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Category: fast food

02/26/09 10:47 - 37ºF - ID#47892


If you enjoy fast food, particularly the delicious meat, you may not want to read this journal.

I just finished watching Fast Food Nation. Do not watch this movie meat lovers! You will be disgusted beyond belief....

I like my steak very rare and juicy, but I guess now I could saw I like it rare and juicy with a side of feces...

The Momma Ho is coming back onto town tonight and she's gonna makes steak for dinner and for the first time in my life, I am going to say no thank you.

If you are a veggie go ahead and watch the movie, you might really enjoy the scenes of the kill floor where the cows are being skinned and dissected. Skinned cow-head with eyeballs intact anyone? How about some cow kidney? This is the movie to watch!

I am so disturbed... good movie, but so so gross. Makes me think about what I'm putting in my body....

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02/24/09 05:34 - 22ºF - ID#47878


they found 500 lbs of weed on fabolous's tour bus!!!!!!! 500!!??!!

i was just at his party last weekend, and i noticed a bunch of green lying around, but i didn't think it was part of collection of 500 lbs!

anyway, i know celebs get away with a lot, but i just don't see how he'll be able to rationalize this!

i am now going to continue my day as a law abiding citizen! ;)
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02/23/09 05:00 - 22ºF - ID#47870

math and science might kill me

seriously give me english lit, art history, fine art, or theory any day and i can make myself look somewhat intelligent.

the combination of math and science puts me in a sub-standard level of intelligence, and i cry a little on the inside.


i'm hiding out.
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02/20/09 12:03 - 20ºF - ID#47824

a bit concerned

im beginning to think no one will hire me as a teacher because i am present on the web. lucky for me all of my shining moments have been captured by my tech friendly friends and i fear when prospective employers google me, it won't be pretty.

the stuff you find isn't so bad, however, one pic of me leads to a link in (e:pauls) journal and right there, bam, he's naked full frontal.

i expressed this concern to (e:paul) and (e:hodown) who gave me really solid advice: be an exotic dancer instead. thanks guys, you always come through with great solutions to any sort of issue or problem i have.

now, let's all pray for a miracle or two: my stuff magically disappears from google, and buffalo magically heats up to at least 50 in the next three weeks, plsnthxgdbai.

ps. looooooove the lady gaga! i wish i could walk around in leotards and never wear pants.... wait that sounds wrong. but i do love her insane style!!!

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02/18/09 11:49 - 32ºF - ID#47797

scary moment 2009

yesterday i was on the freeway and here was a bee on my car. i've never been stung and i feel like maybe i might be allergic, and i nearly killed myself and other people. it was basically one of the scariest moments of my life.

to (e:mike): when i was little, i was in toronto with my childhood bff and we were in chinatown for chinese new year and this nice old man gave us some candy bars. i was so happy and immediately started eating mine, and halfway through i looked down and there were worms crawling all over it. i showed my friend, but she didn't really care, and then i just threw it out and didn't say anything. when i think of that, i am still horrified. so, i know exactly how you feel, it's life changing because you will never look at fruit the same way again; the same way i don't look at chocolate bars with lust. it's more when i think of chocolate bars i think of worms and puke and gagging.

t minus 24 days until my buffalo arrival.

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Category: the cuteness

02/12/09 01:01 - 51ºF - ID#47725

cell phone bed

(e:hodown) bought me this a long time ago.... i don't know what i did with it, and i want another one. sooooooooo cute! and the slippers you use to clean your phone!


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Category: grey gardens

02/12/09 12:14 - 51ºF - ID#47724

this is my life

my mother just spray tanned me in her shower. i was basically nude. then i ran around to try an dry it faster; i am insane.

but at least i will have a hot spray(non-cancer) tan for my hot outfit saturday night!

i know what you're thinking, well, no i really don't, but i have been working so hard the past month and it's a sea of 14-16 hr days and this party is gonna be sooooo much fun.

oh the stories i will have to tell the grandkids one day!!!


and it'd better warm up because it's been in the 50's all week, and i can't take it anymore.

i think the math test went well....
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Category: school

02/09/09 11:46 - 33ºF - ID#47689

im praying for a miracle

my math tutor just cancelled on me because her fiance and son are sick... or did she party too hard???

i am currently in a state of panic because i will fail this exam tomorrow without some serious help. eeeeeek.

she says she can help me tomorrow before the exam, but that is not enough.

i have already called a friend begging for help... i will do pretty much anything, i just need to get at least a c on this exam. screw a's, i just want a c.

NOT a good way to start the week. stressed about things like math....

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :(

i am now going to say a prayer.
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Category: recession

02/05/09 10:55 - 1ºF - ID#47649

begging works

the kind of begging i speak of is the more grown up positive kind. i think i convinced my boss to give me a f/t job.

also, she doesn't have an issue with me taking a week off in march, so blo is awwwwnnnn!

i suppose having faith does work, and also keeping a positive attitude.

i can't wait to see that baby girl and give her snuggles and kisses!!!!!!!!!

since i will no longer be working with the kiddie, i will be long overdue and in need of hugs and love from a little monster cutie.
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Category: recession

02/04/09 11:39 - 15ºF - ID#47632

the good the bad, and the faith

i am really to put on happy face, but it's hard, because this week has thus far been just full of bad news.

so, i am going to make a list of the good and the bad to put things into perspective. the rest, i will just put my faith into, and really hope that things work out.


  • guy i work with is the sweetest man ever and bought me some creamy vanilla starbucks things.

  • i have a place to live.

  • i have family and friends that love me.

  • i have a new baby niece.

  • i have a decent car that is almost paid off.

  • i have many many cute shoes and clothes and makeup galore.

  • i have the sunshine.

  • my health.

  • i have rockband, which is a major plus.


  • i have no job.

  • i hate the recession and the consistent flow of bad news.

  • i am canceling my trip to blo until further notice, and i already purchased the ticket.

  • i am going to beg my boss to give me more hours.

so, the good outweighs the bad, and i am going to force myself to smile. and also, have some faith.
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