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Category: computer

10/26/12 04:01 - ID#56855

Romney Wins Texas?

I was reading an article on windows 8 which got released today and in he screen capture for the new Bing news it has the headline Romney Wins Texas. That make me want windows 8 even less.

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Category: computer

06/22/10 10:25 - ID#52002

Installer complete

This is the complete dialogue I got installing adobe flash 10.1 on mac 10.6. Really? They didn't have it move to 100% on complete. Things like this drive me crazy.

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Category: computer

01/20/07 04:09 - ID#37796

At The apple store

The mactops are so freakin hot and heavy. That would be much better if I was describing a lapdance instead of a laptop. But the keyboard is pretty nice. Au Revior Pomme.

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Category: computer

01/10/06 11:33 - ID#32449

The Commodore 64

According to (e:shawnr), a commodore 64 cost $100 when it came out. This is GEOS the graphical based operating system I used first. I rememebr being blown away with how much it could do.


This site has so much info about the commodore 64

Here are about as many game and applicatrion roms as you could ever desire

There are emualtors for every system including your phone. Here is one for the PC Just try google if you need another flavor.

When The Pawn came out in 1986, it was so amazing. I got so lost in this text based adventure you can't even imagine. Did anyone else play it?

You should try it in an emulator.



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