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Category: world

03/12/12 11:48 - ID#56213

Emo kids stoned to death

When I first read the title in an aggregator I thiught it was some war on drugs propaganda but its worse.

This is why religious people terrify me. I wonder if being emo can get you political assymlum now.

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Category: world

02/06/11 12:20 - ID#53558

What does israel expect?

Israel shocked by Obama's "betrayal" of Mubarak

Political commentators expressed shock at how the United States as well as its major European allies appeared to be ready to dump a staunch strategic ally of three decades, simply to conform to the current ideology of political correctness....

To win popular Arab opinion, Obama was risking America's status as a superpower and reliable ally.

"Throughout Asia, Africa and South America, leaders are now looking at what is going on between Washington and Cairo. Everyone grasps the message: "America's word is worthless ... America has lost it.

I think they should instead be shocked that we ever supported Mubarak and other dictators in the first place. While the U.S. is well known for supporting dictators, it is totally antithetical to our ideals.

What to they want? U.S. military intervention against people protesting for democracy in order to protect a dictator who supported Israel. It doesn't even make any sense. The real reason they are angered is because it is finally showing that Israeli issues are not our primary problem and that we can support the values our government should support - like democracy - over blind support for Israel. I hope this is the first step, in stepping away from Israel altogether.
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Category: world

06/19/10 05:49 - ID#51966

Crazy Russian River

What is this place? I can't imagine how it looks up close.

Update: I guess it is similar to the mississippi.
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Category: world

02/15/09 11:05 - ID#47759

How much cement is there in China?

World cement production

China- Cement production in metric tons    
2001 661,040
2002 725,000
2003 862,080
2004 970,000
2005 1,038,300

USA - Cement production in metric tons
United States, including Puerto Rico
2001 90,450
2002 91,266
2003 94,329
2004 99,015
2005 100,903
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11/17/05 07:14 - ID#32349

Japan and Harajuku

So I was trapped int he car the other day and (e:terry) left the radio on kiss or something like that. Some rapper sand some song in which she mentioned juku girls. I had no idea what this was but forgot about it until tonight when I was reading about a US Japan exachnage program in the UB media studies program that mentioned the same word. I am sure everyone else knows about it but it was new to me. I found this info at wikipedia

It is primarily known as a hangout for teens and contains the department store Laforet, which has many trend-leading brands for young people.

Harajuku became famous in the 1990s due to the large numbers of street performers and wildly dressed teens who gathered there on Sundays when Omotesando was closed to traffic. This area was called "Hoko-ten" or "pedestrian paradise". This was stopped at the end of the 90s and the number of performers, visual kei fans, rockabilly dancers and punks has steadily decreased since.

Quoted from: Harajuku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And these pictures on google




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