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07/30/05 04:30 - 78ºF - ID#26167


after four hours in the car, im ready for a partay, like its AMERICA 2005.

all you need is some cash, a hot chick and an suv. and if you don't have that. just bring your own beer ok?

(in my case, i will have the sangria) and a sparkle bag. yay!
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07/28/05 05:01 - 75ºF - ID#26166

hodown and doll heads

(e:hodown) had arrived, and she makes everything just a little more fun and crazy. (e:paul) gets so excited in her presence. last night he was compelled to take my dummy head and make it talk, sending (e:hodown) into hysterics, and me nearly crashing the car. guess you had to be there...

tonight they will all go to the square and i will head off to another boring night of school. anyone want to be a model @4? i will give you an amazing free cut! i doubt anyone will want to drive out to w.seneca anyway. the suburbs are so awful.

weekend soon...yay!
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Category: renting

07/25/05 01:07 - 76ºF - ID#26165

a place to call home

yes. its finally here. a home of my own. mine, mine, mine , mine, mine, mine. i'm not sharing.

it's really cute. i'll get pics up when it's up to par.

now i just need lots of money for furniture and decor and kitchen stuff and a laptop and wirless internet...

at least im getting basic cable next tues. gotta get in your daily dose of seinfeld reruns.

housewarming party at the end of the month. yay.

sister arrives, t-2 days.

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07/21/05 07:29 - 75ºF - ID#26164

not happy right now

my new place smells like cat pee. i hate cats. the next cat i see is going to be shot with a beebee gun. in the head.

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07/16/05 09:25 - 79ºF - ID#26163


that journal entry made me so sad. mostly because i think about moving a lot, and what it would be like. leaving others cities, doesn't seem like it would be the same. buffalo had a way of pulling you in, you feel like part of the woodwork.

i understand its hard for you to post now, but ill miss your writing, and your way of thinking. you always get me thinking about other things and ideas. things other than me.

i really do wish you the best of luck. i hope you find everything you are looking for. especially love! san fran seems like a great place to do that.

as i end this entry, i wonder, will we all be in a new place, in a new life, a few years down the road? will (e:strip) styill be (e:strip)?

i think so. once a buffalonian. always a buffalonian.:)
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07/23/05 02:35 - 79ºF - ID#26162

the heat IS making us nutso

(e:springfaerie), yes, im a little kooky from all of the heat and humidity. its sticky and hot and just uncomfortable.

i think at least today it wont be as hot.

the mom leaves this afternoon to go back to her home in az. ill miss her but i wont miss the nagging. i think shes still upset with me for things i did when i was 18, wtf?

i need to go find some furniture. when you get your own apartment, you can walk around in your underwear.

p.s. why is the bad sibling the one who is loved the most?
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07/14/05 06:40 - 90ºF - ID#26161

debate: where is safe to live?

now everybody; mainly my brother, mother and her friend, are concerned that my new place is not ina safe neighborhood. the place is right on delaware right across the street from kelly's corner.

i think this neighborhood is competely safe. (e:holly) lived there for three years. she never had any issues.

the paranoids are saying that way i dress, the guys from the bar will be talking and watching for me to come home at night and then attack me. im laughing right now.

so tell me, what do all you (e:peeps) think?
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07/14/05 11:53 - 84ºF - ID#26160

apartmenty! jobby?

i have my very own cute little place. now all i need is a job until sep. ahhh.

i have talked with, gone to so many salons, and no one wants me yet. i have to make them want me. seriously. im good. i should strap them down and show them my skills. hmmm.

i love apartments of my very own.

mommy leaves soon. t-2 days. :(
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07/13/05 10:51 - 84ºF - ID#26159

everybody's changing

and i don't feel the same.-keen

kinda how i feel. im just a little nervous. found a new place. have to get a new job. working in a salon. im nervous. i guess i just hate the idea of rejection, even though i've dealt with it and we all have countless times. i think, why can't someone seek me out and offer me a job at a great salon? that is not going to happen. somehow i hope it will.

i need to get over this. i need to face the fact that nobody is going to walk me through life, except me. nobody. you just can't depend on people to be there.

i keep thinking, man, this would all be a lot easier with nicole and tina around, and of course, (e:hodown). the big sis always tells it like it is.

i have no girlfriends here. jess is out of town, or always with doggie. nicole is always on some big epic adventure, and tina, well, ladt year was a bad year for us. we will see eachother more this year.

well, good day peeps. stay cool.

p.s. i did my mothers hair last night. amazing.:)
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07/12/05 10:18 - 81ºF - ID#26158

my mother is on something

something that makes her unable to sit still for more than two minutes. this woman is nutso. i am stuck where she is staying, while she is here, for the day, because i had to take my car in and she going off to meet some friends. hmmmm. a day spent in someone else's house waiting for my mother to come back from playing with her friends. i wonder how many paper airplanes i could make today. probably a ton, literally.

so, im hoping that the apartment i am sending my mother off to see while i'm at school today will be the one. im really at the brink of sanity.

im hungry, need breppast.

p.s. my street is covered with pollen. so if you are allergic, steer clear of ashland b/t bird and potomac.
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