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Category: hair

04/07/13 11:36 - ID#57477

Indian Hair...

....America's best human hair. Who knew?

We went to the falls the other day and stopped at some ghetto fab suprette.

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Category: hair

01/21/13 10:46 - ID#57162

Beard before and after

I shaved my beard short. I actually like it scragley better but it looks so unprofessional. Sometimes I wish I could just grow it out like a fisherman.



I am getting so skinny from not going to the gym. I think its time to start working out again.


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Category: hair

05/27/12 06:11 - ID#56491

The beard

Its so fluffy now but I can't cut it off because I will have a reverse beard, tanless whlte stripe.

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Category: hair

02/29/12 10:56 - ID#56149


She just needed some hilites to bring out her skintone.

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Category: hair

04/05/09 11:43 - ID#48293

The thin stache

I think I have now tried every combo of facial hair. This is the
ugliest one. I don't think it will last very long.
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Category: hair

01/10/09 09:29 - ID#47359

Possessed by the devil

I cut my beard and then tried to take a pic of my new facial hair.
Each pic came out crappy because of low light. The iPhone is pretty
terrible with low light conditions. This one was especially scary
because it only blurred my eyes.
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Category: hair

09/28/08 09:03 - ID#45820

Shaved My Head Again

I tried to give myself a haircut again but just trimming the sides. Unfortunately, that left me with a mullet. So then I tried to cut it shorter in the back too which gave me this really bad guido haircut. Then I trimmed the top to, not bald just short and it looked too military. Then I decided to turn it into a mohawk but when it was done I decided I was too old for that which took me to the next step - buzz cut.

Somehow this happens everytime. It makes showering really convenient.


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Category: hair

05/15/08 10:36 - ID#44356

There's A Skinhead In My House

So (e:terry) was cutting his hair and he asked (e:matthew) to trim the back for him. He meant the back by his neck. (e:matthew) misunderstood that he wanted him to touch up the back and didn't check that (e:terry) had already taken the safety off.


He looks mean when bald and angry.
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Category: hair

03/03/08 06:36 - ID#43543

Whats going on with my hair?

Seriously, my hair is insane. Today i was starting to think my beard might be too long but then at the same time, I want to just keep growing it because I know I won't want to start over and I want to see what it would look like really long.


As I get older I can see how I am going to end up looking a bit lot my nonna.
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Category: hair

05/23/06 11:18 - ID#32622

A new Haircut

I a continuation of documenting every haircut. This time no nudity.

I was sick of getting zits from my hair dripping sweat in my face during gym workouts. I refuse to use shampoo, as I never really have. I also never used deoderant but I suppose anyone who has met me knows that ;)


Anyways so instead of starting to use shampoo, I decided to just cut all my hair of again. Bye, bye hair and bye bye zits.



The old hair cuts
(e:paul,4120) - the big haircut
(e:paul,3745) - the facial shave
(e:paul,2428) - the scandalous mirror pic
(e:paul,2780) - beard cut
(e:paul,3517) - full body shave - the sidekick bugs
(e:paul,1495) - shaved face - wow I look young - I guess it was 2 years ago

(e:paul,893) - the most shaved head ever

At least I didn't let my hair get as out of control as then (e:paul,4226)
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