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Category: military

11/30/10 06:47 - 53.ºF - ID#53182

Dairy Air

sorry, but gay and military don’t mix, I was in during the gulf and after with some incursions that if I was partnered with a gay individual I would question his/her ability to think rationally and to watch my back instead of my dairy air...

I am totally confused about this point. I think men who love men have infinitely more interest in protecting other men. I guess this guy never heard of Sparta? In one of the other responses from the article, someone quoted another person saying something like, "In battle, I want to be partnered with a gay man who is in love with me, so that when the enemy fires at me, he takes it personally." Unfortunately, when I tried to find the quote itself on google I could not find anything that matched.

My favorite response was this one:

Grow up!
I was in the military, I went to war and got my medals, Oh!, and I am a queer! Most of the guys in the service with me knew it and some liked to f*** with me, but just once. Know how to stop someone from calling you a faggot? Kick his ass, you go from being "that faggot" to "that faggot that kissed his ass" and you would be surprised at all the silence!
—Guest Myqy

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Category: food

11/29/10 10:54 - 39.ºF - ID#53177

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water with Pulp

When in Toronto the other day for Andy C, I stopped at a store that had Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water w/ Pulp. The pulp is in the form of little square chunks of coconut. Honestly, it might have been the tastiest drink I have ever drank. It had a nutty, almost hazelnut flavor and a real refreshing consistency.

Has anyone seen it locally? I ended up ordering it online at Harney and Sons for $24 for a case of 12. It ended up cheaper than at the store. Amazon had it too but it was way more.

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Category: garden

11/29/10 10:15 - 37.ºF - ID#53175 pmobl

The botanical gardens

It was so nice to feel warmth and humidity together.

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Category: vacation

11/28/10 01:53 - 36.ºF - ID#53174

Toronto Weekend - Andy C

I went to Toronto with (e:keitht) and Cindy to see Andy C at the guvernment on Friday. The very best part is that they aanounced there will be a WEMF 2011.





Here are some videos of it I found on youtube. The lights and quadrophonic sound system at the guvernment were awesome. Not quite the light show Circa had last march but the sound and space made up for it.

In the videos you can't tell at all what it sounded like because the whole thing is really based on the room shaking bass.

I also saw that Andy C has a facebook page

Speaking of Circa, I tried looking for info about it but it looks like it must have closed now. I find it so funny that their old site now links to a bed bug removal site.


It was quite an adventure full of extreme sensory input. My ears are still ringing now like 2 days later. We barely slept and then spent Saturday hiking around the freezing city. All in all it was quite a great time.







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Category: childhood

11/26/10 11:24 - 30.ºF - ID#53167

Not sure what this means

I drew this as a child. I like that I included old fashioned egg beaters in there.

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Category: games

11/26/10 11:18 - 30.ºF - ID#53166

Goose Your Neighbor


My family plays this card game called "goose your neighbor." It is not the same as the game "Screw Your Neighbor" and I could not find it on google so I decided to write about it here and bring it to internet.

a. You can have as many people as your want sitting in a circle with three stacks of money e.g. 3 nickels, 3 quarters, 3 dollars, 3 chips, etc. We usually use nickels although, my brother now charges me a dollar for 3 nickels so it is not really any cheaper than using quarters.

b. You use a regular deck of playing card minus the jokers.

c. The dealer shuffles and passes out one face down card to each person in a clockwise fashion starting with the person sitting after the dealer and ending with the dealer.

d. You look at your card and the object is to have the lowest card on the table. The person with the highest card, pays one stack to the pot. In this game the lowest card is a 2 and the highest card is an ace. The cards ascend in normal order 2,3,4,...J,Q,K

e. Starting with the person to the dealer's left, the player determines if they want to keep their card e.g. they think it is low enough. If not they can trade cards with the player to their left.

f. The player to the left has no choice unless have a 7, the neutral blocker card, which makes them immune to passing. If they have a 7 then simply turn it over when the person tries to pass and then the passer is stuck with their card.

g. If the pass is completed and the person whom the card is being passed to passes the player to their right a higher card than the one they receive, they then knock on the table to indicate the situation to the other players.

h. Once the pass/stay action has made it around the table, the dealer turns over their card. They can then either stay or pick one from the top of the pile.

i. Once that is completed, the other players all turn over their cards simultaneously and the one with the highest card has to pay the pot.

j. If their is a tie for highest, both players pay the pot.

k. The next round, the player to the dealer's left is the new dealer.

l. Once a player loses all three of their stacks, they got one free round "on their honor." When they lose that, they are out of the game.

l. The last player remaining gets to keep the pot or split it with their children/grandchildren if they look like they are going to cry ;)

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Category: food

11/25/10 01:08 - 41.ºF - ID#53164

Organic vs non-organic

Generally, I buy organic everything because I like to support organic farmers and I generally don't want to consume hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. I recognize this is cost prohibitive for a lot of people, especially those with larger families. I generally am feeding just one person. Figuring the risk can't be equal for all foods, I decided to look into it a bit.

It seems there is a general consensus that meat, milk, celery, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, peaches are riddled with pesticides and hormones while other foods don't matter as much e.g. pineapple, avacados, onions, etc.

I totally believe this is the case for celery, as just about all organic celery I buy has bugs which makes me thing they must spray the crap out of the regular variety. I am fine with the bugs, I just inspect first and wash them off.

I don't know for sure but I am also guessing that it really doesn't matter with blackberries. I believe this because I had the most the most prolific, luscious blckberries bushes in the yard and I eat the berries all summer without bugs attacking them. It always surprises me because they are so juicy and sweet. I think most of the small bugs have a hard time getting through the coating on the seeds. The only thing that seems to ever get them are large ants and only when the berries are broken.

I swear that some organic food really tastes better. I would say milk is one of those. Then again other ones can sometimes be infested with bugs. has pretty interesting breakdowns of specific foods. I also got the following guide from

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Category: food

11/24/10 11:03 - 32.ºF - ID#53162 pmobl

Longan Fruits

I enjoy then a bunch but they are not half as tasty as litchee fruits. Either that or the ones I got were not so ripe.

The store I got them at smelled so gross and has these fly traps above the fish section. Who puts fly traps in a food store window?


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Category: food

11/24/10 10:58 - 32.ºF - ID#53161 pmobl

The best pumkin seeds ever

This year at the giant pumpkin farm the worker convinced us to buy these smaller pumpkins with what he described a shellless seeds. He wasn't kidding they we so delicious and easy to eat.

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11/24/10 10:55 - 32.ºF - ID#53160 pmobl

Airport Security Check?

Okay not really ;)

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