisoner of war.
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