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11/29/04 06:04 - ID#26072


and still no sign of sleep. haven't really slept in a long time, but i just can't .

i want to wake up and feel ok. understand what is going. have something about this all make sense. have my memory erased and feel ok. take back everything these last 8 months and regain my sense of self.

the least i deserve is the truth, not some petty excuse or accusation. but im not going to search anymore for something that wants to remain untold.

i shall just remain so sad until it slowly fades; think about going home; and make myself a priority.

its just so strange that the person i knew so well, turns out to be, no one at all... and somehow it can only make me sad. no anger, just tears, because im trying to fall out of love.
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11/28/04 04:18 - ID#26071


happy breakup day. i hope everyone else feels just as shitty as i do now! :)
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11/27/04 09:30 - ID#26070

all that stuff

i read a headline in the news today. apparently, people were waiting at target at 345 am, to get the early bird specials yesterday. what is wrong with people?

stuuf or sleep? I'll take sleep anyday. i bet they don't need any of that anyways. this nation's obsession with possessions has gotten totally out of control. we are too busy and or lazy to ignore pointless material possessions and pay attention to what really matters; human interaction.

peupty pooty pants :(


down with the mall.

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11/26/04 08:05 - ID#26069

neverending weekend

bad picture, but i got a haircut. ill have matt take a better one tomorrow, or wait for tina to get back and take one. wheres my laundry buddy? i needs her to come back. oh well.

this whole weekend things needs to end. i want to go back to school. ;)

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11/24/04 11:28 - ID#26068

home again home again, jiggity jig

so, all my hs friends are home for the weekend, and im feeling like i don't even want to see them. i don't really want to do/see much of anyone, with the exception of about five people. the boys, tk, tina, nick, school people, and thats about it.

i think i have just totally distanced myself from my kenmore life. its too hard to think about being home, especially at times like this, when i live no where near my family, and
know i can't go home this weekend.

im sad. somehow avoiding things that i used to assocaite with home makes me feel better. ie, all my still packed things from my old room, old friends, kenmore, and such.

i hate the feeling of longer for a place that no longer exsists. i do however love estrip headquarters and the fact that it feel homey to me always.

this weekend: art project craziness.
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11/22/04 05:48 - ID#26067

hey hodown

i know the feeling. the past two nights my sleep has been interupted by less than cordial roommates.

lets go back to sat night: sleeping was going all right after working a long hard day. nick was over. five am comes. bam. loud drunk roommates outside of my door talking about bread bowls. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

sun night: excellent sleeping which is much needed to cure my sinus illness. 330 am. smoke alarms going crazy. open my eyes and nose to see and smell room filled with smoke. i begin to plan fire escape plan. i will just jump out the second story window into bushes and hope to only break oone body part. i head to the potty to tinkle. this fiasco has my bladder in a tizzy, and then head downstairs to see multiple high people eating some kind of snack food and begin to question what happened. idiot roommate(i.., typical male college idiot, sorry boys) dosent realize he should turn the damn oven off when the house starts to smell like charbroiled something. didn't fall back alseep til 5am due to the nasty smell. turns out it was a pizza roll, turned mini charcoal brick.

oh the joys of being this lovely college age, living with filthy, rude coeds. ;)

ps drove all the way to school today to find out there is none. sewage problem, ewww.
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11/21/04 08:41 - ID#26066


my aunt wants to know what size underpants i wear. ? my faimly is strange.
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11/21/04 08:41 - ID#26065

church of capitalism

I Officially HATE THE MALL. there's no angry face, otherwise i would show it now.
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11/19/04 07:38 - ID#26064

can you feel the love tonight?

well, i can't. well, i couldn't. what ever happened to my f*&^%$# family? i feel like i have none. well, realy i don't. oh well. i guess its time to bite the bullet and grow up. growing up is the saddest part of my life thus far.

in other more uplifting news, i have a job interview on tues morning. to work with kiddies. i love the kiddies. better than selling lotion to suburbian housewives...gasp.
this job would mean full time regular hours, and an escape from lotion land, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

my life right now, is completely opposite from what is was last year at this time. now, its a lot harder. i have to do stuff on my own. its hard. but i guess i know i can do it. life aint always fun kids, especially when you can't even remember the last time you bought a new tube of lipgloss, or anything besides food or gas.

i want to work with the kiddies...
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11/16/04 09:13 - ID#26063

people are so strange

paul wants to throw everything away

terry wants to keep everything

i really don't care.

but i did do their dishes today, those bitches can't clean up after themselves. the shame.

paul also wants to have an online sort of survivor show, but with maids, who will clean his house. oh boy

apparently my sister has a "house cleaner" as paul calls it. he wants one, so do i. matt says they steal stuff, all of them. hehehe....
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mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...