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01/31/09 10:08 - 21ºF - ID#47586

long temper short fuse

lately i get set off about most everything.

every small detail must go my way, or else that is it.

i think i do quite a good job at hiding my rage... since i tend to just avid all people when i am like this, because i don't enjoy being so angry all the time.

i don't really think it has to do with anyone but myself, but when i get in these fits of rage... such as the current moment, i really feel like screaming.

anyway, i have found that focusing all of this rage on school and work helps, but as soon as i am not involved with either, and something bothers me i begin to freak out again.

maybe the super bowl makes me really angry???

one thing that does not make me so mad is the fact that i am now getting back all of my hours at work and then some. this is definitely good news because having to search for another job right now would be such a hassle, and also likely to cause another fit of rage.

when i get mad, i try to think of steve carell because i am in love with him forever and always...

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Category: public offenders

01/30/09 11:30 - 22ºF - ID#47571

public offender #1

i feel that my blog has been lacking lately. yesterday in class, i was inspired to create a new category of journals, "public offenders". this category is dedicated to the topic of people who lack certain social etiquette, and my experiences with these people.

what is a "public offender" you ask, and how can they be spotted? well, it's easy, such a person, or persons you will notice right away, whether it be their clothing, smell, actions, or simply their presence in any social setting. i feel that these people have gotten away with their wrongdoings for too long, and someone needs to bring to light this crisis.

public offender #1: i headed to math class yesterday after, freshly showered and looking quite dapper if a do say so myself. i enter the room a few minutes late, and head to my usual seat. after i had settled in, my noise is quite bothered by an awful smell. now, mind you i am currently sick, and also have many allergies; which means i don't have the best sense of smell. i start to worry maybe it is me, but then i think, no way, and i come to realize it is the person sitting next to me; he smells like a mixture of mcdonald's and cigarettes. i am repulsed. the smell was quite possibly one of the worst i have experienced. i tried to move away, but there was only so far i could go, and i didn't want to switch seats because i always sit there and i am friendly with him and he helps me if i am confused.

after two hours of class, the smell followed me through they day, and i was finally able to rid myself of it around 8pm. now, not all smokers smell that way, but this guy clearly has some issues with his scent. i don't think he will ever have a girlfriend unless she smells the same. i have been around other smokers, and did not experience this awfulness, but it makes me hate cigarette and macdonald's more than ever before.

coming up, public offender #2...shouldn't take long, there are so many people out there waiting to horrify your senses.
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01/28/09 12:00 - 23ºF - ID#47543

last week and this week

last week it was near 80 every day...

this week it's in the 60's.

something is very wrong here. i'm cold.

i suppose anything is better than the frozen tundra ya'll live in!
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01/27/09 12:24 - 18ºF - ID#47532

this week

last week the stars were not pointing in my direction.

this week however, i feel, will shape up to be a good week.

really a great week. and i have a good feeling about the next few weeks as well.

(minus the fact that i have bio lab at 7:30am).
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Category: ichat

01/25/09 11:25 - 11ºF - ID#47522

thanks a lot paul

ever since paul posted a screen shot of me from a video chat we had, my sn is the top image result on google.

in the screenshot, my sn is present.

every time i sign on ichat, i get all sorts of weird messages and video chat requests from people. the weird thing is, it's usually young girls, 16 or 17. or it's young boy, in the teens years or early twenties.

ummm, i might be changing to a new sn soon, but it seems like a hassle.

anyway, i was online just now and received a message from an "aimbot"
requesting my sn password and user info or my account would be deleted.

well, aol would never say that. i didn't offend anyone, it's more people offending me.

so, i would like to say thank you (e:paul). my life would be so much less entertaining without this.
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Category: friends

01/25/09 06:26 - 16ºF - ID#47519

a spoonful of sugar

i had class friday night and then all day yesterday, and a couple of people were sick, and i think it became like being on an airplane, sitting in that same room with sick people and all of that recycled air.

anyway, i don't think all of the sitting helped, because it was just making me feel more sick and tired. i had plans with a friend i haven't seen much of lately, and the whole day i was thinking about how i just wanted to go home and sleep.

when i got of class, she had already text me, so i forced myself to go out, and i'm so glad i did. lately, i have been consumed by work and school and personal issues. it's strange how caught up you can get in your own world, and forget their is an entire world outside of you.

anyway, we got food and wine and went to the mall. i bought new shoes with a christmas giftcard and bought a sexy dress to wear out, and out we went. it ended up being one of those days that runs seemlessly into night with no flaws.

i had so much fun last night! i guess it reminded me of how important a good friend can really be. and also how important a hot new pair of shoes can be!

we ended up at this club we had been to one other time, and ran into this guy we know who does security for sports players and some celebrities, and he always knows the fun people and has the hook-up.

then everyone kept offering to buy us all these drinks, and that is always nice, although sometimes i just want to buy my own, because it can be a hassle to have to talk to someone just because they bought you a drink.

i think i have found my happy drink place. it's three grey goose citron and sodas, with a slice of lime. and then two bottles of water in between. it's a magical mix. it makes for good conversation and witty remarks. and, a few sexy dance moves.

how i wish it was saturday again...
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Category: beauty

01/23/09 12:57 - 26ºF - ID#47495

phyto sucks

so, for xmas (e:hodown) wanted some phyto product, and they were having a sale. i am basically a sucker for any type of beauty product, lately products especially that promises great results.

in addition to the sista's weird fancy scalp treatment stuff, i ordered a few types of conditioner.

i can honestly say, that the drugstore stuff i was using before is 100% better. and i spent about $50 on two conditioners, whereas i could have stockpiled for almost of year with the other stuff.

my hair is so dry, two inches must come off at the salon tomorrow. the only thing worse than dry skin is dry hair, or vice versa.

they really are some products worth splurging on, but my all tie favorite conditioner would have to be neutrogena triple moisture, and pantene pro v restoratives(the one for super dry hair). i have a whole system in the shower that yeild maximum conditioning results.


i am just disappointed by the high end stuff lately. maybe it is my recession voice speaking, but i really feel like so many costly things are such a rip-off when you can find just as good or better items for so much less.

keratase hair products for example, are supposed to be so great and i think they suck. frederic fekkai, same thing.

there is this really great goldwell product, but actually all of their stuff is great, but expensive... i wish i was in beauty school again and i could just color my hair everyday for free, those were the days!

anyway, the lesson to be learned is this: don't be fooled by all of the fancy packages ladies and gents- it's what inside that counts!

my next mission is finding stellar skincare for a bargain; wish me luck!

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Category: books

01/22/09 12:45 - 21ºF - ID#47482

a wealth of historical knowledge

i just finished reading, The Devil in The White City by Erik Larson. So, I think it is maybe one of the most well written books I have ever read. I think it sat on my bookshelf for almost two years; my bad. I think I maybe started it once and deemed it boring, but I was so very wrong.


You need to read this book, if you like historical fiction, the city of Chicago, crime novels, architecture, stories of struggle, triumph and heartbreak...

So really all people need to read this book. It kinda makes me want to go to Chicago now and see the where the World's Fair took place in 1893, even though the building aren't there, but, there is a museum that has a ton of artifacts and info about the fair.

I especially loved the way the book was written. The language was so descriptive and beautiful, but simply put... I really can't stand too much flowery language when I read and the author did an amazing job of retelling such a complex story in a way that the reader sort of slips into the past.

Ok, I am not good at all at book reviews, but I would like to give a shout out to (e:hodown), as I believe this may be her book, or at least I know she read it forever ago, and told me to read it, but I clearly did not listen.

Now, for my next read, I would like something fun and light... suggestions?

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01/19/09 12:16 - 17ºF - ID#47443

from now on its only pg or comedy

i just went to see slumdog millionaire. really good movie. also so disturbing.

i am also currently reading "the devil in the white city". great book. also extremely disturbing.

and i received a book for xmas about the holocaust, also good but disturbing.

i see a theme here, and intend to put an end to it now.

i definitely think people need to read about and see awful things that happen in the world, because turning a blind eye is ignorant. however, i need at least a month of feel-good books and movies, because my anxiety level is at a high, and i have been having awful nightmares the past few weeks.

i begin to wonder, am i just a huge baby, or are other people really bothered by violence, death, murder, sexual abuse, and other such things in books movies to the point that it gives them a stomach ache??

anyway, i am going to drink some water now and think happy thoughts before bed!
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01/13/09 01:30 - 26ºF - ID#47389

photo spree

so, for a while i was having photo uploading issues. and it seems to have worked this time! below are mostly pics of family stuff, including the incredible trifle(made by moi!), pics of my fab cougar mom(raaaar), my fab well-read non tv watching sis, my more silent, but still very cute brother and other randoms of a very tan me of course! also, some havalina in the yard...enjoy! you will also take note of the 4th of july sidecars made by moi, they pretty much killed my mom, and i did not post the after shots of her, but it was a fun 4th! i'm too lazy to name my photos and comment after each one...
















i'll post some from my new years trip in the am...
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