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Category: central terminal

02/28/09 10:27 - 15ºF - ID#47912

The Boyscout and the Central Terminal

I just saw on Channel 4 news that some boy scout is cleaning up the old offices in the Central Terminal. In the article it says that the train company threw the papers on the floor. If I remember it right from childhood, the papers were in the desk and people going through the desks, in addition to weather, threw them on th floor. I mean some of the stuff used to still be in the desks when we went there as kids.

I really don't understand why individuals care about cleaning up the upstairs of the central terminal. I mean I am not a fan of the building to begin with, but upstairs seems extra unimportant. If any company is ever interested in the building they will have to do that work when remodeling. Its not like its going to be usable? Aren't there so many better things that can be done for a city, other than to clean up a weather wracked, asbestos filled crap hole.

I also don't get why they needed to wear space suits cleaning up other buildings with asbestos but the boyscouts get paper masks. I already wrote about this before (e:paul,31144) when they had the neighborhood kids cleaning it up unprotected a couple years back.

Boy Scout cleans up Central Terminal
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - A Boy Scout from Niagara County has returned to Buffalo to continue his Eagle Scout project.

Christopher Gurnett is cleaning up the fourth floor of the old Central Terminal.

Back in December, he coordinated the first stage of the cleanup with about 30 volunteers taking away mounds of old papers.

Christopher said, "I actually started December 6, and we got over 230 bags out, and today we came back for the second and hopefully the final day, and we removed just about as much as bags, from the last one."

Christopher says a past owner of the terminal took the railroad paperwork from desks and drawers, and dumped them on the floor, so that's what they've been clearing out.

Updated: Saturday, 28 Feb 2009, 7:42 PM EST
Published : Saturday, 28 Feb 2009, 6:21 PM EST

* Written by: Brian Tabor Posted by: Emily Lenihan



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02/28/09 07:34 - ID#47911 pmobl

Spanish casettes

So I love this store called Tuesday morning or something over on
maple. They have a lot of discount random stuff but a lot of it is
pretty cool. The one thing I thought was overpriced was these Spanish
learning tapes for $14.99. Who buys cassettes still? I would have
thought the retail value of cassettes is about $0.10.
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02/28/09 06:27 - ID#47910 pmobl

Drink holders in furniture

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I think drink holders in
furniture is the tackiest thing I have ever seen, no matter what
material the rim is made out of.
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02/28/09 11:10 - ID#47906 pmobl

Blocking the driveway

There are two cars parked in front of the driveway right now- both
don't even have people in them. The one guy that is double parked in
the actual driving lane is blocking traffic.

Oh great and since he came back, he us having a five minute cell phone
conversation, parked in a lane.

This is like six cars in a row. Why even bother with the sign.
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Category: computers

02/27/09 06:53 - 27ºF - ID#47904

The new sony imac

I loved sony products for years. From the pen like mp3 player I first got back in the late 90s to the mini vaios and phones, to the playstation 3. I would say I actually prefer the brand image of sony to that of apple. It was always sleek and futuristic looking. Sadly, the sony laptops I want are always just in the luxury class priceline or on dynamism If you are a gadget freak - don't go to that site or you will go broke. I think I have written about it before.

Then today I got this mailing from sony with all their new stuff in its glossy black chicness. I am really loving the hardware that is the xperia x1 slider phone but I am not willing to go back to windows mobile. I want a flavor of unix phone. Then I flip to the inside and I see the imac. Or at least sony's ripoff knockoff of the imac . I can't believe it. What happend to their design team. Not everything has to look like an apple product, sheesh.


I hope they keep their more unique style, like this sony vaio g series laptop.
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02/26/09 03:06 - ID#47895 pmobl

Stone cold fashion

(e:mrdeadlier) noticed this first but I took the pic. This is by the 33
exit on Bailey.
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Category: shoes

02/22/09 10:02 - 23ºF - ID#47864

My favorite Shoes So Far

So, I admit I have a slight shoe addiction. I think I have like 10 pairs now. Its not that I love each pair, its just that I have been desperately seeking to replace a really comfortable pair I had before and each pair, while awesome in its own way - from gold sparkle trim, to neon orange letters, to being waterproof - just doesn't live up.

Last week while buying another pair of shoes I found these boots but didn't buy them because they were too expenive. They were like retail $279, then $129 at DSW. Then when I went back they were $99 with an additional 30% off at register and I had a $25 gift certificate and a $10 off coupon. It came to like $34 for a really nice pair of boots.


The fancy leather engraved and wood bottoms look really cool but they are slippery. Especially on ice. I think leather soles get more traction after they are scuffed up a bit.


Okay so maybe the addiction is worse than I thought. I went to the timerland site to see if I could find those shoes and I found these which are all leather and have traction and these which just look comfy.
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02/22/09 06:18 - ID#47863 pmobl

The lotto machine

How is it the lotto machine accepts dollars any way but like every
drink and snack machine can only do it one specific way.
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Category: housing

02/22/09 03:59 - 25ºF - ID#47859

Our Tenant Nicole Clemmons in Buffalo

Ya, another tenant I should have never rented to. We had/have this tenant named Nicole Clemmons who seemed like a perfectly good tenant at first. She didn't have a lot of stuff so we gave her a bunch of things that my mother had stored in the attic. Like a bed and a TV and a bunch of other stuff, curtain, etc.

It started out good. She paid her rent for the first two months. She was really pregnant with her third kid and I figured she would probably try and continue to pay rent with a new baby and all. Plus she got some sort of public assistance that helped her with her rent. It wasn't section 8 though, becaus ethen I wouldn't be having this problem.

So when January rolled around, we had finally finished work on the downstairs apartment. With the new baby she wanted to move downstairs ebcause their were less stairs to go up and it also had a nicer bathroom. We agreed because we are nice and felt bad for her having to go up the stairs and all. It kind of sucked because downstairs is easier to rent out and we lost out on two months rent because of it while trying to find someone.

When she left upstairs she left a mess, piles of clothes, garbage, carpet etc. This was aprt of the reason that we couldn't rent it very easily. She kept promising to take her stuff and didn't. I continued to feel bad for her because she just had a baby etc.

Then she stopped paying rent and disconnected her phone.

On like Feb 10th we gave her a motion to evict notice. When delivered it, she was not home but the heat was set to 82 degrees. Seemed like she hasn't been there in a week at 82 degrees. I mean (e:terry) had stopped by everyday for a week and not seen her. How is it that I a would never turn the heat up that high and I am not on public aassistance. Maybe that is why. Anyway, we couldn't get ahold of her so (e:terry) taped the notice to her inside apartment door.

In the meantime the upstairs apartment got rented but they wanted her stuff out, so today, not only has she not paid rent in a month, we had to finsih her moving for her.

I took this one giant pile of clothes she left on the floor upstiars and had to transfer it to her apartment downstairs. Serioulsy, look at this pile. How on earth could you leave your closet like this when moving out? Did she really not want them. Legally, we can't throw them out - so I had to transfer it all to her new apartment downstairs.


That plus tons of other gargabe a carpet, pizza boxes, shoes, a lamp, a TV, chairs, etc. (e:terry) was nice and threw out the pizza boxes instead of transfering. If it was up to me it would be a straight tarnsfer.

This makes like 5 people in a row that I helped out only to have them screw me over in one way or another.

Has anyone gone through the eviction process before?
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Category: mobile

02/21/09 07:05 - 29ºF - ID#47854

Stop trying to control me apple

Apple recently challenged an exemption to the DMCA proposed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which would guarantee the legality of jailbreaking iPhones and other handsets

I really think we as consumers need to fight the possibility of limiting what we do with the hardware we buy. Limiting what you can do with hardware your purchase is dangerous path to go pursue. It will trickle down into all electronics if it happens. Openness and freedom promote creativity.

I am not saying that apple should have to support warranties that has non-sanctioned software on it, I am just saying that we should never allow them to make it illegal to do what we want with the electronics we buy.

If this goes through I am getting rid of my iphone. I am pretty sure I am switching back to nokia soon anyways as I am tired of all the limitations of no copy paste or file uploads.
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