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Fairy Spam

Thanks for the warm welcome!
Sorry you feel the need to already leave unkind remarks.

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Fairy Messages

Hello Western N.Y.

Astara Fairy
Fairy Oracle Card Reader *only loving messages*

Astara Fairy, gifted with being a natural healer and certified theraputic touch practioner as well as being guided by the faery.

Through the loving clairvoyant visuals and healing with Fairy Oracle Card Reading there is no situation that light can not be shined upon to bring about healing. Her readings deeply access the soul and hidden aspects of the subconscious to bring all to light -- to be lovingly held and healed.

During your reading or consultation, you may seek various understandings. For example, you might wish to understand how to deal with a stressful or confusing situation with grace and beauty in order to 'compost' the situation, gleaning the gift of learning and wisdom. Alternatively, you may seek the internal awakening of your soul seed (pure potential), so that you can grow into perfection of self, whatever your personal expansion pattern may be. In that regard, faery are wonderful soul guides, offering safe passage during the decent into the shadow of self. Along this passage, they allow healing and the wondrous beauty of growth, based upon wisdom and deep truth, before lighting the way to the integration of lessons learned.

Spiritual growth flowdreaming guide a mental practice, to help seed the vibration you wish to graft into your life. Fairy Astara specializes also in "intuitive essence painting"

This is the beauty of working within the fairy kingdom -- there is no situation for which there is not a powerful companion from the natural earth to support you; whether in love, in fierceness, in forgiveness, or in openness, and in too many other ways to name. Rest assured, there is always loving assistance awaiting you.

To schedule a Fairy Oracle Card Reading or Theraputic Touch Session. Please email

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