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news flash! parenting totally kicking my


wednesday mornings, seemingly all the moms in town CONVERGE upon the playground and there's just a diaperload full of kids. great! and i ought not to talk turkey, this being such a small town and all, and all these moms being so very nice..... just the thing that bugs me is they all make it look so EASY. for example, at least when they arrive, their children are free of gunk on their faces and hands, or in their baby hair, and have non-rumpled looking clothing on. or at least CLOTHES on. they do not say "ma? ma? Ma? ma? ma?" until their mother wants to shake them (although this just started with my son, it sets my teeth on edge like nothing else). the moms pull a virtual organic mini mart out of their strollers or what have you, and my son is (thankfully) included, otherwise he might just stand there with his mouth wide open and cheep. loudly.
and the moms, while monitoring 100% for signs of non-sharing, pushing, falling off any playground equipment, and staying put---even for more than 1 kid! have nice conversations, with little interruption, and also they have nice flat bellies as little as 2 (TWO) darn months after having a baby, while here i am jogging my baby weight off 11 big ones later. who ARE these moms? how did their legs get so shaven, their hair so coiffed? surely they didn't go to the salon before the playground, cuz that's the only place MY hair gets done......

hm. maybe the convos about the hard stuff ARE going on, and i don't catch them because i'm simultaneously removing sand from the baby's mouth with my shirt and putting the boy's shoes on for the 80th time, while visions of the non-organic snacks i managed to toss into the stroller dance in my head.
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I like that you still have the shirt at least (e:mike).

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