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10/22/10 05:34 - 48.ºF - ID#52998


i shall be arriving next friday am!!!!

super excited, it's crazy how much i miss my brother and niece and my dearest friends..

had an amazing bday in vegas, and came back to a work 80hr work week. switched positions, got another raise, and quit an extra job.

i'm moving out of the nest soon. it's time.

things are good, just moving a million miles and hour, and i'm trying to slow it all down.

bought the most amazing eyeshadows in vegas... and if that new file drop would work i could show you a photo.

ps. (e:hodown) forgot my bday for the second year in a row. i know her heart is broken, but this is selfish still. i'm not going to start some huge argument, mostly i'm just hurt.

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10/04/10 09:35 - 46.ºF - ID#52901


i have pink eye????

third trip to the doc in as many weeks. what the heck is going onnnnn????

i am not allowed to go back to work until it is cleared up. gahhhhhh.

starting to feel much better from last week. i think me mono might be gone soon. i will probably just be more tired that usual for a while.

pink eyes be gone!
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10/02/10 04:45 - 52.ºF - ID#52881

my mono-log

still feel like crap. going back to working 11 hr days is too much. i'm not sure what to do...

now i woke up today and my right eye is all red. not utchy, just completely red and i look crazy.

i'm so tired, and my legs hurt and i feel weak, and all i want to do is sleep.

i think i might have to tell my boss or something about this next week, because i'm not sure i can work the full 50 hrs next week, plus another 10 at my other job, plus school. i just feel like crying.

i hate mono, and if one more person tells me how "tired" they are, i swear i will scream...

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09/29/10 09:58 - 58.ºF - ID#52858

the mono chronicles

so, no one wants to be around me....

truth is most people have been exposed to mono without even knowing.

has anyone had it, how long does it last???? at this point fever and aches are gone, im just tired....

ant to go to vegas in two weeks.... not sure if i should????? help!!!!
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09/28/10 07:54 - 62.ºF - ID#52849 pmobl

survey says

I have mono and strep. Double whammy.

This sucks. I can't date for a month and I was going to have two dates this week....

Must stay in self-contained bubble of sickness...


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09/25/10 11:16 - 53.ºF - ID#52832

my love

i'm totally obsessed with this baby. she actually makes me want a baby, and i really don't see myself having le child.

a week of baby was total bliss, but now im paranoid i maybe got her sick i'm waiting for labs to come back to see if i have mono. i have been sick for two weeks been on multiple meds and keep getting more sick of different kinds of sick.

i've had a bedtime of 8 or 9 for two plus weeks, this is pathetic. walking up a flight of stairs could send me into cardiac arrest... i mean not really i'm just that sluggish.

anyway, this is my baby love and me wanting to smush her because she's so completely presh.

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09/22/10 02:33 - 69.ºF - ID#52811 pmobl

a Jho.

Saw this license plate yesterday when I was driving home from a lovely lunch with my bro and niece.

We were stopped at a light and my brother says, "a Jho." I was thinking um yea, you are a j. Ho. His first name is Josh.

Then I look at the car in front of me.... So hilar! I want that license plate!!!!

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09/20/10 12:10 - 61.ºF - ID#52789

why cleaners are amazing

didn't have it in me to clean, and the house needed to be spotless for the arrival of my mother brother and niecey.

i hired a cleaning service, and they made stripes in the micro-fiber.

so awesome... rocks my world!

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09/20/10 10:55 - 56.ºF - ID#52786

don't worry...

about a thing...

ok, my nervous breakdown is over. the fam gets here tonight. its pathetic i miss my mom. i need a mom hug and kiss.

i also need a bebe hug and kiss. i can't wait to see that chublet!!!!!!

so, i guess i am feeling better. still tired. but my eyes keep getting more swollen. i refuse to go back to the stupid np i saw last week, because all she did was give me some antibiotics and tell me to take some allergy meds.

ok, allergy meds didn't help the swelling loser. annnnnd my eyes are much more swollen than wednesday when this all started. i look like a freak...

i just need to come home from work and see that baby and none of it matters.
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09/16/10 12:39 - 51.ºF - ID#52752

my eyelid is drooping

I've been sick on and off for about four days. started with severe back pain then a fever and body aches and chills. I've just been really tired. then i thought i was better...

but the fever came back last night and a bit today. still have the horrible back pain.

now my right eyelid is drooping and i have an awful headache.

i really have to see a dr. tomorrow. kind of scared its something serious.
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