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10/31/13 01:38 - ID#58215 pmobl

Being in Buffalo

Is like being in a time warp... I didn't know what day it was until I checked the calendar. It's Thursday.

I am so tired from family daze and gay nights. It's probably one of the best combinations. :)

I think it's time to really amp up my food consumption... I need to taste a list of (e:Paul)'s top ten fave blo dishes... A tasting adventure!

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10/28/13 06:19 - ID#58198 pmobl

Hangover interview

Being the most hungover you've been in months and having an interview is possibly the worst combination in the world. The only good side effect is not feeling at all nervous because I am currently just trying to live through the next hour of my life.

Never again.

Update: They seemed to love me... Keeping my fangas crossed!

Ps. Decided I am going to be Puss in Boots for Halloween!

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10/14/13 11:39 - ID#58143 pmobl

My senior years

My last days are upon me... I'm 30 tomorrow. Time to officially lie about my age, since no one seems to think I could be 29.

Thirty is old as shit to me.... I better get a job offer this week so I can really celebrate.

I had four interviews last week... Lets go job offer! Hos need to werk, twerk, and get on the road to success.

I've been avoiding people because then I don't have to face the reality of 30. I have made the gym and exercise my best friend however. This seems to help relieve stress and the pain and intensity of a good workout gives me a break from the anxiety, woot.

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10/10/13 06:44 - ID#58126

never make the same mistake twice

not sure if this is possible...

however, interviewing and searching for a job has made me take a detailed look at who I am and what I have done right and wrong.

i was such an idiot in my early 20s, and i messed up my credit. these mistakes prevented me from receiving a kind of sweet job offer. so, after doing my research and having interviewed for several jobs in the past few weeks... I am a pro. I look up what the company policies are on credit checks, and I put it out there before it shows up and makes it look like I am hiding something.

I pay all my bills on time now, and have even started to settle old debts. I will not be making those foolish mistakes again. I nailed an interview yesterday for what could be a great job with huge amounts of upward mobility. I just decided to call HR today and speak with the woman who I interviewed with. It turns out they don't do credit checks and I am in the clear for my interview tomorrow! I am really proud of myself for being proactive and honest about the situation, if anything it makes me look like a straightforward and humble person.

In the past I would have let this get me down, but I am determined to be successful in life. The hard part of being successful is really trying to not make the same mistake twice... I'm getting better a this one.

Cheers to a job offer soonsies! :)
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10/04/13 11:44 - ID#58112 pmobl


Sometimes you get less of what you want... It just means you have to believe in yourself more. :)

And show a lil shoulda...


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