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Category: hair

07/31/04 08:19 - ID#31111

I shaved my face and fixed the email

Those of you that know me well, know that I tend to shave like three times a year. Well, today was one of them. Unfortunately, I forgot that I have had a beard / moustache for so long that it blocked the sun from tanning my face there. Tomorrow is supposed to by sunny so I hope it will get tan like the rest of my face.


On another note, I finished fixing the email update beta program. If anyone else is interested in receiving journal updates via email, please feel free to contact me!

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07/31/04 02:42 - ID#31110

Check out your site statistics

You can turn them on and off using the # control panel.
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07/31/04 04:44 - ID#31109

Not myspace

Hey jess, welcome here. I hate to tell you but that myspace [inlink]sonargirl,2[/inlink] site freaks me out. It is free as an obvious ploy to get people to give up their personal shopping habits and friends circle in order to sell trageted advertisiments.

Once you sign up for a free account, you give them shopping habit data, by filling in your personal information and mixing it with social network, class data, computer type, location. Then at the bottom of the page, where you can click on advertise, other data-pigs buy that information and then retarget you with the object's they know "you need."

Check out this quote from the privacy policy


From time to time, or a partner, may sponsor a promotion, sweepstake or contest on Users may be asked to provide personal information including name, email address or home address or to answer questions in order to participate. We may transfer personal information to certain ad partners that you have explicitly requested to receive information from. It will be clear at the point of collection who is collecting the personal information and whose privacy statement will apply.

MySpace members may also store email addresses of people they know in their internal MySpace address book and may also choose to send invitations and other communications to those addresses.

Translates - You can give all all of your friends data too.

Ads appearing on this Web site may be delivered to users by or one of our Web advertising partners. Our Web advertising partners may set cookies. These cookies allow the ad server to recognize your computer each time they send you an online advertisement. In this way, ad servers may compile information about where you, or others who are using your computer, saw their advertisements and determine which ads are clicked on. This information allows an ad network to deliver targeted advertisements that they believe will be of most interest to you. This privacy statement covers the use of cookies by and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers.

MySpace reserves the right to transfer personal information to a successor in interest that acquires rights to that information as a result of the sale of MySpace or substantially all of its assets to that successor in interest.

Then the kicker
(6060 Center Drive Suite 310, Los Angeles CA 90045

So I guess that goes to makes it 100% everything I stand against in a web community.
Did anybody else check it out?

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07/30/04 09:02 - ID#31108

Apocalyptic Elmwood and MSN Search

Here is a picture I captured from the 567 in e-ville during the apocalypse.


On another note MSN has release a technology preview of there new internet searching technology. Here is what I got after searching for elmwood strip without any quotes

It seem scrazy that we are almost every link 1-10. (e:lisa) somehow has two actual journal entries caches. Look at the last two results.
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07/30/04 11:42 - ID#31107

Is this tasty?

Last night, while getting into some trouble with (e:rachel) and (e:southernyankee) we stopped at Holly farms so that (e:rachel) could get some money out of the ATM. (e:southernyankee) was looking for a snack and while we walked around I found this most disgusting treat. They could at least make it sound more tasty than fat back with 100% skin attached.

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07/30/04 11:48 - ID#31105

I am not voting for Kerry

Mr. Kerry and his little jingoist puppet friend are both rich scumbags that have no idea what's it's like to live like normal people. It makes me sick when they pretend they do and I am so tired of hearing the, "but they are not George Bush Campaign." That is officially the weakest political platform I have ever heard of. Last night while at a bar I was watching an advertisement on Televsion with a flying American flag that caught my attention. At the end it printed "Vote Kerry, he is not Bush" to the screen.

I am seriously not voting for him even if it means GWB becomes president again. I just don't want to feel the personal sense of responsibility when they continue the war. Right now I can say, the war wasn't my idea, I didn't vote for president Bush and I have no interest in war.

By voting for Killer Kerry- I am actually voting for someone who has physically killed possibily innocent people for being communist, someone who will continue our present war tactics and "double special forces." And I will always know, I voted for that. Are they really going to be any different? When the woman in pink at the convention who shouted out, "Bring our boys home from Vietnam(iraq)" and unfurled a peace banner during the Teresa Heins speech, she was dragged away by police. What kind of message is that sending? It really surprised me, because whenever they interviewed people outside they seemed so anti-war. I really thought that people would have cheered for the woman. It would have included a lot more people, I think, instead of having her dragged out by police as she shouted, "What about free speech"

The convention speeches all maintained George bush's War stance. Nothing was really said about peace, only that we shouldn't hate the soldiers which infuriates me the most. Come on, who is pulling the trigger.

I am 100% not proud of Kerry, his killer war past or his vote for George Bush's war plans. I got so horrifed when one of the speakers (maybe obama) said that would should forgive Kerry's vote for the war because he was only trusting the President, something a senator should be able to do! That is just not true. The reason that Senators exist is because presidents have a tendency toward untrustworthyness, that's what makes them not-kings.

At the end of his speech edwards also said "god bless you, and god bless America." He vowed to expand the military by doubling special forces and threatend terrorists that there is no where to hide. It seems to me that statements like that must infuriate the terrorists even further. Both those statements sound like he stole them right from a Geroge Bush speech.

Does anyone really believe the promises of heathcare? I remember that promise from Clinton the whole time. The truth is that the industry is just not going to budge and they have all the money and power.

On a side note, at the pink last night they has a chalk board tht said, "Please vote, voter registration forms can be foudn at the bar, but the at symbol was an anarchy "A" with the circle. Is that not contradictory to voting.
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07/29/04 09:36 - ID#31104

Live at the Concert

Here weare at the concert, its crowded like no otherandthe bass is ravinescient. Even more than Pat Benetar was back when because the crowd is more multicultural. I miss partying, after programming it's my favorite p-ing verb. Here is (e:flacidness) being happy.
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07/29/04 08:07 - ID#31103

This is my first flash entry

This is the first entry I have written using the new flash application. It should make evryone's life a lot easier. try publising one of your own journals from the example swf on the news journal [inlink]news,421[/inlink]. If you want you can even download the standalone application from that entry and start publishing journals really fast without even ever opening your browser.

I will be developing an entire applications interface for both mac and PC that will allow you to communicate, publish, read journals, check out the event calendar and do general epeep things. Right now though I have to go to Thursday in The Square with the epeeps who are getting angry at me for playing with my computer too much.

I hope you guys enjoy this.
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07/28/04 06:25 - ID#31102

Office Visit

Imade it back to my office today to deal with some paperwork and got a chance to test the site on a macintosh. Seeing as I haven't looked at the site on a macintosh since May, I am amazed that it all seemed to work out. I even tested the radio, the a/vprofiler and the video chat with success.
If anyone notices mac porblems ever, feel free to sendme an email.
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07/28/04 02:36 - ID#31101

Theives in e-ville

Theives beware, I can't guarantee I wont kill you by throwing a 40 bottle at your head from upstairs if I catch you.


It started when someone stole our trash can a couple weeks ago. I just let it go. I called the city who assurred me they would send a new one. A month or so later, I still have no trash can and it's getting really annoying.

Then last night, just after everyone left I heard someone by the outside door. I told (e:terry) who did nothing (good job being the strong one), and (e:matthew) and I (not the strong ones) decided to check it out. The door was locked so we gave up.

Then this morning, when Terry left for work, we discovered that some fuckhead had robbed a bunch the stuff from our car. All the stuff from the glove compartment was on the floor and seats.

This is only a week after some dude showed up in our kitchen asking for bottles. Whenever I see him now, I have to say I wonder if he really just wanted bottles.

The irony of this is that yesterday we were filming people at Bidwell park and one woman specifically said that she liked it here in e-ville because it was safe and you don't have to worry about your car, like you do in Philadelphia, where she was from.

I suppose the thieves probably feel the same way about us, as we feel about the rich people on the other side of the fence. But we are not rich, we just rent an apartment in big house.

By the way, when I was searching for a 40oz bottle to throw at the thieves head, I found this Black Bull beer found only in Canada. It is 10% alcohol by volume.


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