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05/27/13 04:01 - ID#57717

missing the crew

(e:hodown) and zooey left yesterday... im so sad. hoping some time with friends can cure that.

zooey is just the sweetest most loving little girl... so smart for her age too. she can already spell a few words and has one to one correspondence down so she can add numbers. i should bring some educational games to blo for her when i come in july.

trying to find any sort of vacation rental in blo... and it appears everything is already booked or far away from the city. might be camping out on linwood.... plus i feel like i need a car too and this gives me stress because i hate spending money and i've spent too much this past month.

i work 6 days this week, which is good because i won't have time to spend. a month until the course closes and i need to figure out what i'm doing next. anyone know anything about teaching english abroad? it appears you have to pay to take a course... i ain't paying for shiz. if that's the case, i shall just continue with my previous plan of being a trainer or working for an educational company, book publisher, etc.

you know what the worst feeling in the world is? it's when you loan someone money not realizing they are a basic and they will never pay you back. another weird feeling is when you get a late night text from a random and they will not reveal their identity.... so was it someone i used to know? sometimes, i guess you gotta just let it go. ima keep in 100 on my end though.

i do routine sweeps on my phone and basically everyone i never speak to or now dislike gets deleted.... this is good and bad because then i have no clue who is texting me half the time. i also never save new numbers so when i look through my messages it is all these random numbers and then i have to read the texts to figure out who is who. i just feel like unless you are family, close friend, or important work contact, you don't really need to be in there. mmmk?

maybe if i go do some squats and pushups i'll release the negative energy of these loserish people and i can continue my day in a positive way. :)

or maybe i will cut all my jeans into cut off shorts because thats all i wear now. and cut oversize tees into crop tops. trailer trash chic??? can i wear that to the wedding with heels?
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05/12/13 10:30 - ID#57662 pmobl

Knowing who to trust

They need to make a body scanner for this shit. And it should read, "asshole, ok, iffy, trustworthy".

So... Since this is completely not possible and people do things with weird motivations and self interests... I will take it upon myself to let people know exactly how I feel and what my boundaries are.

I am feeling I can't trust someone... So I am going to just say why I feel this way, what I need to feel comfortable, and hear what the other person has to say. This is emotionally mature right?

Although I still appear to be in my young 20's, and love to have fun.... It just isn't fun for me to sit around and wonder what's up in any sort of human relationship. Now, I can or expect the other person to be honest or appreciate this kind of communication... But I feel like the good eggs will. ;)

It's never bad to be a nice person... But some people mistake niceness for weakness and that ain't me heaux!!!!!!

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05/12/13 09:56 - ID#57654 pmobl

Mutha's Day

I got one heck of a mutha... She's pretty much my fav other than Zooey. I'd do anything for this lady... She's always there for me and she's just such an inspiring, motivated, fun person to be around!!!!!

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05/11/13 10:04 - ID#57652 pmobl

The end of an era

The golf course is closing for three months starting in July. I will officially need to figure out what I'm doing now. By then I'll have a decent amount saved.... I could travel. I don't really want to travel alone though. I could just keep it and continue to work and save... it should be interesting to see where I end up.

Life is such a strange cycle. You meet people and think they will be in your life forever, and then they are gone as quickly as they came. Some people stick around longer than planned... And the ones you want to see more go away or disappear. My wish is to have the people I love around me more this whole next year. That's what makes me happy... That and having a job I enjoy... And girly things of course.

I kind of feel like I am about to embark on some sort of crazy adventure. Maybe I should go teach English abroad? Maybe I should move to California?

I'm so excited for this summer... I get to spend lots of time with my family members who I miss so much... And some that I haven't seen in years. My sis is coming here with the princess Zooey, then my cousin is coming to visit, and then I'm going to Cali, and of course Blo for the wedding of the century.

I feel like life hasn't been this good in a long time. I'm grateful! :)

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05/02/13 12:41 - ID#57606 pmobl

Nails and babies

Apparently I know a lot about both babies and nails....

These are two of y fav thingz... Duh.

My nail tech today was really worried about her baby falling off the bed and then having an ear infraction. She was upset because her baby had been crying a lot... I reassured her that she should be worried if get baby wasn't crying. Every baby bumps thee head once or twice... And most babies cry when they have ear infections because they are painful! The poor woman is a first time mom... She was so surprised how much I knew about babies and I told her I went to school to be a teacher and was a caregiver for several years.

She did a bomb job on my nailz... So happy.

Must drink up this mellow mood and go to bed! 1love

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05/01/13 12:20 - ID#57602 pmobl

Mystery allergy

The hives appeared again... Not as bad as last time though. Luckily it happened on my day off and I kept myself on benedryl for 24 hrs. I woke up today ad I just have a few on my side near my stomach.

I looked up a bunch of info on hives and most of the time people never find the cause. It's unlikely it's a food allergy and I haven't been using any new beauty products. I am just grateful they went away on their own this time and I don't have to get a painful steroid shot.

There's a chance they could be from stress... But I feel like I live a low stress life. I mostly just work and come home early... I don't drink much anymore. Maybe my body is stressed because I don't go out much??!!!

People who don't have allergies are seriously lucky. I am always trying to counteract allergies from pollen, dust, animals... And random things.

I suppose I should attempt to go out and do something today since I slept through most of the past 36 hours and I work the next four days.

Maybe I'll splurge on a manicure... My fav thing!

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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...