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07/31/13 04:36 - ID#57955 pmobl

I need to get a job

Like now. I feel uncomfortable now that vacation is over. Too
Much free time can make the mind a scary place. Plus I'm creeping way too much... I should have been a detective. Can I say stalking is my hobby? Yea, I can. I'm stalking you... In the most polite way.

Mission: Move to Cali.

I will start tomorrow.

In San Fran solo... Random took my photo. Me with my uncle's Tesla... Pretty awesome ride. He likely has more in common with the car than me. Seriously... He is confused and upset by my girly-ness. I am confused and upset by his vegetarian ism and weird rich person high tech uppity- ness.

It's 2 am and I'm blogging about random crap. See? Must start working tons of hours and not have time to worry about how much extended family members like me. Zooey still loves me and that's what matters the most.

There are fruit flies in my house and they fly around me all the time and I swear I feel like a farm animal or something. It's a very disturbing feeling and its affecting my mental state.

I want to just play dress up all day and be a style blogger and get paid for it... I have a few cute new items and maybe if I decide to wear anything other than ts and shorts and leave the house I'll post.

I thought I couldn't stand my mom until I spent a week with someone else's mom and they annoyed me so much that I yearned for my mother's nagging.

And I still hate cats... And everyone has them. I will also never date or trust a man with a cat.

Ok... Gonna go back to reading the Cuba diaries because reading about people with nothing makes me feel very rich and well fed.



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07/26/13 06:34 - ID#57936 pmobl

San Francisco

All the people there last night looked homeless... Like homeless chic... I don't understand.

I lost a hearing aid last night... RIP... At least I still have one. I hope whatever job I get has good health insurance because I will be marching myself back to the audiologist and getting new ones which I probably need anyway. I'm just so deaf...

I accidentally like a photo on Instagram of my cousins friend or something.... I feel like such a creep. Corrections, I am such a creep. This is why I dislike social networking and technology... Too much public sharing and creeping. I will just creep on people stuff all day long. Awkward.

San Francisco is the most expensive city to live in apparently but I don't get it... Maybe I was just in the homeless section and I need to see more because I'm convinced its a city of well to do hobos.

This place must be bad luck... I cracked my phone screen and lost a hearing aid in the course of two days. I feel like a major loser and I need to regroup.

On the upside... The weather in San Jose is so nice and sunny and mild.

My friend took this photo at Chinatown Summer nights in LA last week... It's cute minus the fact that I seem to be missing a knee...

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07/24/13 08:54 - ID#57933 pmobl

West coastness

I'm on the plane from phx to San Jose.... I was in LA the past 5 days. I think Cali might be my place. I'm gonna start looking for a job in LA when I get back home.

Phx is so hot I feel like I am just melting all the time. Plus I realized I really have no fiends there and I am either needing too be far away or out the country.

I seriously loved how nice the weather is in LA and how laid back people there seem. I'm so into the casual summer all the time look.

I'll really really miss my mama but she mostly in LA during the week and tickets are super cheap to AZ.

July has been my best month this year... Maybe in the past year. Cali got me feelin them good vibes ya'll!!!!!!!

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07/15/13 12:31 - ID#57907 pmobl

Conveyor belt sushi

My first time at a conveyor belt sushi place.... I believe it was called Teharu.....

So amazing.... I never used to like sushi much, but lately it is my obsession. This place doesn't have te best sushi I've ever had but the prices were awesome and Iove being able to pick things as they came along.

It ended up being $25 for my friend and I, plus we had beer and saki. We are a ton... Tuna sashimi, tuna and shrimp nigiri, spicy crab rolls, spicy tuna rolls, Las Vegas roll, seaweed salad, octopus... And a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

I probably won't hang out with this friend again because they never have money and assumed I would be paying. I'm so tired of people pulling this crap on me... I'm not even working right now and I seem to have more money than a lot of people I know. I refuse to take any more money out of my savings and will probably just stop eating out after my San Fran trip altogether.

Here's a few pics... My phone died so I didn't get many. :(



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07/13/13 01:49 - ID#57897 pmobl

I hate scorpions

I'm so scared of those nasty little beasts... They keep popping up all around the house. Just found one in the garage next to my bare foot and I nearly screamed from shear terror.

I took that mofo ad swept it right outa there and then used the broom to smash it into some rocks in the front yard.

I'm going to start taking photos... I want evidence of my bravery from now on.

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