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Category: sex

11/15/07 12:20 - 53ºF - ID#42129

dong count

(e:paul,42128) and i had a lovely video chat this evening. we got to talk and how many partners we have each had...

without further ado, the list:

didn't start until college:


11 total. thats way more than i ever planned on... oops! anyway, there are no players in this game right now. maybe twelve will be way better than the last 3, they all sucked...

more on that later!

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11/14/07 11:40 - 57ºF - ID#42113

bring on the happy!

instead of complaining about random crap, lets emphasize the good. so not me, but im trying.

i would like to declare today, official hugs and drugs day! so, get your drugs, and get your hugs, and start a happy fest!

i am not sure what brought this on.

i also had choco cake for breakfast. for the second day in a row. i think i should eat an apple for lunch. and drink lots of coffee to rev my metabolism.

i have decided i am whisking off the europe for a while, to be an au pair. i like kids, i like foreign places(i think), and i love not being able to understand what anyone says. i figure why not.

i need a new residence game plan, i mean, the warmth is good, but its still 90 here, still. i need fallish. scarves! i wear them anyway but people think im weird, i mean i know i am weird but, it needs to cool down.

i am in charge of cooking thanksgiving dinner. i need a game plan for this as well. i will require full control of my "main deck", ie, the kitchen. people better stand back and recognize!

i don't like guns, but i really like this andy warhol screenprint, it is my current deskop. i wonder, do people think, "wow, she wears scarves when it is hot, and she really likes guns... what a freak!"

but maybe i really do like guns, because i am obsessed with that sniper vodka...

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11/12/07 11:28 - 54ºF - ID#42098

im going loco!

PB loco that is.

i was stuck all day with the mom. it was taxing.

you know how babies like shiny things? yea, shes kinda like that. so imagine going to multiple furniture stores, and then the mall with her. she gets all wide-eyed and crazy; grabbing things, buying random crap, and trying to rationalize why we need everything williams-sonoma sells, so we can have a successful thanksgiving.

did i also mention that she gets lost every couple minutes? she never remembers where we came in, which direction to go....

like a chicken with her head cut off. but i love her so.

i do.

anyway, i got this yummy choco banana pb from this place PB loco. mmmmmmmmmm...

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Category: movies

11/12/07 02:03 - 41ºF - ID#42088

laughing so hard it hurts

i just went to see Dan In Real Life, with Steve Carrell. I have never in my life laughed so hard. I actually thought my cousin and I were going to have to leave because our laughter was disruptive.

Such a great ending to a very busy, very taxing, but productive, amd actually enjoyable week. After only four hours of such last night, I am definitely ready for bed, and another hopefully great week!

Anyway, you should go check out the movie if you need a good laugh. The really great thing is that it ok to see with anyone!

Other great people who appear in this film, Juliet Binoche, Dane Cook, John Mahoney. Oh, and Sondre Lerche did the music.... I have only great things to say! Made my week.

A really great laugh can put things into perspective, and so can a really great massage(which I plan to get tomorrow!).

a bientot.
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Category: non-wedding

11/09/07 11:31 - 37ºF - ID#42063

the whole marriage thing

and, to clear it up, when i said i didn't know about marriage; i wan not including the big party and diamonds part!

because, i am all about:

huge parties.


fancy dresses.


i will have a non-wedding. man- optional!
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Category: work

11/09/07 10:34 - 42ºF - ID#42057

most work ever

so, i love my one job, i really do. i love kids. they a;ways have such a interesting take on everything, and its so great to see them do so many things for the first time and watch their minds grow. plus, they are cute and cuddly, and nothing is better than cute and cuddly!

but, waking up at 5am is no fun. i stayed at the little girl's house whom i work for, because the father is out of town this week, and she can be handful. anyway, its good money, because part of the time, i am sleeping, but my oh my, this all makes me wonder...

1. When if ever will I want kids? I love them, but it is soooo much work, and you have no life outside of them, if you decide to raise a family.

2. When if ever, will I get married? Actually its not a "when", question, because I don't really care right now. But, at the hospital, everyone married with kids, and all they do is bitch! They have no social lives, and they have to work so hard to pay for what their kids wants, and they aren't happy with their husbands. I think you can be happy, but I honestly think it's a ton of work, and few and far between don't end up getting divorced.

I just think many women sell themselves short and are always desperately looking for a man to complete them. I also think, many people don't feel like a "whole" person without someone else. Maybe more so women, and not directed at any women on this site.

Anyway, it could be my bitterness of not being in love, but I no longer look at couples in love and get jealous. I get jealous of people who own Marc Jacobs, and can afford private jets.

I am jealous of people who have drivers, or just don't have a car and can walk everyone. I want to walk everywhere again.

If the asshole British guy calls me again in the middle of the night an wakes me up, I am going to have some words. But, for now, I will just silence his calls. The waiter called me for a date, but I think maybe not.

But I AM thinking, Blo in January! Then maybe NYC, prob both. Ok so, here's what I need to know, since no one ever calls me back! AHEM! (e:paul), do you guys still want to rent a cabin in Alleghany? And, I hate having to communicate through my blog, but sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures!

I am now going to sleep for two hours before I work a million more hours!

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Category: macbook

10/30/07 02:59 - 47ºF - ID#41880

the new operating system...

who has it, should i get it? is it worth it?

tell me people, tell me!

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10/30/07 02:20 - 47ºF - ID#41879

ive got nothing

to say.

havent blogged in a while, but it could be cause my life is so damn boring these days.




i feel like there will be something good soon. or i can rely on my massage, paycheck, and dinner plans this weekend!
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Category: sexy men

10/28/07 02:24 - 43ºF - ID#41844


[box]we should get married, indeed. we just need to check the prenuptials, then we are all set. i don't consider myself the tragic hero, more likely a picky, independent, being-passionate-about-his-music spoiled only child who hasn't found his match yet. you might call this an awful personality faw. maybe. not. well. anyway.

how do you keep the boys in line? you exude a refreshing sensuality that is quite unique. plus the design. i think you will be good at it.

besides being a happy viola piper, i write (published a book of poetry), drink espresso, love opera, skinnydip in lake zurich in mild summer nights, travel, work in a film club, teach, sing (my everlasting love), dance ballroom, eat fondueduring mid august heat waves, play soccer and read glauser and marquez.

and yes, i need a good cook!
i will serenade you while cooking, though.

what gets you excited in life?[/box]

if he is for real. and i think he is. if not, its what my dreams are made of... i need me some of this man! basically all around what sarah wants/needs in a guy! plus the hotness, but i wont post photos because that makes me more crazy than i already am.

and i wonder, how public is this blog, going to google myself right now...
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Category: books

10/25/07 11:01 - 48ºF - ID#41805


i know, i know, im like three years behind the loop. but, if you are too, and you havent read this, you need too! now!

it blows my mind. and, i of course give credit to (e:hodown), who suggested i use the book the back up my persuasive speech with info from the amazing book.

speech topic: why pro choice is the only choice that makes sense.

and, (e:paul), i am not obsessed with abortion like you might think. ok, maybe a little. but, when i thought about what i am passionate about, this came to mind. i fully believe in the woman's right to choose, and you will too after you read this book.

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