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06/25/09 02:14 - 84ºF - ID#49079

summer atangle

everything is so verdant, i couldn't find dry grass for the beesmoke. it is an amazing but in-your-face kind of beauty i'm experiencing, there is so much silence and ennui and repetition, yet a demanding whisper persists: "BE GRATEFUL!" and i am.... there is so much honey to be had, baby food plants inhabit the earth, flowers cling to other flowers and use them to launch themselves, spiralling, upward. in this world it is lack of imagination to be bored, yet it is there, staring at me with a green leafy, gorgeous face. there is no time, there is time aplenty. there is so much to do, i don't know what to do with myself.
how completely odd is it that i entertain snippets of daydreams of fall, that old schoollearned acceleration, the feeling of possibility again. this is how one wishes one's life away....
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05/02/09 10:12 - 52ºF - ID#48577

Ode to the Husky across the Street

you want to pull shit and run

instead they have you chained and shaved,
tied to a tree your ancestors would have loathed,

i felt a little better for you
southern tier drifts still not alaskan temps
you could have pulled my babies clear across this town

springtime now, my daughter points
"dog!" "gahg!" ---sounds like words
reminding you & me of what we are
a name for the hours, moons
& our essential boredom, etc.

nights you lay and dream of elk
bloody muzzle, not the alpha, OK
but learning again
doing again
the change coming by degrees

inside your owners drink and smoke
and come and go
coddling that piece of shit weiner dog

i'd feed to you if given the chance.
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02/03/09 08:13 - 23ºF - ID#47625


HERE! in chautauqua county, in lil ol cassadaga. it's a shameless plug for big city biz, but hey..... i've abstained for as long as i could....

ok, ok, WHAT is a meat bonanza? at our special grocery store, it is a quarterly event in which carts are loaded with freshly cut meats at obscenely low prices. it is amusing to see folks check out with five bags of huge rectangles full o meat and six boxes of ziplock. it is beyond amusing, into the realm of extremely pleasurable, to open up your freezer and have dinner A-ok all set-a rooney, for about 6 weeks, on what you'd spend once at weggies.

our meat completely kicks the rear of any meat i've ever gotten at weggies, btw. ain't nothin like country meat.

soooo, if you feel like driving a long long way.... y'know. for meat.


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11/12/08 01:06 - 46ºF - ID#46657


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10/13/08 08:57 - 56ºF - ID#46080

monday morning empties

are COMPLETELY different now.


not that we burn through THAT much milk in a weekend, but sheesh...

i had the VERy most disturbing dream, that i was getting ready to teach and was reviewing and going over my lesson plan out of view of the students, and then when i got into the classroom all the kids were getting gassed, and some were wandering around in blank eyed confusion, and there was just mayhem. i crawled for the windows and breathed through my shirt, rather than trying to help anyone.

the most fucked up thing about it, was the lesson plan had the same first name, for some reason, as my daughter. and in the dream that was also the name of the gas.

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