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Category: fool

05/04/07 09:22 - 53ºF - ID#39157


Is it normal to think any guy you talk to for more than two minutes is a romantic prospect? I seem to be on my best behavior and trying hard to be extra witty when confronted with a half decent guy. Then they are typically taken, even the not so great looking ones! Even some guys I'd think, well this guy is too social awkward to have anyone. Pfft. Doesn't it seem like everyone else is an a relationship precisely when you're single? Sometimes I think its just me, but then wonder why certain sleaze bags are drawn like magnets. Ok, so maybe sleaze bags are drawn to anyone and everyone. So yeah, in conclusion, its me.

I'm finally done with classes!!! Have two finals next week and that's that. I start working at the Red Cross on the 14th now instead of this Monday. So another week without a paycheck... I need to cancel HBO or something. They always give the same tiring shit. Hey, do any of you know how to get illegal cable? Someone told me you just snap the filter off and there you go. But most likely its not that easy.

I gave my dog a bath today because when I came in from school, my apartment reeked of dog and I guess I didn't realize because I was basking in it all this time. I'm gonna try to bathe her twice a month. (I almost said "date her"- see where my head is? jeez)

I feel physically and emotionally drained. I need to relax-

hmm, hookah is no fun alone. But I think I'll do some tonight. Orange is my fav flavor.
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Category: school

05/02/07 03:47 - 61ºF - ID#39130


So I went to Walgreen's today to buy a hand held vacuum for the dog hair all over. I hate seeing my old managers and answering questions of why I left without insulting them. How was I supposed to say I got sick of the managers riding their GED high horse and extra $1.25 an hour. Anyway, the vacuum sucks, like its so horrible I feel like returning it. But refuse to return so, guess thats a little cognitive dissonance for ya.

Yay! Just got a call from the Red Cross on Delaware, I start working there next week. Its only part time because I'm talking summer courses, but it beats Walgreen's.

I am taking this Advanced Writing course and the teacher doesn't check any of the work until the end when you have to hand in the final portfolio with all the essays. There are 5 essays, I did the first one and when the class realized he didn't check them and told us to save it, we didn't do any of the rest. Of course, now I am screwed because I have 4 essays to complete by Friday. I work well under pressure, so if I take my time outlining and carefully planning what I will say, I can spew out an essay every 25-40 minutes or so. (They only have to be 2-3 pages). He's an easy grader though, so I hear. One of those "Everyone gets an A for effort" professors. I wish I would have started sooner.

Next week is finals week. I'm not really stressed about it but I just want it all to be done so I can take my couple of weeks off before going back.

I was going to join the Buffalo Athletic Club, I called and asked for prices and they scheduled me for an appointment. I guess thats how expensive they are... too expensive to lose a sale without giving you a sales pitch first. I asked at school though and the gym is open all summer, and I'm already paying for the service so I might as well use the school gym.

I was telling (e:girlon8wheels) earlier how great swimming is for the body. After a week of swimming for about an hour or two, I got more toned than going to the gym for 2 weeks. Also, swimming is good for controlled breathing. So when I started swimming more often, I was able to stay on a treadmill for longer period of time before decreasing the speed, haha. I haven't done much of it lately though, so I hope the school pool will be open this summer. If not, do any of you know of a public or private pool in the area?

Why are all these sitcoms having Thanksgiving episodes around this time?
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Category: adventure

04/30/07 11:56 - 44ºF - ID#39113

Out & About

So today (because I suddenly had nothing to do) I decided to do what (e:joshua,39105) said and enjoy the day. I got Roxy ready and took her to that small grass area on Richmond and North. I was almost to the bank on Main st. when I realized I forgot my ATM. So we walked back. That was my biggest adventure today. But- I took pictures!



These are two of my favorite buildings around here.


Since you guys post pics of your fancy square plates of art or calorie rich burgers, below was my dinner for tonight.
50 calories a tbsp x 2 tbsps a cracker x infinite crackers= 50x2xinfinity=expanding waistline^2


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Category: fool

04/30/07 01:50 - 57ºF - ID#39104

Yet again

After being canceled on four times in the past week, yet again, I am sitting around waiting for this guy I met last weekend. We were supposed to hang out last Sunday, then we were on for Monday, Then I got a "definitely Wednesday night"- and definitely not! The next day (Thursday) we made plans for today around 2pm. I haven't spoken to him since then and now 20 mins to 2, no answer, not online and just- i dunno.

I feel dumb for even expecting him to show up. It's not like he's avoiding me, because he does speak to me pretty often. But who knows. Maybe he forgot, or just doesn't care. Hopefully there won't be another post about me waiting for him. I'm not used to being canceled on (mostly because no one ever makes plans with me) and I hate chasing after someone who seems to have more important things.

Who knows, maybe he''ll show up, we'll go out and have a great time

...and then I wake up.
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Category: dog

04/29/07 09:10 - 48ºF - ID#39095

Roxy and stuff

I moved to the neigborhood in January and after a failed relationship (second one this year), I decided to get a dog. I got Roxy (Originally named Gretched) from the SPCA. She's a two and a total sweetheart. She keeps me company and always sits at my feet. I just adore her. At least now I have an excuse to leave the house for walks. She's pretty playful with other dogs as well. Everyone says to go to Delaware Park to have her socialized with other dogs but it's too far off. She gets tons of attention, which she loves. I'm lucky she came house trained.

Here are some pics! She is Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...