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01/31/08 02:24 - 23ºF - ID#43110

the cold

i have decided i cannot come back to blo until global warming really settles in. its about 45 here now and blustery, and i am dying. i'm dying.

i cannot take the cold. brrrrrrr.

it's amazing how much i am loving school right now. i actually look forward to class(except spanish, which is like 4 hours long and awful). i really enjoy my professors, and respect them. teachers are just such cute and loving and great people! yay!

my next goal is to get a full time job as a teaching assistant. even if i only work 20 hours, i can get full benefits, which would be so great. i just have to figure out how to work around my other jobs, and such.

anyway, it is so hard to find time for anyone/anything lately. school and work are great, but so consuming.

i need to make more time for the fam, esp granny. she is not well, and my time with her is precious. for a sick old lady, she's such a little sparkplug.

plus, i have been seeing someone. but i don't want to get too much into that. i will say, it's good times. ;O)
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01/27/08 11:26 - 29ºF - ID#43054

the beginning stages,

of some sort of neurological disorder has settled into my brain. seriously.

i am incapable of going even one day without losing something important. a bank card, an address, my phone, some cute accessory.

i have been hanging out with this dude. anyway, i left my hone at his apartment, and i don't have his number because it is in my phone. he probably doesn't even know it is there because i think it fell outa my purse and went somewhere under the beds. beds are such a bad place to lose things. it's like an endless abyss of forgotten things. seriously, sometime i go, what i like to call, "under-bed shopping". i clear out the crap from underneath and i find items like a missing shoe, missing clothes, even books and magazine i was reading and lost...

the moral of the story is, i can't wait until people are slightly more like robots. then i won't need a stupid phone.

plus, i hope he doesn't turn it on and look through it. there's only like 10 numbers in it, which kinda makes me look like a loser, but i lost everyone's number when i lost my last phone, and i never call anyone anymore. if you read this and i used to have your number, email it to me ok?

this sinus infection is killer, i took a five hour nap today, and i think i'm gonna go to bed in a few. today was a buffalo kind of day, rainy and cold, and i accomplished nothing.

basically my goal for this week is to go through it and not lose anything. i am going to try, but i think it will be really difficult.
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01/26/08 03:28 - 24ºF - ID#43044

un question for the e:strip resident,

or anyone who knows really.

is it true you aren't supposed to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics? i went to the doc the other day, and it turns out i have a nasty sinus infection. i am taking antibiotics, and am curious if it is harmful to drink while taking them.

so, i will not be in the blo next weekend. i changed my flight to arrive feb 15th. consider me your late valentine. i will be prepared to give, cleavage, love and chocolates! all while wearing bright red lipgloss.

i decided to postpone the trip for a bit because of work and school. also, granny is back in hospice, and i have been a bad #1 grandaughter and haven't spent much time with her as of late.

its so strange how time flies and i am beggining to feel like someone who lives here, as opposed to someone who just moved here. i am definitely liking it so far, and there have been many adventures.

with any luck i should be able to tranfer to ASU in a semester, and be that much closer to being done with school...finally. sorta, because then i will need my masters.

anyway, have a good weekend peeps!
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01/24/08 02:45 - 21ºF - ID#43012

not enough time in a day

this seems to be the current theme for my life.

school is going really well this semester, minus the fact that i didn't make it today. i have succumbed to my mystery illness and made an appointment to see the doc. i figured one week of coughing fits and little sleep, and i should go see whats up.

i think im going to have to change my flight and cut my blo trip and bit shorter. im thinking of flying red eye or something thurs, instead of coming wed. i just don't think it would be a good idea to miss two days of class.

i also think i need to stay home this weekend and chill out. the going out things does me in. is this part of my new im getting a bit older thing?

anyway, i feel really upset about the whole heath ledger thing. its always so weird when someone really talented dies. i always though he was more on the normal side, but i guess not.

hi ho hi ho, it's to the doctor i go!

p.s. i lost my keys again yesterday. that has happened twice in two weeks. any suggestions?
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01/16/08 09:44 - 30ºF - ID#42918

i hate the dentist

they drilled the fuck out of my mouth today, and im so numb i can't move the right side of my face.

i also can't eat. my dinner was a jamba juice. not my ideal. i don't like skipping meals.

i also had a $90 copay, goddamn. then next visit, i prob wont have insuranance, so im sure ill have to shell out like $500.

a least its like mouth insurance. i want to keep my pretty smile.

i also wanted pain meds, but they wont give me any. what the fun of this if i don't get meds?????? im pissed.

in better news, my purse was stolen over the weekend, and some fucker who got my check card spent $150 at a gas station. i cancelled the card sunday, it didn't show up until today.

i also got into a bit of a fight with some girls in my class. i really like my classes, but the people in them not so much.

i can't wait to be in blo, and just drink and drug away all of this aggression. haha. just kidding. sort of...

i am learning spanish, so that i can maybe finally speak to all of the mexicans who think i am mexican too. hola senor!

i am gong to now spend the rest of the night trying not to bite my tongue!
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Category: computer talk

01/11/08 04:10 - 39ºF - ID#42842

pc's from, the stone age

so, at my one job, the hospital we are still running on windows '00.

does this seem off to anyone else?

until recently, my technology was behind. but this is just so fucking bad. the computers are also about 8 years old, and it all just seems so rediculous for a hospital.

the technology here is a good 10 yrs behind, if not more. it seems like they could cut down on costs so much if they just invested in some better pcs, and equipment to bring this place into the 21st century....

with that said, i am going to recreate the spreadsheet that was deleted because the pc froze.

old technology is like bad fashion, not ok unless you are third world. in which case, you could still have the cool little laptop for children and some colorful woven clothing your mama made for you, which is kinda fashionable still.
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01/11/08 02:02 - 39ºF - ID#42834

git ready

and git er done!

ima be in the blo, jan 31st!


i need to hike my ass off the next two weeks, and spend like no money, except paying off my damn car....

cuz, we gonna partay!

in short, jet blue fucked me over, and apparently you only have a year to use vouchers, and mine were about to go away. anyway, i bought me a tickey, and blo here i comes!
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01/08/08 05:27 - 65ºF - ID#42793

shirt or dress?

i bought a shirt/dress for 1.50 today.

dress or shirt depending how slutty you are feeling.

i also bought shoes, but they were like $17, so not as cheap. but a good brand and very chic.

i did also get bottled water, paper towels, and toilet paper(the soft kind), because thats how i roll. haha.

so, i am really sad about the whole hilary thing, but she was pretty dumb to bring up the whole mlk thing.

(e:jason) says i should post more "nekkid photography" to get more comments. i'll consider it.

i hiked at least 15 miles in the past week, and this is not your average hike/walk. this is uphill, kick your ass, make you wanna die hiking. anyway, i did a 4 mile one on sunday, up and back down this mountain near where i live. if i ever get on ebay and order yet another usb cord, i will post some photos.

i think i might actually go out this weekend, but there is still time for me to change my mind and stay in. mass amounts of people and clubs, are beginning to scare me. i think the desert is making me a hobbit... mins the whole hairy feet thing, because hairy feet also scare me. as well as feet in general...

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01/06/08 01:04 - 45ºF - ID#42767

this is the last time

i only wanted to name this journal that, because i have that song by keane in my head. i forgot about them, but i really like that band. i am always looking for good hiking music. i am currently much into good hip-hop, and pretty songs...

nothing new really to report here.

i pretty much just hike and hang out with the fam, and work. i am really looking forward to the start of the new semester, and hopefully getting my bachelors in the next two years, or less. i really just want to have a career.

so, with my mom's last job, they would cover me under her health insurance, but now she is coming back to the hospital where i work, and i lose coverage. this sucks for multiple reasons. basically i am poor, but maybe not poor enough to be covered under the state. the insurance my school offers is $400 a semester for basically nothing, and it is super expensive to just purchase student insurance.

so unless i start having bastard children, i am fucked. good thing i am pretty damn healthy. i will just get my inhalers and birth control filled now, along with getting checked out by every doc possible in the next two weeks. i kid you not, i have about 5 appointments.

i really hope that whoever becomes the president next realizes how shitty the health system in this country is. working in a hospital, i see so many awful lard-asses who have done nothing healthy for themselves, and they suck up all these services while i work hard and get nothing. it makes me so mad. everyone needs to have at least basic healthcare, including students.

i have no hot hookups to report. i think my new thing is ummm respecting my body. or maybe i only meet ugly losers who aren't worthy of a hookup.

my grandma seems to be doing better now, and she is headed home this week. i am gonna help take care of her, so she better not misbehave, because there is no q.a. to make sure i am not abusing her. ok, not funny, i would never hurt the granny. i love her so! she does have some cool necklaces though, so i many have to snatch one or two.

i really want to visit the blo soon, but there always seems to be a snag in the plans.... hopefully before spring. i have forgotten what winter is like!

stay classy (e:strip)pers!

me, (e:paul), and a floating (e:southernyankee).
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