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08/22/12 03:55 - ID#56700

the irony

i keep getting all of these emails about amazing scholarship and paid internship offers and it's my last semester.

is this a cruel joke to tempt me to add on a minor and stay through spring?

this is funny...

false, i detect no humor and i will grad this semester.
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08/19/12 11:44 - ID#56694

i am ridiculous

for some reason i can never remember how to spell ridiculous... my entire life(or maybe since i have been able to spell 4 syllable words) i have always wanted to spell it:


well, if oprah's word: "aha moment" and "sexting" are now in webster's, perhaps i can suggest reform.

anyway, the point of all this is to say that i have had this sweet hard drive since february or march of 2011 and i am just now backin it up. oh yea... and it feels really good.

that thing had been in the box for so long... feeling lonely and unwanted. i cannot have the meltdown i did a few years ago... i am still so upset that i lost all my info and the photos from so many important parts of my life.

the box has traveled around the house and many people have wanted to buy it from me, and at one point my mother thought it was a gift from my sister.

i think i have various other items i have purchased and never or barely use.... mini laptop, shoes i never wore, dresses, etc. this is a bad habit and will end now.

sorry people, i have claimed it and it's currently doing it's magic.

the hard drive installation combined with a load of laundry has been emotionally and physically taxing and i must get pizza and a movie to recover.

need shade and a vaca...

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07/29/12 03:11 - ID#56645


is it ok for someone's boyfriend to not even give them a gift on their birthday? i'm gonna go ahead and say no....

have you ever attempted to text someone and they don't have that number anymore... this is pretty much the ultimate rejection. clearly, they did not want you to know the new number.

do you have friends that consistently show up with no food/drinks, or never have any food/drinks when you go to their place?

do you feel like you are always buying drinks/food, and playing hostess with no end in sight?

i really never want to be in any of these categories of people... but it's hard to find relationships that are give/take. i feel like i am the giver... and now i just want to be the taker... but that isn't right either.

life should be more simple... barter system?

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07/27/12 12:13 - ID#56642

groove is in the heart

i wouldn't ask for another...

who sings that song? they don't make music like that anymore... or maybe they do.

i miss the old (e:strip) days.

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05/26/12 10:59 - ID#56489 pmobl


Lol.... Miss you blo. :)

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05/13/12 12:06 - ID#56451

it's muthas day

the best video ever, (e:hodown) turned me on to this guy.... i think every mother and child can relate to some part of this video....
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05/12/12 12:39 - ID#56448 pmobl

Allergies and Zooey

I never had such bad allergies when I lived in Buffalo. I think it's because it is so dry here so the pollen and dust floats in the air constantly. Plus we have two rain seasons so it's pretty lush for a desert.

So happy it's summer! This last semester was horrific and ended we me being humiliated by my clinical instructor in front of all of my classmates.

Can't wait to see (e:hodown) in June!!! Spa time here we go! I'm so hello that she is having fun with (e:Paul) and (e:terry) right now.

Is this site kid friendly?? How could would it be of there was an (e:Zooey) blog? I wonder what she would blog about....

It's going to be as hot as 108 here this week. I like warm but this is super extreme... I have an arsenal of high SPF sunscreen because I fear skin cancer and wrinkles. Maybe I should move back to NY for the sake of youth.

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05/04/12 11:22 - ID#56426 pmobl

Long December

Wow I can't wait for December... I feel like I am waiting for my life to start. The one I actually want to be living...

One semester left and then I am free... I can't wait to leave it all behind and begin a new adventure.

There is nothing more freeing than just letting go. I just hope I will find what I'm looking for.

I do highly doubt that Phoenix has that, 5 years was a good enough attempt in this city...

It's going to be an amazing summer, I already have so many fun things planned!!!!

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Category: mobl

04/08/12 03:46 - ID#56332 pmobl

Princess ri

I love her... Not necessarily the best role model but I just love her look she's daring....Old pic but I love this look so much...

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04/06/12 12:51 - ID#56326 pmobl

Good Friday

So happy to have this day off.... Considering the joys of doing nothing.

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