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02/16/04 06:14 - ID#25909


sometimes paragraphs are just too much trouble so i shall list:

last week:
  • drank a lot of vodka and for me!
  • still didn't get school stuff done, now i am soooo behind
  • finally met the dreadlocked polock(a dream come true)
  • ate a lot of yummy food
  • realized that the constant ringing in my ear needs to stop, does anyone have this? if you do, we should talk
  • plaster=fun. i made these cool little fishie guys, which i didn't nk would turn out, but apparently, plaste i not that hard to do, in fact it is kinda fun
  • made the decision to live in the dorms next sem!
  • made the decision to really start doing well in school
  • decided that i miss my sister way too much, and i shall visit ASAP

this week:
  • not sure how i feel about boys, or dating, or even bothering wit them at all
  • kinda sad, about lots of things
  • really happy that i have an awesome friend here, really happy
  • excited about camping
  • badgers,badgers,badgers, mushrooooooms, snake!
  • being sick and having your head feel like it is going to explode is no fun
  • new haircuts are cool

i guess i have nothing of interest to say, well except for oe very important thing. treats others as you would like to be treated. i sounds very cliche but it will come back around to you. be honest, kind, and generous when you can, you will feel better about you, and other people will be better too. *i didn't rhyme on purpose*

p.s. getting valentine's day cards in the mail, with cd's is so fucking rad.

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02/12/04 02:27 - ID#25908

read my journal!

i want to be the leader of the journal entry, read my journal...gross pictures and all. i must win. why is this a competition. the two greatest things of my week have been my child(vodka) and a new special friend(who i will not name, but they(he) has made my day), and finding nemo. that movie rocks, really it is great.
best quote from the movie:
dori: "i shall call you squishy, and you shall be mine!"
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02/12/04 02:21 - ID#25907

a small village in texas lost its idiot.

check it out, garunteed to make you hate bush even more!

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02/09/04 02:57 - ID#25905

nothing new...

i thought i should update, but i really have nothing new to say. i have been very good at doing nothing these past few weeks; years.
i do need help with something though... i have an interesting new art project, and i thought the site would be a great tool to use. the project deals with the idea of time, and how ideas and thoughts are percieved over time. i hae to correspond wit at least tne people via many forms of communication. the site is perfect for this. first, i must come up with a theme, but when i do, be expecting email from me!
i have been antisocial. sometimes, i think i just need to not be around people, they are distracting. however, i shall return to visit my boys this evening, they are always good for me.
you should should listen to the music on the radio, elmwood radio that is, i kinda like it. have a good day all.
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02/05/04 01:35 - ID#25904

baby with two heads

i just saw this, and i think you should see it too...

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02/07/04 04:45 - ID#25903

i'm not feeling alright today...

ugh. i don't want to move to arizona, but the more i think about it, the less of a choice i have. i have no money, in fact i have negative money, and lots of it. if my mom goes, i have nobody here. this really sucks to think that in about five months, my life here will be non-existent. it seems right now, that there is nothing that i can do. i will worry about it when it comes.
my rich aunt and uncle came today. i drove my aunt and my cousin to the mall, where my aunt proceeded to drop a couple hundred on ugly clothes for my cousin, which i am positive she doesn't even need. and by the way, why does it take 15 minutes to pick out a tee shirt when they are all the same? well, minus the fact that each one has a different idiotic saying on it. the mall should be burned, who wants to help?
my cousin doesn't need clothes. i need 330 to pay my fucking car insurance. i need 100 to pay ub for tuition. i need 250 for books and art supplies.
not only do i drive them, and then find all the right sizes, but i carried in my cousin's bags. what the fuck" they might as well put a stamp on my ass that says "servant".
i am really sick of being used. being taken advantage of. i won't name names, but, you should feel bad, because i am having a shitty life right now.
and my neck still kinda hurts from sleeping on it the wrong way.
list of things and people i hate right now:
brothers specifically, all others are hated by default
my car
my neck
i will stop now.

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02/04/04 09:21 - ID#25902


we gon watch finding nemo times...during all the madness. my granny comes home tonight, i shall be happy to see her. i bought her some flowers, yay for granny. yay for maria, and yay for nemo. oh, and yay for eigthies.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...